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My YouTube channel was taken down March 28th. Ouch…….! What a loss. 1700 videos, 6.5 years of work, 3,000,000 hits and 10,000’s of thoughtful comments. I didn’t even have any strikes. This is unjustified. They stated: This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.

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March 31, 2018

Changing my Focus to World War III

“Open sesame” channel March 30th, 10:55 pm…

Ideas coming in powerfully tonight while reading Russia Insider



My girlfriend Skyped me and told me about Russian diplomats being expelled from the US and the UK.

While relaxing and chatting on Skype I checked Russia Insider and then discovered several articles, as above, about a possible war with the US and Russia.

I phoned my Dresden survivor advisor (DSA) to get him in on a three way talk with us since he was the one who told me about Russia Insider. DSA spoke at length and encouraged me for the 20th time to get a group of people organized with a written plan about what to do about the Jewish question.

After we hung up and I was reading Russia Insider, the channel came on. I stood up in my sacred spot behind my chair and several parts of my life and investments and relationships and interests and priorities and honesty and courage and inspiration came together in my mind in a quantum jump to a higher level of clarity. This reset the direction of my focus and perhaps my life.

My focus now is on preparing for World War III. Not preventing it; preparing for it. Who the hell am I to prevent it?

At the core of this resolution is Nicolaas van Rensburg, also called “the Seiner”, which means, the seer. He died in South Africa in 1926 and he made 400 predictions which came true and he predicted the Boer Wars, WW I, II and III. This evidence is published in the book, “Messenger of God” by Adriaan Snyman.

I felt that this explains my karma with Jack Sen who I met about the same time as I met Simon Roche, in the fall of 2016.

The int’l Jews want WW III. WW III could disrupt the pesky internet and also kill a lot of white people. The elite have the money to take cover and wait it out. They will lose and Adolf Hitler will win, just as Jesus won centuries after his death. Adolf Hitler could be the messiah for the next 2000 years and happily I am up for that. At 11:27 pm the channel included Adolf Hitler into the mix above: “several parts of my life and investments and relationships and interests and priorities and honesty and courage and inspiration came together in my mind in a quantum jump to a higher level of clarity”. I gazed up at the fuehrer’s photo on the wall above me with a grand grin on my face and I whispered, “Oh! No, no, no… We’re not going to leave you out of this!”

I should add more to The European Knights Project on Facebook and the South Africa page on Facebook, both of which I am one of the editors. I can post what I want there. Jack Sen invited me on there and he has consistently encouraged me to focus more on South Africa.

I was selfish in trying to save my own life by looking for help to get the money to resettle my life in Namibia. Now, after my insight, instead of alerting my family to move there with me, I consider what would be better for everyone. I should be a public spokesman, for moving to Southern Africa to survive World War III.

This initiative is wide open territory. People compete with others in their professions but there is no serious competition about warning people to move to Namibia to survive WW III. If someone in 1938 were to make a job for himself warning people about a WW II in a year or two, that would have been a fruitful effort. Looking back we know that but in 1938 people generally didn’t know there was going to be a WW II.

I don’t claim any psychic insights. I have studied trends and predictions for the future so my views are based upon my research. I am a futurist, in a sense. I had a powerful channeled connection as Donald Trump was taking the oath of office. I was compelled to stand up and say it out loud and take it myself but thinking of planet earth, not just America. After his inaugural speech I was irritated by his fidgeting as he sat through others’ speeches. I said, “I helped put him in power. I want him to act like a president. Have more dignity”. This was because I was promoting him on YouTube and I felt the higher realms were on our side.

The second powerful channeled connection was with Simon Roche during one recording session when Andre Coetzee was present. Andre also stated to both of us that he felt it. Clearly in my mind at that time was the impression that prior to 1926 the Seiner watched us and what we were doing on Skype. The rational for this is, as Simon Roche repeatedly claims, I am the first person to publicize their plight and the visions of the Seiner, to the outside world beyond South Africa. That is my merit, my personal initiative in Nov. 2016 when I thought I was just politely accepting an interesting request from someone who wanted to be on my show.

The second powerful channel connection was when I was hospitalized at the end of January 2017. I was hospitalized because of a manic phase according to Jewish created psychiatry, as I am bi-polar. But really, I was hospitalized for channeling. For hours on end, over a few days, I was living with visions of the devastation of the northern hemisphere. I wrote out the number of the dead that would occur and I felt inspired to be privy to such information. I felt great! My chi energy was throbbing and pulsating and I was joyful to have such a calm, concentrated mind that I was attained to a higher state of consciousness. During those precious moments I reminded myself again and again that such a glorious state of mind was impermanent as I have had this textbook experience many times since age 17. I knew it would all fall apart like Cinderella after midnight and it did. By the time they released me from Vancouver General Hospital after nine days, I was bored and flipping channels on the TV set. I felt the rise of National Socialism and the resurrection of the truth and justice of Adolf Hitler. I didn’t want millions of people to die but the breaking of Jewish power will be the result if my vision is true.

The third powerful channeled connection was with Simon Roche during a private Skype when he was outside having a smoke in America and he shared confidential information from his past with me. He said he had only revealed this to one other person before, whom he also named for me. The significance of his revelation about a future race war in South Africa was almost overwhelming for me. I knew on the spot and I told him on the spot that I was prepared to drop everything and move to South Africa to support our defence. My heritage is Dutch, meaning I have distant blood relatives all over South Africa. But most significantly, the channel powerfully communicated that my past life karma is very intertwined with the Boers.

Dennis Wise said in one of our public videos that he would rather we bring the war on now. That’s the way to deal with this Jewish problem one way or another, he said. The end game according to Nicolaas van Rensburg is that the Germans will finally rule. The Germans will be the dominate people of the world and they will occupy all of southern Africa up to the equator. I’m up for that. I’ll be there.

Why did Germany “lose” the war? Hitler just wanted to secure the German people and they were just minding their own business. Well, he didn’t secure the German people. Next time, in order to secure the German people, we need to secure the world so that the Jewish dominated world does not destroy us again. We’re taking over the place. Natural law is hierarchical not egalitarian. That is the view. That is the vision. That is the goal.

Next, after wrapping up my essay above, at 1:05 am March 31st, the channel provided the imagery of how it looked to the devas when the Brian Ruhe channel was taken down. Mara made a blow like a smashing through a reddish shield (I didn’t think of Rothschild ‘red shield’ until after I wrote, ‘reddish shield’) covering over me and my part of the city. To the rescue the devas swept the damage aside and transformed my power to be even stronger than before Mara’s attack. “That which you suppress just grows stronger,” Albert Pike warned. I will now take the next step on this clarified path…


March 29, 2018

My YouTube Channel was Deleted

You can go to my backup TRUTH search CHANNEL at:


At 3:20 am on March 28th, YouTube sent me an email with message title, “YouTube Account Notification”. I saw the email at about 6:30 am. My first thought was that maybe I just received another strike on my account. Then I realized that I didn’t have that same message as before, when I was notified of previous strikes. I opened the email and it stated that my channel was suspended for hate speech. This is a huge blow! In the truth movement, we know that hate speech is any speech that the int’l Jews hate- speech that speaks the truth about their actions in the world. Six and a half years of work with tens of thousands of thoughtful comments, taken down. I had over 12,000 subscribers and about 3,000,000 views.

I was calm the whole time. I didn’t have much of an emotional reaction. If you were in my living room, staring at me at my computer, you would not have noticed the slightest thing out of the ordinary. 27 years of Buddhist practice has done me well. I looked at the email and felt disappointed. Many thoughts and feelings went through my mind in the next minutes. I always knew this could happen and I was more emotionally prepared for it three months ago when I had two strikes on my account and I believed then that there was a strong chance that my whole channel would be deleted any day simply because YouTube can go back to any of my past 1700 videos and accuse me of hate speech even if the video had been posted on YouTube five years ago. I knew I was fighting in a boxing ring owned and controlled by int’l Jews so I had to live under their rules.

I checked my YouTube account and discovered they had deleted three of my YouTube channels but left one so people can still find my new videos at “TRUTH search CHANNEL”. I gave an imperceptible sigh when I read that but I felt calm and strong the whole time. I decided to go out for a walk after dawn. I checked to see if my Google account was still there and it is, for what it’s worth, then I went outside. It was such a peaceful spring morning with fresh cherry blossoms on the trees and I looked at the sky with one chem trail in the east with the rising sun.

I had a bit of a lightening feeling like a burden being taken off my shoulders. I felt a shift like when you have to look at other options and you get ideas about what else to do. Simultaneously I also knew I would continue the good fight for the truth movement. I intend to keep going with my YouTube videos and I was also contemplating putting my saved videos into Bitchute. Fortunately, I have backed up and saved virtually all of my 1700 videos. This is a free speech preservation effort.

I walked back home thinking about asking for help from others and advice about what to write for the one appeal I am allowed to make to YouTube. I had many playlists about Buddhism, meditation, loving kindness contemplation, etc. All taken down. But others such as Jordan Peterson and Squatting Slav have had their channels taken down but later YouTube put them back up again. So, that’s where my mind and heart was at by 8:00 am that morning. By 9:00 am I was feeling noticeably stronger, my chi energy surging.

In rebuilding, people can support me with donations at: https://www.makersupport.com/Brian_Ruhe


Brian Ruhe


March 20, 2018

Brian Ruhe thrives in role as Canada’s Alt-right leader and top nationalist personality – An EKP Profile

Feb. 23

Last night I made a video at the Meetup group that I go to and we tlaked about the theme of, What is truth and how do  people find truth and why do some people seek  the truth and others don’t? It hasn’t been released yet. It went on for 3.5 hours and was very energectic! The Meetup group is https://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-New-World-Order. (In March, Meetup.com deleted this Meetup group! We are still trying to get a reason as none was given.)

On Feb. 20th, I began a weekly internet radio talk show: https://revolution.radio/index.php/schedules/schedule-b

so please join me each week and phone in at 1-360-362-4322. It’s an American phone number. I covered for Dennis Fetcho on Jan. 20th for his radio show and the owner of Revolution Radio liked my talked and surprised me by offering me my own show. They say that the listenership is about 27,000 people. I just hope that the fame doesn’t change my life. Already it’s difficult on my relationship with women camped out on my front lawn. But, we all have to make personal sacrifices for the truth movement. The Brian Ruhe Show is every Tuesday night, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST. My first guest on the show was my old buddy Paul  Fromm in Toronto. On the Feb. 27th show my guest will be Pete Papaherackles and on March 6th it will be John Kaminski.

