A View on Buddhism – Controversial ‘Buddhist’ Teachers & Groups, on Brian Ruhe

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July 2016.

Well… look at this. I have been getting some notoriety on the Internet because of my 1000 YouTube videos! This mention about me on their list of controversial teachers really gave me a laugh. The publicity only promotes my ideas to more people so I am honestly quite honoured, in fact…

A View on Buddhism – Controversial ‘Buddhist’ Teachers & Groups on Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe has been teaching Buddhism and meditation for 20 years around the Vancouver area. Brian was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and is the author of two books and guided meditation CDs. He trains in the Theravada Forest tradition and has taught thousands of people at colleges and adult ed. courses around Vancouver. He currently teaches at school boards, community centres and businesses and he leads day and weekend retreats. Brian says “Meditation means directing the mind!” Brian’s latest book “A Short Walk On An Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth” is available for $15.
Brian is available to meet one-on-one on any matter for $50/ hr.

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