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Photos from Feb 20-22 Chilliwack Retreat

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Retreat photos collection See all photo albums at: [pe2-gallery album=”” ]

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Review of “A Short Walk on an Ancient Path”

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Gary Daubney from the blog site Buddha Space has written a wonderful review of Brian’s latest book, “A Short Walk on an Ancient Path“. “Good books on the Dharma are not that easy to come by, unfortunately. Sure, there are a plethora of publications and websites that are about Theravada Buddhism, for example, but most are riddled with platitudes or misconceptions, even about basic Buddhist ideas likekarma and rebirth (see below). Ruhe’s book A Short Walk on an Ancient Path is a refreshing antidote to much of these somewhat poisonous misrepresentations of the Buddha’s teaching. And, as it states in its subtitle, it is A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth, some of the essential doctrines of Buddhism.” “…Brian Ruhe has written an excellent introduction to Theravada Buddhism; its central teachings are found in the book, and there are extremely useful meditation guides as well. And it is all presented in a clear and precise manner, which makes it all immensely accessible to both longterm Buddhists and newbies. I sincerely believe that this book can assist its reader to develop the insight and skills necessary to enlightenment, and, as he has an excellent website as well, Brian Ruhe is available for further advice on the ancient path of the Buddha.” The complete review of “A Short Walk on an Ancient...

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New Web Site and Social Media!

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Welcome to the new web site for Theravada Buddhism Vancouver. The new site is now social-media friendly so you can easily share or “like” postings, readings, courses and other material you find on the site. The course/class schedule is now maintained as a Google Calendar and so you can even add the class/course schedule to your own calendar or web site by using this link to our Google Calendar. The Fall 2011 course/class schedule is also available as a PDF File. The course calendar/schedule can also be found here. The new web site is also linked to a new Facebook Page and my Twitter Feed. This way any changes to the web site or schedule/courses will also update the Facebook Page and Twitter Feed. I would like to thank Johnny Stork of Open Enterprise Solutions for generously donating his time and expertise to build the new site and to help getting things social-media friendly. I hope you enjoy the new site and new features. Although we have released the new site to the public, it is still a work in progress and not all content from the old site has been completely migrated. I also hope to clean up, edit and possibly expand on existing content so if you find any problems with the site, or have any suggestions, please let me know by sending a message from the Contact Page. Brian...

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Courses and Retreats on Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation are humbly provided by Brian Ruhe. Brian has been a practicing Buddhist for twenty-three years and spent seven months as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in 1996. Brian has been teaching Buddhism and meditation in the Vancouver area since 1996 and trains in the Theravada Forest Tradition. If you would like to support Brian Ruhe’s work and You Tube videos, you can send a donation (dana) here. “Brian Ruhe is a long-time Vancouver teacher of authentic Buddhism, not the sugar-coated sentimental kind often marketed in North America. He is clear and engaging, not to mention a nice guy.” -Douglas Todd, Spirituality and Philosophy, Vancouver Sun Brian is also the author of two books on meditation titled “A Short Walk On An Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth” and “Freeing the Buddha“. There are also guest teachers and visiting monks. If you would like to be on the email list please email Brian. Some people prefer a one-on-one meeting over a group setting. Brian is available for spiritual coaching for $50 / hour, in person, by phone or Skype. Brian can  be reached through email, telephone or regular mail through the Contact...

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