Feb. 22, 2018

One of my strikes has worn off at YouTube so I am down to just one strike now, which is a relief!

Jan. 31, 2018

On. Jan. 28, I got a second dreaded strike from YouTube. At three strikes they would delete my entire YouTube channel with 1700 videos and six years of work. This is very serious and I have friends who had their channel taken down. So now so I am dealing with saving my videos and a volunteer popped up and he’s helping me now. I will be working on this for weeks. I am trying Bitchute to save them but still looking at other ways. I am not allowed to upload new videos for two weeks on YouTube. If you would like to volunteer help, technical know how or donations, now is an important time. You can email me at brian@brianruhe.ca or call me on Skype at brianaruhe or phone 001 604-738-8475. Thanks!

Dec. 14, 2017

The first half page of this blog is pinned to the top but fresh, ongoing posts are right below that.

This blog is an early draft of my third book, titled below.




           About this book

What interests me is absolute power on planet earth. Someone peaceful, just and subject to a group of people with wise oversight- enlightened rulership. This is the ideal of the universal monarch or chakravartin which is known from ancient India. Adolf Hitler desribed, “the man who is yet to come” as a leader much greater than himself. I am behind the scenes of the absolute one. I am a remote viewer. This is my occupation and I manifest that job, as a talk show host and blogger.

Some of these pages are channeled writing and parts of it seem to be written by another personality so please forgive me. A personality which is less modest than myself and more powerful, forceful and full of a vaster 5D vision of reality and of the higher realms. We need that kind of leadership in our world right now so I welcome the channeled power. 

Limiting absolute power to just planet Earth is not befitting of the dignity of the absolute one. There is also the planet Mars, at least the moon. The chakravartin has the flying wheel, which is a flying saucer to go to the first two heavens as well as to other planets. There’s more on that in this blog.

Dec. 27

The Mystery of Q-Anon

This article  comes from Mike King at tomatobubble.com at http://tomatobubble.com/who_is_q_anon.html

On October 28, 2017, someone calling themselves “Q” began posting a series of cryptic messages on a web forum called “4chan” in a sub-category under politics (pol) titled “Calm Before the Storm” (in reference to that mysterious Trump quote from early October). Q, aka Q-Anon, claimed to be a high-level government insider with special “Q clearance” (hence the name) tasked with posting “crumbs” for the purpose of covertly informing patriots about Donald Trump’s master plan to rout the Deep State and the whole Globalist-Rothschild structure above them.

Though Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat was on board the Q-train a few weeks ago, your cautious reporter here remained skeptical, yet open-minded.  As a result of too many of Q’s advance clues coming to pass, we are now in agreement that Q is indeed for real – though the jury is still out as to whether Q and the great crusade truly represents the “White Hat” faction of America’s military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, or if Q, and Trump, are just tools of the anti-Globalist Zionists.


Q’s mysterious posts can no longer be dismissed as an Internet hoax. This individual has special knowledge and even some in the Globalist media are getting worried.


According to Q, and as confirmed by recent events, Trump was never really under investigation by Robert Mueller. To the contrary, Q’s advance clues, coupled with subsequent events, have been showing us that it is actually scum such as Killary Clinton, McCain the Insane, Homo- Obongo, George Soros and the Rothschild Crime Dynasty who need to be worried.

The Q phenomenon has since made its way out of the darkest corners of the Internet and attracted the keen interest of the attention-whore Alex Jones (who assures us that although Q is great, his sources are even better.)  and syndicated radio host “Lionel” (Michael William Lebron). Q’s prophetic posts have also caught the scornful attention of New York Magazine (that’s a really good sign!).

Although we encourage our readers to remain cautious of Q’s ultimate intentions, “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of “you”) ought to have a look at some of the various analysis of his cryptic posts. Eerie as all heck! We list below just three of the many “crumbs” that made us go: “Hmmmmmm.”


November 13, 2017: Q Threatens Lynn de Rothschild — Followed by Deadly Plane Crash at Rothschild Estate


“Lady” Lynn de Rothschild is the American wife of “Sir” Evelyn de Rothschild. She is a rabid supporter of Killary Clinton and fanatically obsessed with tweeting out her pure Satanic hatred against Donald Trump. On November 13, 2017, Q posted a cryptic threat aimed at her family, using the letters “L,” “d,” and “R” (notice how the letter cases match the initials of Lynn de Rothschild).

Just four days after Q’s clue, this headline:

Telegraph: Aylesbury mid-air crash: Four dead as plane and helicopter wreckage lands near Rothschild manor house (here)


After Q’s threat (Image 1) to Lynn de Rothschild (Image 2 with Hillary) and her “family,” some believe that Jacob Rothschild was killed in the aircraft crash which happened on his property.


December 11, 2017: Q Threatens George Soros — Soros disappears?


The initials GS can mean no other than George Soros. Just five days after Q threatened to put Soros in “really special place,” Trump also used the term “very special place” in a tweet. In is interesting to note that after having “tweeted” 4-5 days per week throughout all of 2017, there have been zero tweets from the account of George Soros since November 26th. (here) Prior to that, his longest twitter dry spell for 2017 had been only 10 days. Where the heck is George Soros? A “special place” in Guantanamo?



“A very special place” —-Trump’s tweets often mimick Q’s earlier tweets.

As of the date of this TomatoBubble article, December 27, there have been no tweets from “GS” (an avid twitterer!) for 32 days, and counting. (here)


December 12, 2017: Q States That Doug Jones Will Win Alabama Election and a Vote Fraud Investigation Will Follow 


Before the votes had been counted in Alabama’s Senate race, Q posted, with absolute certainty, of a Democrat victory based on voter fraud and Soros-owned machines. He indicated that the subsequent investigation would expose the Democrat Party. Lo and behold, much to everyone’s surprise, Democrat Doug Jones did defeat Republican Roy Moore, and an investigation is indeed quietly progressing!


Was it a “sting” operation?

The Communist Doug Jones won, but the Alabama Senate election is now under investigation — exactly as Q had told us in his post.


Could it really be that Globalist gangsters are being investigated, arrested and even killed? If so, are the military & law enforcement “White Hats” coming to our rescue, or is this just part of a factional war Zionist vs Globalist war amongst competing gangsters? Are Trump’s repeated two-hand drinking episodes that have so amused the late night commie-comics a signal that people are being placed in handcuffs and sent to prison? Is the growing military-backed power of Trump the reason why GOP anti-Trumpers such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are suddenly working with and even praising Trump? What’s going on here?

Who can say for sure at this point. But what we will say with certainty is that something big is taking shape — and Q, regardless of his ultimate intentions, should not be ignored.


Trump, who is notoriously etiquette-conscious, has mimicked the manner in which a man wearing handcuffs would drink water. Each time, the Piranha Press has mocked him for it, yet he keeps doing it — most recently while wearing a purple tie which symbolizes Soros “color revolutions.”



Bill and Killary wore the purple colors of a Soros-Rothschild coup just days after the 2016 election. Is Trump’s purple tie and “handcuff” act telling us that the coup has backfired and that people are being arrested?


Killary and McCain have both been wearing ankle boots for past two months, he for a “tendon injury” and she for a “broken toe” sustained while “falling down the stairs backwards while drinking coffee.” Are they concealing GPS ankle devices? (Your cane is on the wrong side,Senator.) McCain was later caught switching his boot from right to left, and explained it away by saying his other leg was getting tired!!!

Dec. 14

“I have seen you Mara,” the Buddha said. Mara, the evil one, would then shrink and go away. All the Buddha had to do was see him and call him out. That is what is happening with the internet all over the world. People are waking up and naming the Jew. This means it is possible to have a peaceful transition of power to the gentiles having liberation, peace and freedom. I feel that I am getting closer to seeing Mara. Remember, from a Buddhist world view, the  gentiles are higher than the Jews. There can be absolutely no doubt about that based upon the Pali suttas. The Buddha called his path, “the Aryan way”.

Tonight I hosted my Meetup group at: https://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-New-World-Order/

I gave a lecture to the eight other people there about international Jewish power trying to take over the world. We all had a very good, intelligent discussion and exchange of ideas with a few high IQ members among us. I went there thinking maybe only three familiar friends will come but it turned out more uplifted than I imagined. Walking home my inspiration peeked out and I gave my Nazi salute to the western sky with my thulesociety.com chant, “All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer. All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer. All that I do, I do for you.” Then, I saluted north in the same way and chanted, “Hail Sakka, Sakka, Sakka.” This is because I place the Buddha higher than Hitler. Sakka deva became a stream enterer from the Buddha’s tutoring, which is the first stage of enlightenment.

As I walked along Broadway, past Staples, I received the idea, “This is just between me and Mara now.” My thinking was clarified and simplified. I thought about my own protection and if I was deluded in believing that the higher realms or my karma was protecting me from assassination by the international Jews. I put aside the idea that I was ready to die anyway because compassion for the world meant that I should live to help others. The fuehrer is an example.

Then, I felt a deeper level of intimacy with lord Jacob. During my lecture I told my Vancouver Anti New World Order Meetup group, “I walk the dark alleys at night yearing for a worthy opponent. No one attacks me! No one challenges me! Only the Jews are a worthy opponent. The Jews are profound!” I held my hands upwards in anjali and continued, “The Jews have given me my mission in life, my meaning and purpose.” I over acted a bit to add some drama and a touch of humour. As I was crossing Hemlock Street I thought, “After lord Jacob dies I won’t know who to turn to! Will it be his son, Nathaniel? Or lord Sir Evelyn de Rothschild? Who? I won’t know who to turn to. I will lack direction. And I felt a greater warmth for lord Jacob than I had before. I felt, “I have seen you Mara”. And I felt safer than before. My channel faded after that leaving me with a vague feeling that I am safe to operate naming Mara. That’s about it. Not much more came through after that.

When I got home I got the idea to synthesize YouTube truth movement people together by commenting on what they do. Innovation comes from people who think differently and do things in an original way. Unify the movement on YouTube by bringing all their ideas together under the motto, “The Jews are our worthy opponent.” Promote this to everyone and debate this idea and win. I want to bring more peace into people’s hearts and less hate for the Jews. Buddhists have always understood that Mara is in the world so we don’t get angry about the obvious. The Jews cause us to up our game just as the very grit in the clam causes the pearl to form. I want to send out a message of peace and understanding and find a leader to get people organized around this ideal. Virtue burns brightest in the face if evil. If this was a world without Mara, of only peace and love, people would get lazy, indulgent and their IQ would be lower than the world we have, with Mara in it.

