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I am projecting myself on YouTube as though I am a realized being. With your inspiration I can be more than a channeler! This channel shows my evolution from a mere human being in 2008 to who I was yesterday… an inspired spiritual channeler getting it right from this source: the second heaven in Theravada Buddhist cosmology, Tavatimsa heaven, from the lower retinue of one female minister among the 33 ministers to Sakka - King of the gods. A relationship like a choppy Skype connection. 

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Buddhist monks are not allowed to get involved in politics because of their precepts but lay Buddhist teachers can. Because I can say things that monks won’t say, I feel called to apply the Theravada Buddhist worldview to the worldly realm of geopolitics. My interest is in addressing the biggest problems on the globe, as this leads to the greatest benefit to others.

I have joked that I’m living a double life but it’s really one life with the same Buddhist worldview and precepts focused on two major areas: Buddhism and political activism. After over two decades sincerely on the Buddhist path I have had some insights into myself and the outer world of geopolitics. Since 2007, thanks to YouTube, I have been intensely studying the international banking forces behind governments and the media. I have made YouTube videos on those subjects. My particular interests now are, abusive Jewish power in the world and the revisionist history of World War II. The single biggest surprise of my entire life is that Adolf Hitler was not the person we have been told about. You are invited to join a new society. I am Secretary of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society.

I give lectures related to these subjects and I have many YouTube videos posted from such talks. Please take a look at some of these videos on the Brian Ruhe YouTube channel. You can also see upcoming meetings posted on my UFO and Conspiracy Meetup Group.

“He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past.”
– George Orwell