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Rivendell Retreat Center

Cates Hill, Bowen Island, BC (edit map)

  • Rivendell Retreat Centre is a place of peace and quiet away from the noise, distractions and pressures of the city, with magnificent views of mountains, forests and seas…a sanctuary located on 6 1/2 acres atop Cates Hill on Bowen Island; a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay and West Vancouver.

    Link to video on 2015 retreat:

    One woman Wei, wrote, “I have learned more about meditation in those 5 days than in the past 5 years.”

    Their website is .


    Practicing Breath, Loving Kindness and Walking Meditation in the Theravada Forest tradition.

    “Samatha – Vipassana means calm-insight, which is the process of meditation as taught by the Buddha.”

    Join Brian and Jack! Deepen your meditation practice with periods of silence, in an ideal space! This is a relaxed environment, not a meditation boot camp. You can take breaks from the schedule, read meditation books and go for walks outside.


    Arrive by 3:00 pm. First meeting at 3:30 pm. At 5:00 pm everyday is the Rivendell sacred hour, which will be our tea time with snacks. You are encouraged to join the Rivendell community then if you want. We will have dinner Friday night, then an evening meeting at 7:30 pm. You can arrive late if  necessary.

    Wake up at 6:00 am. We will have three hour periods in the mornings and afternoons where you can practice walking meditation and sitting meditation for as long as you like. There will be dhamma talks, including CDs of senior monks and nuns, discussions and guided meditations. This will be an ‘eight precept retreat’ meaning no food after lunch, unless you have health reasons. But there will be dinner on Friday night only.

    Dress should be modest, not being too revealing and you’re encouraged to wear white if you like. It is recommended that you bring your own sitting gear if you have it as they only provide chairs. Retreat ends at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, after lunch, then there will be an optional easy hike on Bowen Island around Killarney Lake.

    Meals will be arranged. The retreat committee will arrange meals for the group. Vegetarians will have enough to eat but there will be meat as well. We have a full kitchen; participants will volunteer to cook and clean up.

    Retreat schedule will be available.

    A silent retreat means no talking, unless it is during dharma talks.


    The sleeping conditions are 15 rooms for two with a maximum of 25 people. If the retreat is not full there will be some single rooms available. Please read the accommodation details on the Rivendell website. Beds and sheets and blankets are all included, as well as towels.


    Rivendell Retreat Center

    Cates Hill, Bowen Island, BC is close to Vancouver. Take a ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. This is beautiful, spacious, first class retreat centre with 360 degree views of the mountains and the ocean!


    Donations will be collected for the retreat centre, which is tax deductible if you donate $60 per day or more. Plus a donation for the two teachers. The additional food cost should be about $60 each in total. There is a fee for accommodation of at least $40 per night, per person and group retreat space where EACH person is meant to pay generously within his or her means. The only numbers that count as “donation” are those excesses over $60 per person, per night. To hold your reservation you have to deposit $100. This is refundable, less a $25 charge, if you cancel more than a week before the retreat. Send $100 to Brian Ruhe by PayPal using the Donate button at or by Internet bankingto or by cheque mailed to Brian Ruhe #104 – 1960 West 7th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1.

    Donations are essential and gratefully accepted to support Rivendell and the teachers. Dana, which means generosity, is the Buddhist practice of extending generosity in gratitude for the teachings. Two envelopes will be collected from each individual. One for Rivendell and one for the teachers.


    A car pool is being arranged. Contact Brian if you need or can offer a ride.


    Please let me know if you would like to help organizing rides, getting food, preparing meals or encouraging silence at the retreat.


    The instructors: Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism and meditation for 20 years. He follows the Theravada Forest tradition at . He is the author of two Buddhist books and guided meditation CDs, which will be available. Jack Liu also follows the Theravada forest tradition and is a Ph.D. candidate in Buddhist studies with over a decade of meditation practice and study.

    The Google photo album website holds photos of over two dozen retreats which Brian and Jack have led together. Please take a look at:

    Many retreat videos are on Youtube such as this:


    To reserve a spot at this retreat, please contact Brian Ruhe.