I am face to face with Mara and I have the upper hand. At least, that is what I think. I am relaxed and not fearful. The greatest fear that evil has is that someone good will arise to power from among their midst and take control and create peace and truth and justice in the world.

I will do whatever I can to protect the Jews. I had a mental impression of Mara being lord Jacob. So… not so abstract. A real human being- lord Jacob. I saw him coming to me and collapsing at my feet, asking for forgiveness. Then countless Jews came running to me as I faced north looking through my living room window. They all placed their heads at my feet in the same way. Next, I thought to keep secret from them that I can’t protect them from the law of karma, that they will go to hell. I thought maybe I should tell them. “I will protect you from hell”. But, I felt conflicted about telling a lie. I generally feel conflicted when I feel I need to lie to people.

I am king of the Jews. They want me to save them but I can’t.

Nov. 16

I woke up at 4:33 am, a bit depressed, as is common. I thought of a new loving kindness meditation technique, to help with this. I imagined 3,000 of my YouTube followers standing around my apartment in my neighbourhood. I sent loving kindness to myself and then to them, wishing, “May I be well, happy and peaceful. May my YouTube subscribers be well, happy and peaceful”. Then I imagined them happily chanting in the sunshine, “May you be well, happy and peaceful Brian. May you be well, happy and peaceful.” And I could feel the energy coming into me from all directions. There were also Tavatimsa devas above my apartment and in my apartment and in my bedroom.

This visualization method is consistent with other Theravada Buddhist visualization methods and it makes sense and it felt great! Loving kindness dispels aversion and depression is a form of aversion. I recommend that you adapt a similar method with your Facebook friends or other people who care about you, who live far away.

Nov. 14

Secret Lifeboat

I am the captain of my own ship. People can get into my lifeboat if I choose them and they work for me. They don’t have to be perfect. They can make mistakes. If they don’t want to make a sincere effort to help out, then room on the lifeboat will only be made for people who pull their weight and work. If people don’t want to be on my lifeboat then they can go away. There are already six people with reservations for the lifeboat and there’s only room for 33.

The location of the lifeboat is a secret. The nature of the lifeboat is a secret. The reliability of the lifeboat is not a secret. The method of using the controls on the lifeboat is a secret. This is not a conventional lifeboat meant for use in the water. I’ll be fine! I am relaxed, happy and smiling.

I create my own reality, just as The Beatles created part of my/our reality today by affecting billions of people. Keep putting out my message, a positive message, and it has a real effect on reality. I create my own reality.

——– Forwarded Message ——–


The Jews shall maintain their dominance of the world.


Tue, 14 Nov 2017 10:25:13 -0800


Brian Ruhe <brian@brianruhe.ca>


lord Jacob <info@rothschildfoundation.org.uk>

The Brian Ruhe Show 

brianruhe.ca email: brian@brianruhe.ca youtube.com/user/BrianRuhe Skype: brianaruhe thulesociety.com

Lord Jacob Rothschild

The Rothschild Foundation
The Dairy
Queen Street
HP18 0JW

My lord,

I am writing to you because I am duty bound to you to inform you of information that can be of service to you, that I obtain. I am following up on my last email to you of Aug. 14, 2017. My new information is the following.

I admit defeat. The Jews shall maintain their dominance of the world.

I have tapped into the brahma realm again on Nov. 14, 2017. The brahma realm is far above the nagas of the first heaven so unless I know otherwise, I assume that you are not privy to messages from the brahma realm.

The message I get is that my efforts will not in my lifetime, succeed in toppling Jewish power. Nothing much has changed and nothing much will change. People in the truth movement cannot see into the future. Or, the ones that can have not told me what they saw. Some are too negative but I address here those that are too assumptive of success. They think that a tiny minority of us awakened to the Jewish question will wake up the gentile world but they are sadly wrong. You, my lord, have the mainstream media and the global power structure so well in hand and so thought out, up to the level of Mara and the sixth heaven. There is nothing human beings can do to stop the Rothschild family.

Therefore, I have changed my mind. As of today I am calling off my recommendation for my Thule Society followers to attack your pineal gland and the pineal glands of your entire bloodline. This directive has been posted for almost two years on my website at:


The page I am changing is this one:

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

We attack pineal glands. Lord Jacob Rothschild and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Jacob’s son Nathaniel’s pineal glands. This will be like a force field that just holds people back. It doesn’t kill them. It stops and impedes them. Much like the reality of grey aliens who neurologically paralyze people at will. The Thule Society can’t do that but we act upon the Rothschild’s pineal glands to cause their brilliance to diminish, to numb their creativity and to confuse their thoughts. This I learned from reading between the lines of Ajahn Thanissaro’s book, “WITH EACH AND EVERY BREATH”, page 42.

We don’t kill anyone and we don’t break any laws, even though there are no laws against killing people with higher realm powers. We don’t kill people because we just don’t need to. We’re untouchable from a legal perspective but we’re still mortal and we’re always vulnerable.

Our use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


Next, I will speak to individual members and send a mass email to others, informing them of this stand down. I will also do so telepathically with the devas from Sakka’s retinue, on down.

Continuing… the message I have from the brahma realm is that the kaliyuga is still on the way down, so still in your favour. 2012 was a genuine positive shift for my side but it will be too little and too short. It will arise, dwell and pass away to disappear into the continuum of the current kaliyuga. With your help, I may be like a fortunate crew member on the Titanic, which your family sunk. I will get on a lifeboat and paddle a group of people to safety but most others who had no chance to get into a lifeboat will be lost. I hope to survive and live to about age 86. I will continue doing the same work I am doing now, of being your enemy and working to build a bright and happy world free of Jewish dominance. My efforts will fail. My purpose is to earn merit so that I can take rebirth among the devas of Tavatimsa heaven. Please understand that this is WHY I am doing what I am doing. I care about helping humanity, yes but I am looking out for number one first.

The Buddha taught that the future is always uncertain so I cannot promise you the world either, as it is not for me to give nor for me to know.

Our minuscule, futile efforts are plenty enough for me to live a happy fulfilling lifetime of great virtue and noble karma, while posing no real threat to you at all. My entire life and legacy will be a mosquito bite for the Rothschilds.

I bow my head on your feet, lord Jacob and I thank you for not deleting my YouTube channel, as I requested in my last email to you. I humbly beg that you let me live, freely and into my 80’s. All of my people and devas stand down and I have permanently called off any higher realm attack against your bloodlines. In the human realm I will continue to criticize and condemn you, from time to time.

The next message that came through from above, is that the ancient treaties with the Draco naga reptilians and the other nagas, greys and various aliens and devas, regarding control of planet earth, are beyond me. I am not being told of any changes and am not aware of any. Therefore, I have been instructed do my work on my low level and leave treaty changes to those outside and beyond myself, to relate with. I am out of the loop and I am just as interested as others in YouTube videos about this.

That is all my lord so I will take my leave. I do not want to take up any more of your precious time, unnecessarily. May you live long and dwell relaxed.

At your call and service,

Brian Ruhe

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: update on Thule Society Nov. 14, 2017
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:32:00 -0800
From: Brian Ruhe <brian@brianruhe.ca>

Hello Thule Society members,

Things have been going well and new videos have been added to our video library for you. Important updates have been added to our website at:


Here is an excerpt from the post above:

Adolf Hitler’s powerful statement about our past and our future is,

“Whoever sees National Socialism

only as a political movement has understood nothing.

Nazism is an effort to resurrect the Man-God.”

This quote comes from the book, MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano.

I have been channeling today and I have received guidance to call off an attack. This refers to a post on our thulesociety.com website which has been there for almost two years.

I have changed my mind. As of today I am calling off my recommendation for my Thule Society followers to meditate and use their higher realm powers to attack the Rothschilds pineal glands and the pineal glands of their entire bloodline. This directive had been posted for on our website at:


The page I have changed was this one:

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

We attack pineal glands. Lord Jacob Rothschild and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Jacob’s son Nathaniel’s pineal glands. This will be like a force field that just holds people back. It doesn’t kill them. It stops and impedes them. Much like the reality of grey aliens who neurologically paralyze people at will. The Thule Society can’t do that but we act upon the Rothschild’s pineal glands to cause their brilliance to diminish, to numb their creativity and to confuse their thoughts. This I learned from reading between the lines of Ajahn Thanissaro’s book, “WITH EACH AND EVERY BREATH”, page 42.

We don’t kill anyone and we don’t break any laws, even though there are no laws against killing people with higher realm powers. We don’t kill people because we just don’t need to. We’re untouchable from a legal perspective but we’re still mortal and we’re always vulnerable.

Our use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


I have deleted most of the above and changed it to:

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

Our non use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


Channeling makes me sleepy and I need to rest soon.

Please do read the website. A new member poem has been added to the
“Spiritual Practices” section. Contact me if you would like to donate or do any volunteer work

Heil Hitler!

Brian Ruhe



Nov. 10, 2017

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery – St Margarets, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3BZ, UK

Dear Venerable Ajahn Amaro,

You have been coming up in my mind. I have been in a channeling state since 4:00 am today and the main focus is about disclosing the truth of the pyramids all over the world to give the world free energy and develop towards a chakravartin ideal. On the periphery of this is you. By happenstance I was looking for a Miguel Sarreno book on my shelf and I pulled out “Gratitude” from 2010 and sat down and read your talk on page 67 from Nov. 7, 2009.

You have uped my game with the transforming idea that I should have gratitude for the Rothschild Zionist Talmudist international Jews because they can teach me how to find a place where they belong. Mara belongs in this world!

On Oct. 28th I produced an as yet unreleased video recommending your recent talk on “taking the red pill”. I was very happy to hear that. I want to inform you that I intend to release this video advising my 10,000 + YouTube subscribers to take you as a spiritual guide. I should write, “I’m sorry Ajahn. You probably don’t want me using your name at all but I feel this is another step I am guided to take. I am an instrument for the devas and I never know who they are. Please be kind to me.” But actually, I don’t feel much of anything. My energy is wholesome and I’m just doing my job, step by step. After I send this email to you I will probably get sleepy, take a nap, channel, wake up and read it again and wonder if you will read it. I think you will but I expect I will hear nothing from you.

About a year ago I was manic and I asked Aahn Sona “to surrender”. He emailed back banishing me from the Birken Forest Monastery and told me that I must not contact the Birken community permanently. He was crystal clear, as he wrote. It did hurt and still does a bit but it’s all understandable, with a hot potato like me, eh?

I feel that out of deep respect and fondness for you personally (more so than for Ajahn Sona) I have to tell you beforehand that my channeled message is to go more public on YouTube and brianruhe.ca and thulesociety.ca (under the Spiritual Practices heading) that you are the head of the order that I follow. I sense that I have got to get The Brian Ruhe Show more onto dhamma so I have got to refer to you and your teachings more. This is just going to happen as the process of my present moment falls out of me. I’m living in the present and I’m fuzzy about the future. I have got to follow virtue wherever it leads me even if it kills me but I think I will live into my 80s.

My Jewish ex-girlfriend, Karen Gordon lives in Bushy, about 45 minutes away from you. She came and met with you and spoke with you less than a year ago. She refused my request that she identify her relationship with me because she was afraid that you would banish her from Amaravati. Ha ha! Silly woman! She comes from time to time and loves being there. She is 62 and quite attractive.

I bashfully ask to have a Skype video talk with you whenever it suits you. My Skype handle is brianaruhe . Ajahn Brahm emailed me twice in the past year but I’m just not feeling it with him. My secret Buddhist advisor tells me that your monks are more pure.

Soon I will make a posting on my two websites and follow up with a video regarding the chakravartin ideal titled something like:

Absolute Goal for Humanity

The Chakravartin Vision

Happy cheerful metta for you, smiling abbot!



Nov. 10, 2017

Absolute Goal for Humanity

The Chakravartin Vision

In my videos below I talk about the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings about a chakravartin who is a virtuous world ruler who leads with peace. This is true history from a Buddhist/ Hindu/Indian perspective and I believe it too. I ask for some help from monks or scholars to flesh out my vision for the future as I haven’t studied this enough. That’s not my job. I also talk about ancient advanced global civilizations with pyramids used for power, all over the world. I have a playlist titled, “Jewish Lies about Ancient History” at:


Elites Suppressing Ancient Free Energy Discovered from Pyramids?


Jewish Conspiracy Conceals Ancient History – 1 of 2


Little Known Ways International Jews have Socially Engineered Our World


Heaven and Racial Hierarchy with Whites, Orientals then Blacks


You Can Be Optimistic About the Future of the World


Ruhe’s Worldview of Lies Hiding an Advanced Ancient Aryan Global Civilization


I am connecting the dots between the migrant crisis in Europe and the pyramids in Egypt. Intelligence means connecting the dots and seeing patterns that most people do not see. Humanity has a great collective amnesia as I have learned from Graham Hancock. The Chakravartin Vision is about awakening to the truth about the advanced ancient global civilization our forefathers had 12,900 years ago. We need to openly investigate and disclose the truth about the true technical nature of the ancient pyramids in Egypt as well as in Bosnia, Indonesia and many countries around the world. We need to share what knowledge was stored there which is the inheritance of all of humanity. Likely we can achieve free energy for everyone.

Connecting the dots further, we need to investigate if this ancient world was as the Buddha described it, with much more enlightened periods with virtuous rulers who were chakravartins. I am not getting into religious arrogance, saying that the Buddhists ruled the world and we’re gonna do it again. Even if they did, a chakravartin would allow religious freedoms and there would be many other religions coexisting peacefully under a chakravartin new world order. Religion does not have to be a problem. The problem is the same old timeless problem- Mara working through the Jews.

Today, Adolf Hitler gives us the most vivid impression of what a chakravartin and a peacefully ruled planet could look like. Humanity got what it deserved. We didn’t deserve an orderly world of prosperity because the ripening of past negative karma worked in Mara’s favour. Had the karmic timing of the penultimate saviour been the opposite of the true history, there would have been no World War II and we would be following the unknowable transcendental tide of German leadership today. No such luck for us. We didn’t deserve an Adolf Hitler champion yet.

Human beings have so much negative karma. Is there any wonder why this samsaric world has and continues to be filled with strife? Any serious Buddhist understands that. The animal realm is always filled with animals who behave like animals. Ordinary human beings are always behaving like ordinary human beings. The point is that if you want somebody to create a heaven on earth, it’s just not going to happen unless the causes and conditions are put into place over a long period of time. The chakravartin does not arise and politically and militarily secure a heaven on earth until after human realm virtue has produced average life spans of 20,000 years. We’re not there and we could lose it all tomorrow but this is an absolute goal for society to strive for. The absolute goal for the individual is complete enlightenment. The majority of society is not interested in making sincere efforts towards enlightenment but I talk about that spiritual path in hundreds of my YouTube videos, not here.

Connecting the dots, we should get a clear vision of where we want humanity to go. With the foundation being the greatest evolution of civilization in recorded history, we should try to discover an even better civilization which is being kept from us by the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists. Likely, they already have the recorded history of the glories of humanity prior to 13,000 years ago but the Jews can’t stand to witness the greatness of the gentiles and they desperately want to prevent us from finding out about ourselves and our true nature. Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Until we are successful in pushing for the disclosure project, National Socialist Germany is the best example we have to role model after.

Adolf Hitler’s powerful statement about our past and our future is,

“Whoever sees National Socialism

only as a political movement has understood nothing.

Nazism is an effort to resurrect the Man-God.”

This quote comes from the book, MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano.

I was feeling pessimistic because of the dark age of the Kaliyuga until I read on page 23 of this same book,

“Finally, Serrano appeals to the Heroes fighting the Anglo-Zionist system with its constant, unending bombardment of lies through television, radio, newspapers – a demiurgic world of Lies by those “Masters of the Lie”, turning Aryans into “good Democrats, Humanitarians”. The Heroes must shed all this and lead the Great rebellion until the Matrix, that Tribe of Rodents in human form, is extirpated.

And this will soon happen because the Dark Age, Kaliyuga is past. Since Dec. 2012 this is our Age: Kritayuga – and Victory awaits us!”

Very good. I have learned from other sources that many believe December 2012 was an upward turning point and that is so true in my life. Some say the world is going from 3D to 5D and that is a whole subject for future comment, reflection and discussion.

I want to learn to better express what I have channeled and connect the dots even more. Hitler’s vision of creating the Man-God was what he envisioned to come since his vision was peaceful and he did not want a World War II, which he didn’t start. His intention was for Germany to grow and flourish after his death and that he “paved the way for the man who is to come”, the true leader. That leader or those to follow would lead the transcendence of the Germans, the Aryans, the white race or all of humanity to a state of the ideal leadership of the Man-God.

In Shambhala The Sacred Path of the Warrior, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche expressed the same idea of enlightened society and as a Tibetan guru he referred to “our friend Adolf” in a 1978 talk which gives him and his students plausible deniability. They had the common sense to keep this talk and the transcript restricted and today it remains only as a rumour. Lord knows I have tried to get my hands on it since 1994 when one of their Jews tipped me off and gave me the mother-load. Chogyam Trungpa writes beautifully about raising up the human world and bringing down the deva world so that it becomes one world. He called it “heaven, earth and man”. This is what Adolf Hitler wanted for us and this is what the Buddhists and Hindus say actually happened in our pre-recorded history. During the time of the pyramids scattered in dozens of places, life spans were in excess of 20,000 years and there was a world government led by a chakravartin. This enlightened world ruler was a Man-God who had the blessing of the “flying wheel” which is a flying saucer that could take him and his ministers up to the first two heavens and maybe to other planets. This is the absolute goal for humanity that we should develop and broadcast until it shines in our hearts and minds. People need to be motivated by big inspiring goals which are realistic and attainable. We have accomplished this over 13,000 years ago so let’s do it again.

The plan of action should be thought out and include encouraging people in many countries of the world to locate and start digging into their own ancient pyramids that are grown over with soil, trees and shrubs, to unlock their secrets. This is our inheritance from our own ancestors. We should also focus loud attention on the many methods of creating free energy which have been suppressed since the days of Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago.

More will need to be written to describe a wise process to link success with free energy, to governments and leaders who care about the people. Since a virtuous and trustworthy chakravartin leader will not likely arise until average human life spans reach 20,000 years, we need to take great care when the kids get hold of a match box, so to speak. I want to channel plus work on expatiating this by inviting guests on The Brian Ruhe Show to comment and share their wisdom so we can have some ongoing mental fertilization to work this process out.

Background to this Writing

In October last month, my wise advisor died. I can now reveal that his name was Mikhail Kunashko.

Some of the most vital concepts that Mikhail revealed to me are the above ideas and they have been in the back of my mind for weeks, since he died. I have released a eulogy video for him here

Eulogy for Brian Ruhe’s wise advisor Mikhail Kunashko


I wonder if Mikhail is channeling to me. We were out for a walk about a year or more ago near Arbutus St. and 12thAve. and he told me that he felt like he had an important mission for his life in the future but he didn’t know what it was yet. I replied, “That makes sense. I have a good sense about what my mission is and you have helped guide that so I wonder if your mission is to work with me?” Mikhail didn’t agree with me and he didn’t disagree with me. I don’t recall him saying anything. He did say that his dream world at night when he was asleep was so powerful and in some ways it was more important than this world, this reality we are in. We have a difference in view over that but this is how Mikhail thought.

Then, I was daring and I revealed a deeper truth to Mikhail. I said, “In my channeling practice I am going to ask my devas to talk to your devas to influence you to work with me.” I can’t remember if he responded to that or not. We both believed that we each had a relationship with the higher realms so he understood what I was getting at. I was making a move towards taking him over, so to speak, to draft him. We discussed this and I explained that it is up to the law of karma to decide and it’s up to the devas to decide what they will do for me. It’s not about my power. I can only make a request. I am just an instrument for the gods but they are instruments for human beings as well. Nothing was resolved that night, at least in our human realm but it brought us closer and it deepened the reality of our working relationship.

Since then, as before, it was always me going after Mikhail. I was calling him for advice or study sources and it felt like he would be happy to abandon me to my own devices. But then he would show up at parties or Paul Fromm events and give me powerful advice and profound inspiring talks. I sometimes wondered if he still wanted to be friends and then he would suggest I meet him at Kits pool. We would talk for hours and I felt useless because I couldn’t remember 2% of what he said!

We talked about me using Orin’s channeled books and he approved of that. Orin said one of the big mistakes good people make is that they hold back what they can offer the world due to their humility. I am convinced that this was Mikhail’s problem and his big mistake. I got over that 20 years ago when I started teaching classes on Buddhism. I wonder if his refusal to make public talks karmicly contributed to his death? If he shared to tens of thousands of people, what he shared with me, would his chi energy and life force and invoked deva protection, have kept him alive? Maybe someday I will know, in this life or the next.