    Tel. 604-738-8475  email:

    Jack Liu’s contact info is 604-499-6409  email:


Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation

Fall 2015 – Course Schedule Canceled Due to Injustice
Brian Ruhe- Instructor

Hello from Brian,

This is more than an annual request for donations. Members of a powerful Zionist organization openly state that they contacted Capilano University and four Vancouver Community Centres in order to have me fired from teaching there. They succeeded and I am now unemployed after teaching for 17 years at some of these community centres. This is a loss for spreading Buddhist meditation and it’s a financial hardship. I ask for your support at this time as I adjust. There is a PayPal Donate button on this website.

I still intend to teach meditation and lead retreats privately, where my employers cannot be as influenced. You can volunteer to help in organizing this too. I also want to make a change to benefit more people so I have started my own talk show on YouTube using the amazing technology of Google Hangouts on Air which makes an instant YouTube video from each interview. I want to interview great minds all over the world on spiritual and truth search themes. This is, “The Brian Ruhe Show” and my recent guest is Sensei Mui from Chicago on this YouTube video: What is Wrong with Buddhism Again

I have over 600 YouTube videos on all aspects of my teachings which have reached over 750,000 views. My videos have focused upon Buddhism and meditation but now my talk show also focuses on issues relating to truth and justice on a global scale, WWII historical revisionism, and a Buddhist interpretation of world events and history. These are controversial topics, yes and I am one of the few on YouTube expressing these vital ideas from a Buddhist perspective. This is a free speech issue and I have a video about my current dilemma, made with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, at:

Most people are unaware of the damaging powers of Zionist supremacist forces behind the scenes, such

as Bill C-51 which allows for spying on Canadians. It is very important for me and others to speak out. We are the 99% and our voice can make a decisive difference. We are being lied to by our political leaders and the media. Please go online to get informed instead of relying on TV or newspapers, and please support my talk show where you can see how I use my freedom of speech. You don’t have to agree with everything that I and my guests say but it is wise for us to open up this dialogue with a sense of urgency. Hundreds of comments on YouTube encourage me to speak out, to take a stand and let out the truth, which got me fired from my teaching career in public institutions. In this I am facing a critical challenge but I am committing myself to continue the fight for justice because I can do what others will not dare to do if they have a family to support. Because of the responsibility for justice, I encourage all people to take part to allow justice to run, by supporting our mission, as I work with others. You’re welcome to make a donation to join me and support me in raising awareness about our true history.

I have some spiritual insight and I will not back down before intimidation and persecution. I can give you such evidence and I am challenging this. I‘ve had threats but I will continue to profile guests who are courageous and intelligent. You can see recent episodes at with guests Mark Weber, John Friend and Sensei Mui. With your donations we can make a difference towards creating a good and gentle world. If you have a sense of what I’m trying to do and what I have already done, please consider making a financial contribution so I can afford to focus more time and energy on this mission.

I have spent about 3000 hours since 2007 studying outside of the controlled mainstream media, subjects of truth search themes, such as the International bankers’ control over our society, World War II revisionist history, the international Jewish community, UFOs and government cover-ups. Prior to that I also spent a lot of time on these things going back to my childhood but in 2007 I discovered YouTube and I since have learned from every educational modality you can name. In 2009 I created the Vancouver UFO and Conspiracy Meetup group and from there I have found mentors and advisers here in Vancouver who have personally guided my studies. Since then, I have changed my mind on issues a few times but I am now able to come to some conclusions about the world and how power flows in it.

My own YouTube videos since July 2014 are about truther themes, the surprising true history of World

War II and National Socialist Germany, as well as challenging Jewish supremacy in our society. My

videos are controversial, of course but I state that 95% of Jewish people are not aware of nor are

they responsible for the actions of the elite. I don’t discuss such matters in the Buddhism and meditation

retreats and courses I teach but I have been fired from seven teaching positions just because of these

videos. YouTube is a big focus in my life and my altruism and over 80% of my interaction with the world is

through YouTube. I am exercising my right to freedom of speech with my videos and what I say is backed

up by better documentation and scientific evidence than the conventional history we were brought up with

and taught in the mainstream media and universities- which are centres of cultural Marxism. This is about

truth vs. peer group pressure, about the forces of good and the forces of Mara in the world. This is

profound and I have always been drawn to the profound.