A year later he died without ever having an important mission to work on. Looking back on Mikhail’s death now, I have a feeling that I was right; that his mission should be intertwined with mine. I suspect that he is channeling to me and I think it happens in my sleep. I am writing these words around 4:00 am Nov. 10Th, 2017. Sometimes it is around this time that I wake up with ideas or dreams. Or when I finally get up in the morning I sometimes have big, deep powerful ideas which can be lost to my To Do List, if I don’t nurture them and pay attention to them right away.

The idea that has persisted is that my role is to connect the dots for others in the truth movement and talk about the bigger picture, described in the first two pages above.

Already I can imagine Buddhist monks questioning my Buddhist ethics even though I think some secretly admire me. When someone dies we are supposed to encourage them to move on to their next rebirth and not hang around those close to them. That is what is best for them. When I first told Mikhail that I was using the higher realms on him, I looked into his hesitant eyes. There was no doubt in my mind that I was much more at home than he was with being a controversial figure. I want to be in this world; he didn’t. Now, I am using him for my mission in this world. Monks and seers who can sense what I am up to may be able to talk me out of this. I don’t recall having done this before. I’m not so sure about what I am doing but that very Buddhist and Taoist uncertainty has been a hallmark of my success.

The mental impression I have now is that my devas have explained to the ghost or deva Mikhail that they have drafted him for me. He is accepting but still a bit wet behind the ears. I think my secret human spiritual advisor already senses this. We haven’t discussed this yet but we have telepathically communicated about what to do with Mikhail. A pro and con of having an advisor is that I don’t necessarily have to take their advice. I am the captain of my ship (and I got that line from Captain Kirk). I will keep Mikhail for as long as I need him. These are the expediencies of war. I wouldn’t hesitate to send people on a dangerous mission. He’s mine now. I have him tucked right under my arm. I think it’s fair to let him go to take a happy rebirth later on but I don’t know the future. I am dealing with the present. Who knows? Maybe he will just come and go when I need him.

This brings up a negative memory association for me. Shortly after I got married in Thailand in 1993 to my now ex wife, Pia Bajaj, she told me about DK Books, a block away in Chiangmai. She told me that the couple running the store had a stillborn son that they kept in a bottle upstairs in he store. “The baby wants to be with them so he helps them and brings customers to the store so it’s good for business!” she said. My blood ran cold. At that time I didn’t know that she was a shaman and she seemed to justify what I thought was immoral shamanism, keeping a spirit locked up, like a genie in a bottle. I still feel that way but I don’t have any physical relics from Mikhail. I think this is still voluntary. I justify my actions by paying deep respects to Mikhail and putting the needs of humanity above my own or his. I’m still in the trenches. What is virtuous action in the time of info wars? The Buddha taught that we should be very concerned about what are virtuous actions and what are not virtuous actions. Do you know? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell, especially when the matrix has turned our values upside down.


The Misled People’s Rally in Vancouver                                          August 22, 2017

Have I got a story for you. On August 19th on Saturday I went to the anti immigration rally at City Hall with 4000 people because I suspected that hundreds of Antifa might be there. In the end eight police escorted me away!

I wanted to stand up for my side. I wrote out my experience below and there are many 
media links below too. I have loaded my own 
videos of it onto my YouTube channel. Take a look! I was relaxed the whole time and I'm 
glad I went. 

Brian Ruhe...

Anti Immigration Demonstration, August 19, 2017 Vancouver City Hall

Notorious Holocaust denier Brian Ruhe raises his arm in a Nazi salute. He was eventually escorted from the anti-racism event. (Wide-angle lens is distorting his raised arm.) JASON PAYNE / PNG

Southeast of city hall, a notorious local Holocaust denier, Brian Ruhe, raised his right hand in the Nazi salute as police surrounded him. Ruhe smiled and laughed as counter-protesters shouted anti-Nazi slogans and profanity at him. He was immediately escorted away by police.

At minute 7:30 – 10:30 below, there is a video of me smiling while people hurl insults and profanities at me, as eight police escort me off the grounds.

Vancouver Protest Rally Against Anti Immigration Racism 2017:


Earlier this week a National Socialist, NS (fellow Nazi) friend met with me and told me about this demonstration being put on by Joey De Luca and Jesse Wielenga of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam. He asked me to go and suggested we film it live on Periscope which is something new for us. We tried Periscope for the first time in front of the Jewish Ohel Ya akov Community Kollel at 1965 West Broadway to test it out. We did that because we happened to be walking him back to his bus stop and we were less about 100 feet from this small sort of synagogue so I spontaneously suggested it and it was a lark! We hooted and howled as we saw a rabbi bobbing his head up and down through the second floor window as we filmed from the street. Then I walked him to his bus and he left. Later Periscope banned him for a week and Twitter banned him for a week too. Then he said that Sinead McCarthy and others are telling him that I am a Jew and a spy and he said, when several people tell me the same thing, I think I believe it. How come no one is bothering you?!, he insisted. He said, What about Paul Fromm!? Hes been at this for 50 years and nobody beats him up! Is he an agent too, like you? I then talked him out of this so he is still working for me. I told him about my email to the Rothschilds which anyone can read on my website.

Carrying on with the events of Aug. 19Th, I agreed to go with my nervous NS buddy but I didn’t look up what this demonstration was about until he phoned me hours before it started. I Googled it and, I like these two gentlemen even though I don’t have any significant problem with Islam. They were opposed to unjustified immigration and I wanted to go and support them.

I went early but my National Socialist friend didn’t show up and he explained later that something important stopped him. I looked around for him, then mingled with the crowd of 4,000 people in front of City Hall on the south side, right on the street on 12th Ave. Within about 10 minutes I approached a bored looking CBC TV film crew and told them that I supported the organizer of the demonstration and that I could give a minority view since most of these people were opposed to us.

The young lady filmed me for about 10 minutes and I explained how the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists have misled everyone there and these people were being fooled. I explained what was wrong with immigration and how Jewish lawyers changed our immigration policies in 1965 to bring in non whites to undermine the white majority. The reporter and black cameraman were serious and respectful, then a younger man with long grey hair stepped in and objected to them giving me air time, and all the while he and I were being filmed. I smiled calmly as I was calm, smiling and cheerful the whole day. At the end I showed them my one inch diameter, Adolf Hitler 1933 pin and they said they would film it so I put it on and left it on.

Later a young 27 year old Filipino ex cadet came wearing his green cadet cap. He introduced himself saying the he saw my videos and he agreed with my views. He said he emailed me before but I didn’t remember. We bonded quickly and later he said, “I would take a bullet for you.” I listened and asked, “Really? Would you take a bullet for me?” He said, “Yes,” and I could tell that he really meant it. I said, “This is the first time in my life that someone said they would take a bullet for me!” He gave me his name and phone number but asked to not be identified and to be taken out of the video I was making and I will honour that.

Then I was taking with a man named Ragnar with the YouTube channel Denverdog44. He agreed with us and we talked about the Jewish interference in the Ukraine. We wanted to go to the front of the crowd and look for Joey De Luca and Jesse Wielenga so the cadet suggested we should not go into the thick of the crowd which seemed unsurpassable. He decided we should walk a clockwise circle around City Hall so I invited Ragnar to join us but he had his bike so we separated from him. As we left Ragnar said, you can keep me in the video and that is him below.

An old National Socialist buddy of mine showed up by surprise and I was so happy to see him! He joined us so the three of us set out. A quarter of the way around we saw the police with a group of people looking at us. My National Socialist friend noticed a man and woman following us but I didn’t see them behind me with the crowd surging around. He dropped behind to cover my back. Passing the back we came around to the east side of the tall monumental building. By now the couple and others were questioning me and asking about my Nazi pin and some were pleasant, some gruff and rude and conversations grew out of it. I stood and explained to about five young people that I am President of the Thule Society at thulesociety.com and I explained what the society was about and I said, “The elevator explanation is that we have a spiritual interpretation of Adolf Hitler. We have a practice section and I’ll give you a chant that we do.”

As I was explaining this my deva invocation channel came on in textbook form: slowly and imperceptible at first. I raised my right arm in Nazi salute to the bright blue great eastern sky and I chanted, “All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer.” Then I closed my eyes and repeated, “All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer. All that I do… I do for you.” They were respectful and we had a spiritual moment together and I was so proud that I did that for my leader. Before I raised my arm I was self aware that the channel was, in fact, on. A flood of impressions empowered my body speech and mind in those seconds. Most significant was a timeline reality in which felt I had to protect the identity of the Vancouver Shambhala Centre and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche as they still protect him from his advocating of Adolf Hitler. That weighed heavily on my mind due to devotion for the guru. The timeline coordinates were for the future time which coalesced when I would be writing this, about the 10th email account, and also just after the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 when I walked on Broadway Ave. feeling guilty about betraying Chogyam Trumgpas most senior living disciple who asked me not to divulge the sources of Rinpoches teachings about Hitler. Thoughts of vajra hell too and Chogyam Trungpas emphasis on the genuine heart of sadness put a brief lump in my throat after I finished the Nazi salute.

In my recent videos with the futurist Alfred Lambermont Weber, he taught how familiar the American government is, and their deep state is, with timelines and time travel. The deep state is so compartmentalized that almost nobody really knows what is going on. In my videos and in my book, Freeing the Buddha, I hide in plain sight that I am being protected and that I have secrets. People bug me and they accuse me of working for the Jews or CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) or they say that I am a disinfo agent. Sinead McCarthy has stated that I am making our whole movement look insane. To hell with it. If people ask me if I am working for the Jews, I just say yes. In my recent video, Brian Ruhes Policy on the Jews, I lay out a plan for world peace with the Jews which would be genuinely good for the Jews and the gentiles and save the future of the Jews. So, in that sense I am working for the Jews. I go even deeper than the deep state as I have some mastery of deva (angel) invocation practice. I am one or more steps deeper than the deep state. Brian Ruhe is an agent of the deep state. Since childhood I have identified with the deep state. I will reveal my secrets only after I am dead. Living in the moment I am just an instrument for the gods and I trust what I am working for. The deepest state is the concern for the whole world. My deep state childhood experiences are described in my video, The Nazi Past Life of a Buddhist Teacher?

Next, on the southeast side of Vancouver City Hall the three of us then politely turned our back on them and kept walking south and by now dozens of people were staring at me while my cadet led me along, getting more nervous. I thought at the time that some shouted obscenities because I heard them in the video later but I barely noticed with the sensory feast going on around me. I said to a group of them, “The Vancouver City Police are here to protect me so what could possibly go wrong?!”, with my typical dry humour. I was happy to be there, very much in my natural element! Then a young white Antifa man angrily spoke, and I am wrong now but I thought that he said “You can’t wear that you Nazi” and some such other words and he made a grab for my pin! He tore the pin out of it’s socket and I backed off and said, “Hey, that’s my pin… I can take it off if you like.” See the photos below, from Darryl Dyck’s Twitter page. I did that and put it in my suit pocket then the attractive young blonde I was talking to earlier said, “Put it back on.” Now, if you watch the infamous video on several websites, he said, fuck off Nazi scum!! Drop dead Nazi scum!! with a cracking shrill in is voice as I smiled and asked the crowd, how is my hair?! Does my part look OK? Someone then remarked, it looks terrible. Those moments were the most fun that I have had this year.


I snickered as I looked at these two, the angry young Antifa and the inquisitive young lady. Then we carried on walking towards about ten policeman just south of us. They were slowly walking in our direction and the crowd at this moment was clearly descending upon me in the form of a circle of about 100 – 200 people with me as the centre of attention. Likely, the Vancouver City Police with their communications were telling each other to come over to me.

This was the moment I chose, as I felt that this was going to be a crowd around me no matter where I slowly, mindfully walked. I made a clear definite stop on the street and I stared up at the blue southern sky, focusing my mind on Adolf Hitler. I steadily raised my right arm in Nazi salute with over 100 people intently staring at me. Immediately the crowd moved towards me with their cell phones filming and taking photos. I very deliberately held my arm up for about 20 seconds to give them enough time to get a decent video and pictures if they were on the ball, which they were.

Then, I thought the crowd was singing to me, “Haters go away. Haters go away,” but I was wrong. I had to listen to the video to find out that one gentleman used different lyrics, “Hate’s not welcome here… Hate’s not welcome here…” As I walked past, I saw my former webmaster who abruptly left me without finishing his paid job in 2015, over my then Hitler moustache photo. I smiled and said, “Hi Johnny (Stork).” He said, “I don’t know you,” meaning, I don’t know you anymore.

I can’t remember much about what the crowd said but in the video later I heard people swearing at me. Next, the police came over and took control. An older officer first spoke to me saying, “You’ll have to leave.” I was looking for my cadet friend many times and my NS friend and I found them. The crowd was surging around me and we were not walking in a straight line. I was trying to manage my way through the sea of curious onlookers. Then the police surrounded me with their bicycles to keep me physically separated from the crowd. The first officer said, “You have to leave the demonstration.” I said, “OK. I’ll follow the police’s instructions but my bike is back there,” as I pointed through the thick of thousands of people to where it was locked at City Square Mall.

The cop said, “No. You can come back and get it later. If you come back now you will be arrested for disturbing the peace.” “OK” I agreed and I deliberately sauntered at a relaxed pace, east down 12th Ave. looking back at my cadet friend but as seen on video, the police separated him form me and I lost sight of him. Another younger officer held my right elbow and was leading me to walk a bit faster. I was friendly and chatting up the cops and asked if I could take the first left and get a bus back on Broadway Ave. He said, “No, go to Main Street, then take a bus back.” We went one block and my NS friend was still with me and I noticed another NS friend who has popped up before and he was videoing me. I stood with four police, one a police woman and we joked about me being such an old man, having to walk half a mile to Main St.! Another policeman asked, “How old are you?” “57” I replied and we snickered. I smiled a silent goodbye to the police as my first NS friend came with me and we said goodbye to the second friend, who also wants to be anonymous.

We walked hundreds of yards with engaging talk about what unfolded, then a beautiful young reporter with CTV TV ran towards us. We stopped and Sarah MacDonald introduced herself. It took a while for the cameraman with the big heavy camera to catch up. She asked about what happened earlier and if she could interview me. She was breathing hard so I thought she might be nervous that she was with some psycho Nazi but I misunderstood. She was just breathing hard from running. I said, “You can relax. You can talk to me if you like,”or something like that. She asked if I did the Nazi salute and I said, “Yes, I can do it for you too,” as I raised my arm into the air as they filmed that. I suggested that the sound wasn’t that good with the traffic on 12th Ave. And I suggested moving off the street. Sarah said, “It’s OK on the street but could we cross to the other side and stand in the shade.” So we did that and they filmed me again. After she made me spell out my first and last name I added, “Just to start off, I don’t want you to lose your job so don’t agree with me and don’t criticize the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists.” Then she asked me about the organizers and the Canadian Action Party and Soldiers of Odin.

I said, “I wanted to come to meet and support Joey and Jesse. I don’t have anything against Islam but I know they care about immigration and in 1965 Jewish lawyers changed the immigration policies in Canada and the United States to bring in lots of non white immigration for the purpose of undermining the white majority. But the Canadian Action Party I don’t trust because it is run by Brad Salzberg who I know and he’s a Jew. I think he is controlled opposition. Soldiers of Odin (SOO) I know and I stood with them here at the last protest against Trudeau a few months ago. I talked with their vice-president, Chucky and he agreed that I could interview him for my Brian Ruhe Show. I have phoned him since and I just called him this morning.

I was saying that because I had intell from my NS friend who didn’t show up that SOO supported Israel. I was deliberately associating me, a flaming Nazi, with them so that Sarah could unwittingly say that on CTV News that night. That afternoon I left Chucky a voicemail that his name may be on the six o’clock News. Sarah said, “It’s likely you will be on the six o’clock News.” I nodded. We had a cheerful goodbye and the cameraman gave me his name. Later I discovered that they gave me four seconds of air time on the six oclock News with me saying, They asked to see my pin, then the video focuses clearly on my Adolf Hitler pin for about two seconds.

My friend and I passed two policeman guarding the blocked off 12th Ave. and I told them the police said I would be charged with disturbing the peace if I went back, even tough I was the peaceful one and the crowd had aversion for me. We walked on to Tim Horton donuts on the corner of Main and Broadway and I had a large double double coffee, which I learned from copying Paul Fromms Tim Horton Donut practice. To celebrate I also ordered a double chocolate donut to commemorate my great day! I was wearing my Hitler pin all the time so a man got into an engaging conversation with me and he later phoned and wanted to talk some more.

My NS friend and I went to my place to download his video and photos but my computer didnt interface with his phone. Then I took off my suit and put on shorts and a T shirt and we picked some gooseberries and mulberries at Kits Compost Garden at Maple St. At 6th Ave. before he took the bus home. I then made a few phone calls, went online to see some videos on this event and then I put my signature white jacket and red Nazi tie back on and headed back to City Hall to film my recollection of the big day, as this was such an unexpected success. I hope my YouTube hits go up, which is not the bottom line but it is one goal of ours.

Another result could be that my notoriety will cause the Jews to organize and lobby YouTube to delete by entire channel with 1500 videos. That is my biggest professional fear but I wont tell people that, and then expose my weakness.

When I got off the bus at Broadway and Cambie half a dozen people, about age 30 recognized me and they smiled and waved me over to talk with them. They were a lot of fun and I filmed our conversation for YouTube with their permission.

Then my second NS friend randomly happened to show up again. This was about 7:00 pm, more than five hours after I was arrested and he was filming me as well. Why on earth was he there five hours after the speeches were over and the crowd had dispersed? Later I reflected that he may be a spy watching me as this was the fourth time he just showed up. Before, he popped up at the Trump Tower protest after the election. He then filmed the video about it which I now have on YouTube and he filmed me interviewing a topless, very young lady, which anyone can watch on YouTube. On another occasion he appeared again during a nude swimming event at Templeton pool in East Vancouver, which I went to, with another friend. Was he filming me then to get compromising images? He openly told us that his father was a high enough ranking mason and that he himself is designated as a lewis, which in freemasonry denotes a freemason brought into the fraternity by his father; which gives him some masonic protection from the law if he ever gets into trouble with the police.

For years I have assumed that my emails and phones are being monitored so he could have been quickly informed of my moves so as to show up filming me. So what; he’s nice guy and he can say hi to CSIS for me. I don’t know. He probably isn’t intell but he has that uncanny quality of showing up when I never call him and most of the time he is filming me. I do have a personal fondness for him. I can guess what is going to happen next. Sinead McCarthy is going to accuse me of being a double agent. She made the YouTube video attacking me, (((Brian Ruhe))) is Our Greatest Ally.

This group of laughing, half seriously paying attention young people, then invited me and my possible agent friend to the Storm Croft pub to play the Secret Hitler game. I couldnt refuse that now, could I? So I accepted but explained that I needed about 20 minutes to film my recollections at City Hall. They were a bit disappointed that I would keep them waiting at the pub but that was OK with them. The suspected agent and I went to City Hall and saw a group of about ten young people who recognized me. We stood filming near the spot where the story unfolded on 12th Ave.

Next, a young Dutchman, about 24 years old angrily came over to confront me saying that he was Dutch and the Nazis invaded his parents country. We have that whole heated exchange on video so you will be able to see it there after I upload it, as he gave permission and it was filmed in a public space anyhow. That was gold!

Then I filmed a video right in front of City Hall in the background describing the whole one hour I experienced from 12:38 pm when I arrived until six police escorted me away at about 1:30 pm before the official speeches, which never happened, didnt start.

This was such a violation of the sacred principle of freedom of speech. The people who were given permission by the city to speak, never did. They didnt show up and they probably would have been drown out by 4000 people who are like children. Those sheeple were speaking in favour of their own demise. Just go online and listen for an hour to their nonsense, syrupy speeches. Its sad, for more enlightened Buddhists like myself, to witness this. We may all lose this struggle for the good, the true and the beautiful because the Buddha taught that the future is uncertain.

Then we said goodbye and I finally hopped on my bike and rode over to the Storm Crow Alehouse at 1619 West Broadway. My new friends at an arms length, were there, three men and one woman. They were happy to see me so I sat down with them and one man said, We didnt think you were going to arrive! I asked the waitress for water as I was going to order food and they were just drinking beer. Then the funnest guy of all show me the Secret Hitler game! But he explained that they already played it before I arrived so they invited me to a card game and I accepted. As we were carrying on a woman from the pub management came over and asked me to leave! She said, Someone point you out to us so I have to ask you to leave. Then she looked at the other four and I cut in and said, Oh! I dont know them. We just me today. I am a genuine Nazi, yes. Well, you have to go, she said. OK, I replied and I got up and left as the rest were all smiling and laughing the whole thing off. I left my card although none of them ever took my card. As I was walking out I knew full well this was a violation of the fundamental and sacred right of freedom of association. So that, and free speech, was violated on red Saturday, August 19th, 2017. Two days before the full eclipse of the sun.