I am a Theravada Buddhist teacher and I regard what I am doing as a higher moral standard and

I am sacrificing my own reputation in order to protect people who criticize me. I have more courage

than most Canadian men do. I now know that we are in a war but most people don’t even realize that

they’re in a war. I’m fighting in an info war for what is good and decent in the world.

If you want to know more with real evidence I can tell you more in person, and I also have more

info attached. This is part of my mission in life so to support it I accept donations for my time,

otherwise it’s not practical nor sustainable for me to spend my time contacting people one-on-one about

such things. My YouTube videos are free and they explain it all and you can watch as many as you like, at:

These truths uncovered, are the biggest surprise of my entire life and they profoundly effect every

single person in the world. This is nothing less than a paradigm shift and I am grateful that I have had a

transformational experience. My inner strength and happiness is better than ever because

my internal refuge is strong and grounded in reality, not multiculturalism.

I believe that what I am doing follows the Buddha’s teaching. Ethics in general, also support my cause. The Buddha taught that we should make an effort to see through delusion, confusion and lies and He said, “Three things can not be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth”. Of the ten paramis (perfections) truthfulness is the most important one. It is the only one that the bodhisatta, the Buddha in his previous lives, could not break because of the profound karmic implications of the truth. The Buddha criticized people who lied to him and he taught that you can blame those who are blameworthy. The Buddha was in constant argument and debate with other spiritual leaders of his day in his proclamation of the dhamma- which is truth. He taught that dhamma is a universal objective truth and that we should live in harmony with it. The Buddha taught universal loving kindness for all beings and it is because I have loving kindness for 7,000,000,000 people that I am making a personal sacrifice for them now, greater than what I have made in my past 20 years of teaching. I have right view and my knowledge of the grave dangers hidden in the world surpasses the vast majority so knowledge means I have a responsibility to act.

The Buddha taught that our actions should be timely, not untimely and that we should use right speech which is not only truthful but skillful, at the right time, spoken without harshness or ill-will and it should be beneficial. I am accomplishing all of that through the medium of YouTube because there are millions of voices on YouTube. I am skillfully adding my voice to these millions of videos to tweak an adjustment more towards what is true, wholesome and good in the world as I am a moderate in comparison to others on YouTube.

The Buddha defined enlightenment as “seeing things as they really are.” There are so many lies from the top down in our society that an intelligent Buddhist should use their discernment and insight to see through these lies and speak out against them, which is what I am proud to do.

The Buddha taught that we should not cling to attachment to views but that does not mean that we live

without views, which is impossible. It means that we don’t force our views on others or act unskillfully

based upon our views. We should still have views rooted in dhamma, the Buddha taught, and we should

act and live by those views in a way that is skillful and beneficial to ourselves and to others.

Some Buddhists make the mistake of using meditation as an excuse to not get engaged in the social issues in the world believing that they are good just by developing their practice and they actually withdraw from the world but the Buddha was opposed to this. The Buddha taught ethics for his followers because they are in the world and they are responsible for taking care of their world. In May, I met with Zen Buddhist professor David Loy when he was giving lectures in Vancouver. He told us “If Buddhism can’t help us face the social issues of the world, then maybe Buddhism isn’t what the world needs right now. But I think Buddhism can help.”

The Buddha said to a Jain who joined him that people should support their current teachers as well as their former teachers. There is also the 2,500 year Buddhist tradition of dana, referring to donations and generosity to support Buddhist teachers. In the Numbered Discourses the Buddha said that there are three people who should be remembered- the one who introduced you to the path, the one who established you on the path and the one who helped you reach a deeper insight. I have

done the first one or two for countless people.

Donations can be made monthly with no fee by automatic bank email transfer, or made via PayPal. To

do this, request that I email you my bank account number or PayPal account number and you can ask

your bank to arrange this. Single donations can be mailed, being payable and sent to:

Brian Ruhe

#104 – 1960 West 7th Ave.

Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1

Let us all offer what we can at this time. It would be gratefully appreciated!

May you be well, happy and peaceful,

Brian Ruhe

May 20 – 24th, 2016, 5 Day Vipassana Retreat Details…

Rivendell 5 Day Retreat 2016 Poster

Tel. 604-738-8475

Following the Theravada Forest tradition at

Brian Ruhe was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and has been teaching Buddhism and meditation for 20 years. Brian has taught thousands of people at temples, colleges and Adult Ed. courses around Vancouver. Brian says “Meditation means directing the mind.” His second book is “A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth,” available for $15 or as an eBook.