I took my bike home and was up until past 2:00 am writing this document and combing the internet for the stories attached below. I was so pleased with myself but I managed to get to sleep. I awoke five hours later around 7:00 am, even more pleased with myself, scheming about how I could use all of this to spread more truth in the world about the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists!

Here are links to this story below…

Anti-Islam Rally in Vancouver Overwhelmed by Counterprotesters

At minute 14:00, I am on at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBlhUUeG8tE&t=24s


I was on the Georgia Straight website in this 29 second video:


I was on CTV TV website at about 2:25 for four seconds at, http://bc.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1185259

I posted this comment on the Georgia Straight at https://www.straight.com/news/953586/photos-over-4000-vancouverites-stand-racism-counterprotest-city-hall

In this web article below, I am in two different videos, being escorted away by eight police officers and people yell obscenities at me.





A good set of four photos with the Antifa boy who tried to rip off my swastika pin



I have a BIG smile in this one:


I made this comment on the Georgia Straight website comments section:

You can see the irony of obvious hate directed at me, Brian Ruhe. I am the man in the video, smiling kindly to everyone, joking about how my hair looks, while the Antifa fellow yells hate at me at the top of his lungs, “Fuck off Nazi scum!” “Drop dead Nazi scum!!”

Then Karen Segal below, who I know, tries to commit character assassination against me saying, “The man in the video is Brian Ruhe. He teaches Buddhist meditation in the city. Scary mentally ill man. He sometimes attends Meetup groups, most recently the cherry blossom walk where he chats up women. Be careful of him.”

I was denied my freedom of speech as the police told me to leave and if I came back I would be charged with disturbing the peace. Please drop me a line at brian@brianruhe.ca or phone me at 604-738-8475. Those 4000 people today were largely foolish, unaware of how they have been duped by cultural Marxism. My YouTube channel with two million hits is youtube.com/user/brianruhe for some thoughtful commentary and interviews with guests.

Be well, happy and peaceful,

Brian Ruhe

This is a post that Mike Walsh made after I did a YouTube video with him:

Mike Walsh Speaks to a Buddhist Dissident


Jan. 23, 2017

Preventing WW III.

The seer Nicholas von Reinsberg foresaw WW III a century ago, with the northern hemisphere wiped out and Germans dominating and leading in Namibia. He foresaw President Trump as a leader who takes an interest in them. He is described as a man with hair like a wig who looks upon them sympathetically from across the sea. The Buddhist teachings state that we can prevent the seers’ prediction of WW III from happening as the future is always flexible. Predetermination is wrong.

President Trump should protect the several million white people in South Africa from being killed by the blacks. From my 5-D view of 2350 AD, I look backward in time into the Akashic record of that day. Can you imagine how the history books glow about President Trump? People read about countries from a couple of centuries back. They read stuff about an American government doing nasty things in places called Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. Then they read about the American government doing something good?! President Trump sends thousands of paratroopers dropping into South Africa to save the day after blacks go on a rampage killing white men and children and raping white women.

I have a video, Prediction of WW III by Nicholass von Rensberg .

Hitting the Reset Button

Buddhist monks don’t try to stop villagers from believing that the Buddha lives inside of a golden statue. Because that helps them at their level and then they can learn more later. If the monk explains the four noble truths and says, “No. There’s nothing in there, silly. It’s just a statue” then the uneducated villager is disillusioned and she quits the whole thing. Atheist.

Tell the Jews that we can forgive all Jewish sin and hit the reset button. In this way we bring the most stable and gradual changes to planet Earth. We don’t rock the boat. We don’t count how may trillions the Federal Reserve owes back to the Gentile world. We say, “Ah… we’ll just forgive every last thing that any Jew ever did in history… and just let it go.” OK, let’s get on with life now…

Make up reality. The law of karma will take care of the rest. After those Jews die thier karma will take care of justice.

Jan. 23, 2017 – 5:47 pm


It’s time.

It’s time to meet the Jews.

I am going to the Jewish Centre at Oak St. and 49th Ave. here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was there about four years ago with Erin Hanratty and Rob Stickles and maybe… I don’t remember who. I was with somebody; I can’t remember now. I went downstairs to see their Holocaust Museum. It was closed at that time. I asked the lady there about it and she confirmed that it was closed.

That was the only time in my life that I ever went there. This is the main administrative area, as far as the public, like myself, knows, about the Jews in the city of Vancouver. I chuckle at the image arising in my mind after going to the 5th Ave Cinema to see the recent Star Wars movie “Rouge One” where Darth Vader confronts the alliance rebels as they are making their escape.

The door is stuck and the rebels are blasting laser guns at Darth Vader while he calmly stands there with a much more primitive weapon- a sword. He approaches them and they panic, screeching to get that stuck door open, to flee Darth Vader! Finally their rebel ship launches away after they yell to take off. Lord Vader stands there stoically, staring at their weakness… as they retreat into the weakness and the void of space. Vader embodies strength. I was sitting beside my girlfriend watching this new Star Wars movie and I started to get labile. I felt devotion for Darth Vader. I contemplated upon his lifetimes of spiritual training and development. A tear welled up in my eye and there was a lump in my throat. It was all I could do to turn my head 45 degrees to the right so that my girlfriend would not see me crying.

Is Adolf Hitler in my DNA? Is what I perceive to be my past life feelings about Adolf Hitler, actually past life memories? Were my past life memories physically embedded into my DNA? Is then the DNA a physical computer storage of information about our countless past lives? Are devas channeling to me or is this experience that I have something from my DNA which allows me to have beyond five sense, psychic impressions? This is my question, right now.

I walk the dark allies at night yearning for a worthy opponent. Is there no one to challenge me? The most famous Buddhist monks that I contact fall silent. If they can’t criticize me, who can?!

Hitler Awake in the Bunker

Write about higher stuff first. Ordinary stuff, others can write. Like Bob Dylan said that nobody was writing the kind of songs that he wanted to sing so he had to write them himself. Yes.

One thing that has been on my mind for yeeeeeeeeears is Hitler in the bunker. We’ve all heard stories and saw movies and TV shows about Hitler’s last days in the bunker. I’ve read interviews with people who were there, saw videos of people who were there. Some things have never been explained, unless I missed it. For example, why did Hitler’s last testament say that he died with a joyful heart? Why was be spending a lot of time alone, pouring over and gloating over vast architectural models? Well, now I know.

My channel is on now and it wants me to write about this. First, the background to today’s channel. Last night I felt destroyed. Maybe destroyed is a misleading word for people centuries into the future. I am a manic-depressive. Yesterday I was up and my head was up into the 4-D space where it was so easy to get the insight and write it down. My guide/s want me to write about Hitler in the bunker. Right now, I have minor insights which are all worthy of being written out but I should prioritize. I can easily lose some forever, you know. If I don’t write down the most important insights then that’s like collecting cotton instead of gold. So, I have to relate with my channel, or guide/s or whatever you want to call it; maybe it’s my DNA, activated by my manic brain cells. That could also produce a psychic capacity beyond the five senses which may explain these things without their being any channeling to devas at all. Maybe I have never channeled to devas. I asked my spiritual counsellor, girlfriend, at the car as she was going to drive away yesterday afternoon about this and she said, “Yeah, sometimes you have had deva channeling, but today this could just be your DNA.”

Back to Hitler, as I am demonstrating me going off on a tangent of cotton. Oh! Sorry. I just have to provide more background before I forget, ha! I felt depressed last night. Yesterday I told my girlfriend (gf) that I best be alone to do channeled writing and she had to go off to be in a performance. Fine with her. She’s very independent, doesn’t need me. But after I got home, Russell Walker in North Carolina Skyped me. I thought, “I’ll just be polite and talk for a few minutes. But then a volunteer in Ireland who doesn’t want his name used, Skyped. Russell said, “Put him on!” Typically weak, against my better judgment, I do so. Then the two of them got into a long introduction and philosophical discussion about standing to control words like ‘racist.’

I felt like my time was best spent on the channel and this was a disrespectful way to spend my time so I was direct with them and asked them to talk to each other and exchange Skype contacts as that is not automatic. I calmed down our ruffled feathers and we finished up the conversation but they didn’t do a chat together. After that, there were phone calls, emails, you know how things come in to us. I didn’t ‘guard the nimitta’ in the sense of protecting that concentrated state of mind and sacred space so it  diffused and I felt depressed. I was on the phone and Skyping, looking for a few friends to talk to. My gf’s phone message box was full so I couldn’t even leave her a  message. I went to bed about 1:00 am thinking that maybe the channel would come back in my sleep and I might feel better by morning. It did but not right away.

I woke up about 5:30 and felt a bit better. I’m still in my shorts and T shirt, that I sleep with, now as I write this. My room is warm enough. Before I started this blog at 6:00 am I though of Hitler and how depressed he was after the failed pusht but he was inspired later! We all get depressed, especially at night. So, I reassured myself that this is always temporary with me and I cheered up.

Now, things started happening! I felt inspired and devotional. I sat on my bed and did a Buddhist prostration to the eastern wall. I was thinking of the advice not to bow down, but to stand. The Germans stood in salute to Hitler. But no way. I decided to do the traditional Buddhist bow and I reaffirmed the Buddha as the absolute highest in my life. I acknowledged that my inner constitution has always been devotional, since I was a boy. I bowed down with my head on the bed but I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know who or what I bowed to. I don’t quite remember. It may have been a combination of thoughts.

This is the point where I talked to the channel softly, out loud, both sitting and standing. All the while I am looking upwards to the east wall of my bedroom. I said, “OK, the channel is here. It is on now. I want to write about Hitler in the bunker.” I said that, not initiating the idea. The idea had already arisen after I was convinced that the spirit/s were present. I had a vague mental image of Hitler looking calm. I didn’t then, nor later as I write this, think that this was actually Hitler deva. No. Not at all! I did feel that I was getting a truthful impression in my mind of what really happened in the bunker. I don’t understand the mechanism or the process by which I get these impressions. You know! I just thought, this moment, that this must be Remote Viewing! So that makes me a Remote Viewer. I do approve of that model of description so I’ll settle for that. Great. Hi, I’m Brian Ruhe. I’m a remote viewer. I’ve never had that thought before! I’ve met people in my courses who do this. So, I’m going to write it down now, finally, what I perceived happened in Hitler’s bunker. First, I’m going to the bathroom and a drink of lemon water.