Brian is also the Organizer of Vancouver Meditation Meetup. You can join at:

See 800+ You Tube videos of Brian Ruhe at:
False Creek Community Centre (map)
1318 Cartwright St., Granville Island
(604) 257-8195
Mindfulness Meditation: The Power of Now
Thursdays x 5 – July 30 – August 27th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm $79
Killarney Community Centre (maps)
6260 Killarney St., Vancouver
To register call (604) 718-8201
Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction
Tuesday August 11
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm $18

Monday Drop-in Group Mindfulness Meditation (maps)
Vital Health Medical & Wellness
1855 West 4th Ave. at Burrard St.
drop-in by donation
Mondays 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Long Weekend Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Oct. 10 – 12, 2015 in Chilliwack

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Silent Vipassana Retreat

Thanksgiving Meditation Retreat in Chilliwack, with Brian Ruhe

Practicing Breath, Loving Kindness and Walking Meditation in the Theravada Buddhist Forest tradition

Saturday 10:30 am Oct. 10 – Monday 4:00 pm Oct. 12, 2015

“Stillness results in wakefulness, energy and joy!” – Brian Ruhe

Join Brian! Retreat held at the Vipassana – Bhavana Retreat Centre in Chilliwack which is two farm houses on an ideal eight acre farm. We finish on the holiday Monday at 4:00 pm.


This will be a silent retreat and an ‘eight precept retreat’ (you can Google that) meaning no food after lunch, unless you have health reasons. Silence means no talking unless it is discussion during talks. This is to allow yourself and others to get into the meditative space. Experienced meditators come for that silence so this needs to be respected.

Meet anytime after 8:00 am on Saturday morning. First meeting at 10:30 am, then lunch at 12:00 pm. Wake up at 6:00 am. We will have three hour periods in the mornings and afternoons where you can practice walking meditation and sitting meditation for as long as you like. In addition to Brian’s talks, we will have recorded dhamma talks by Ayya Khema, Ajahn Thanissaro and other Buddhist monks. If you have a meditation cushion, bring it as their supply is limited. Dress should be modest in the monastery. You have the option of wearing all white, if you want, which denotes an eight precept retreat.

The retreat committee will arrange vegetarian meals for the group. We have a full kitchen; people can take turns cooking and cleaning up.


The sleeping conditions are dorm style for men and women with two to five to a room. Retreatants need to bring a mattress or camping foam or some kind of cushion for their bed and a sleeping bag or blankets, and pillow cases for the sitting cushions provided. You may be sleeping on a hard wooden board with no mattress. You can also use a tent if you want a quiet corner of the field. There will be some blankets available there.


The instructor, Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism and meditation for 20 years. He follows the Theravada Forest tradition at . He is the author of two Buddhist books and guided meditation CDs, which will be available. Ajahn Santy is the resident monk from Lao and he will give some teachings.


Vipassana – Bhavana Retreat Centre 4214 Wilson Road, Chilliwack in Yarrow. Google Maps location:,+Chilliwack,+BC+V2R+5H4/@49.0789146,-122.0446629,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x54844633aa75a845:0x4284874f891dd644

Photos of a previous retreat are on the website at:

All photo albums at:

A YouTube video from our Nov. 2014 retreat here is at:


There is a deposit of $50 to confirm a space. It is refundable if you cancel more than a week before the retreat. Send deposit to Brian Ruhe by PayPal using the Donate button on the website or email or use another method. There will be one donation box for Brian and one for the retreat centre. Suggested donation of $100+ in total (includes the deposit) for Brian, includes the food cost. No suggested donation for the centre. Donations are essential and gratefully accepted to support the centre and to go to Brian’s work supporting the dhamma. Dana, which means generosity, is the Buddhist practice of extending generosity in gratitude for the teachings.


Brian Ruhe email: Tel. 604-738-8475. Cell. 778-232-2282.


A car pool is being arranged. Contact Brian if you need a ride or can offer a ride.


Please let me know if you would like to help planning or promoting the retreat, getting some food, preparing meals or managing things at the retreat.

Thanksgiving Weekend Retreat poster