I believe that Hitler’s mind was bright and sharp as always, right to the end. He made his decision to die when the Chancellor’s seat could no longer be defended. The official story of his death is true. At least, that he did die as the witnesses reported. What’s vital here is his state of mind! He was good. He was cheerful. He really did die with a joyful heart… looking at a photo of his mother before he died. The Hollywood movies and videos we see constantly repeat the lie, even a joke, that he was angry. They depict him a looking dejected as he reached for the pistol to go into the next room. Of course he was shouting all the time. On YouTube people play many versions of the scene that the YouTuber takes and writes in their own funny dialogue about Hitler screaming about something that is frivolous and contemporary today. Everybody gets a laugh and I sure do too, when we see these videos of Hitler sending half the people out of the room so he can scream at the other half. And the ladies are crying outside listening to Hitler ranting and raving and screaming. This is all a Jewish Hollywood lie, as expected. It’s just a big lie . “The big Lie.”

In truth, Hitler was attained. It takes one to know one. No wonder he spent so much time alone in the mountains. What could mere human beings offer him when he was in the company of devas right to the end. His purpose was to serve all of humanity and put them in their fair order.

Hitler’s Last Ten Days” in the bunker showed a Hitler that was about the same as the leader in the previous ten days. Four months before that, since January 1st, 1945 he was a very, very similar person. Now, for you non-Buddhists in the reading audience, the Buddha taught that we have no permanent identity. Our identity shifts from hour to hour. Therefore, Hitler did change but his personality was pretty much the same in the bunker. He didn’t change much.

He was not shouting and screaming at people in the bunker. He practised what the Buddha called “Right speech”. Speaking at the right time and place and in the right way. In his famous speeches it was appropriate right speech to be shouting as that behaviour benefited millions and it benefits billions today and trillions in the future, thanks to their foresight with video, and thanks to YouTube. I would raise $1000 on my new Patreon fundraising account for my YouTube channel to get a video of the fuehrer in the bunker if one existed. The int’l Jews wouldn’t want you to see that since he was poised and inspired right to the end.

Next, I just have to address the models Hitler had made for himself of his vast architectural plans. I haven’t Googled yet, if ever I will, if those models were plans for a new Berlin. So why would he be spending hours of his time, knowing that he would be dead in days, meditating upon such great architecture? He clearly knew the savage Russians were advancing, raping and disembowelling German women left and right. Bombs were dropping above his head onto Berlin. His men were protecting him for a while longer. Sooooooooo… … … Hitler stares at the scale models. He closes the door behind him and he sits in that room alone. A Lone. Alone. His wife, Eva Hitler wasn’t allowed in either. He closes his eyes and he meditates. He visualizes. I know. I takes one to know one.

He was preparing to take rebirth in Valhalla. The Buddha taught that your last thought at death conditions your next thought in your next lifetime so it helps to be in a peaceful and strong state of mind at death. The Buddha also taught his monks and lay people to have an aspiration about where they would like to take rebirth. They could aspire to take rebirth in Tavatimsa heaven, as I do.

Now, at this point, I switch to my notation of 4-D. Most people are 3-D or they have been brainwashed into believing that they are only three dimensional people. I am knowingly 4-D. Literalness is possible after this sentence but it is so tedious and I am only capable of writing it in Buddhist technical language. I am not aware of any other way of expressing what happened to Adolf Hitler after that point, on April 29th, 1945.

Now in 4-D, in brief, fortunately or unfortunately, I have perceived several images: of Sakkha inside and surrounding my body on my bed, facing east. Clear deference to the Buddha. There’s more for another time maybe but I will likely forget what happened at 10:15 am on Jan. 21, 2017. Do you remember what happened to you at 10:15 am on Jan. 21, 2017? I choose to not try too hard, and/or at all, to be literal. This is Brian Ruhe’s fake moon landing. Now girls and boys, do you remember in grade two when you used your imagination? It’s OK to just let your dreams go… let them fly!!! Now, imagine the sun in the sky. Then think about Plato’s allegory of “The Cave” in book seven of ten in Plato’s “Republic”. This is the single most important allegory in the history of Western philosophy, after the time when four comet fragments hit the north and wiped out our previous advanced Aryan, white civilization. That was 12,800 years ago.

Next, visualize the sun in the sky. Then follow the visualization practice written in “Freeing the Buddha” by Brian Ruhe, chapter nine, “How to Invoke Devas”. There is an important, particular visualization practice for rescuing Adolf Hitler and Eva Hitler from the bunker immediately after their deaths. This is 5D, not limited to linear time. It is on the Brian Ruhe channel of YouTube but I don’t know where as I have 1400 videos.

Jan. 21. 2017

 A common problem we channellers have is that we want to identify the channel with our selves. Like a garden hose claiming to be the water running through it. I keep making that mistake so I apologize to my audience.

Commentators yesterday wrote that Donald Trump keeps saying things that can’t be true but people just accept that and they love him anyway. Like, his claim that his IQ is higher than any previous President. Well, there were no IQ tests for more than the first century so it is impossible for him to know that (unless he’s “one of us”). I know that. You know that. The President knows that. But free speech means, so what?!

We’ve been lied to so much by the Talmudists that it’s almost refreshing to hear Donald Trump say something that isn’t true, but it’s just silly. He knows how to talk to people. His dumb mistakes, like Homer Simpson, just endear him more to us.

President Trump is no Homer Simpson. I never checked the President’s IQ but it’s way beyond Homer Simpson. The reason why Trumps’ rambling speeches, talking in circles, got him elected, is because, in my channeled view, Donald Trump has direct, uncensored access to his subconscious mind. What he says may not have been the best logic and word choice but it went straight from his subconscious mind into the subconscious minds of the voters. Many Americans didn’t dare tell their friends and family that they were going to vote Trump. He’s a master. And it takes one to know one. When Trump speaks, it goes straight from his gut into the gut of a billion people. This is his plan to circumvent Talmudic power. 4-D: But there’s a paradox here. I live and breath paradoxes. I feel like a fish in water.

Around 1961 Robert Monroe was routinely astral traveling in his home state. This is described in his 1971 book, Journeys out of the Body“. As I recall, he was in Massachusetts. He didn’t realize that President Kennedy was in town that morning when Robert was in bed, astral travelling. He wrote that, as he was flying along, some kind of Secret Service psychic mind-guard stopped him in his tracks. I assume this was a male deva who was a member of an organized, higher realms protection unit for the presidency. The spirit said to him, ‘Why do you want to see the President?” In Robert Monroe’s mind, thinking on his astral feet, he didn’t have any idea to want to see President Eisenhower, which was his confused idea of who the president was, that early in the Kennedy administration. Of course, he knew better but in that first split second that was one thought that he had. There were other strange thoughts during that first second.

Monroe made up some false story about having a peace plan to share with the president. The deva told Monroe, “You can’t see the President.” There was a finality to that. These devas have better things to do than to spend their time and energy trying to communicate with human beings. That was it. No go.

After Robert got up and looked at his morning newspaper, he read that President Kennedy was in his state. That’s when he became realized! He then had the conviction that President Kennedy had a psychic astral bodyguard.

January 20, 2017 – Inauguration Day for President Trump

Jan. 20. 12:45 pm

Simultaneously as President Trump took the oath of office, I channeled an oath. I was intently watching the inauguration since about 7:45 am, which was 10:45 am Washington time. The President was sworn in at noon. My chi energy was up and the tide of chi started to rise. The MC asked everyone to stand for the swearing and I stood too. I was alone in my living room at my lap top computer watching the ABC News live feed all the way through the morning. I can’t remember exactly what happened two hours ago, as I type this now. Now is the time to write this down before I go out and run my errands. As best I recall, I was standing. I had no intention of doing anything except stand and watch and listen to Trump take the oath. Then, the channel came on suddenly, instantly. As Donald Trump took the oath I raised my right hand in the same way he did, with my left had at my side. I spoke out loud, parallel words. The President said, “I do so solemnly swear..” I said, “I do so solemnly swear to execute absolute power with absolute responsibility to protect and defend absolute order and absolute peace on Earth, so help me Sakka.”

There was something more happening in there but I don’t remember enough to express it in writing here. It may take a session of regression hypnosis for met to be able to communicate to human beings what more did in fact happen in that minute. I will write that it was a typical channeling experience with my confusion about what was going on, why was I saying what I was saying and is this for real or is this a fantasy? The feeling was analogous to a slight electric charge just as my raised right hand moved with my initial spoken words.

The most rigid, certain part of the happening was that I was facing east, looking at the exact spot on my living room wall that I have stared at and addressed and saluted to, a thousand times before. It is just above my eye level and I intended that I was looking towards the sky beyond that wall.

Then a realization came over me and I understood what was going on. I turned my head to my left and looked out my window to the cloudy sky above the neighbour’s apartment building across the street. A clear image of the four quarters of north, east, south and west entered my mind with a Gary Mitchell feeling of power as I quickly recalled my writings from months before (which are way down on this website blog). Next, as becoming President Trump was repeating the oath live, there was a brief flash of the moment I had months ago on 4th Ave when I received a more vivid visual image of these four quarters. I have also written about that somewhere in the blog below.

After this point, I knew what was going on as it was going on. I just had to go through the motions at that point because I felt how it was going to end up. My thoughts, as I spoke the words above, were that I was embarking upon a parallel life to President Trump. I knew right then, that I could remain as a nobody and still succeed at what I needed to do. I knew that the devas had delegated to Donald Trump the job of being US President. I have a bigger job to do and he’s just doing his little bit for the larger organization. My hand turned slightly southeastward towards where Becoming-President Trump was standing in order to direct my chi energy to him to support him as he is my employee.

Next, in the sequence of events, during Trump’s oath, I spoke, “I do so solemnly swear to execute absolute power with absolute responsibility…” I quickly decided not to say the word “office” because I perceive that as a lie. Trump has a legal office as President. I don’t.

Next came the very common visual image of myself surrounded by a sphere which is one step above the “aura of protection” visualization of the light like a sun, around me. This is the visualization of the “empty sphere” similar to a crystal ball. This is what I had in mind when I wrote the first paragraph of my first book in 1999. The anatta, non self waves. I understood that this “sealed off” any non-virtue. It wasn’t just about protecting my absolute power from outward attack. It was more about protecting absolute power from Brian Ruhe. This is a higher state apart from the lower qualities of Brian Ruhe’s ego and his three roots of unwholesome action- greed, hatred and delusion. My experience at that moment, like occasions in my future and occasions in the past going back to 1999, is that when absolute power is exercised with real karmic consequences, it is done without the Brian Ruheness quality present. How else could absolute power be ethically justified or bestowed upon a mere human being?

I had a moment to contemplate all of the above and to inhale and accept all of that as my eyes moved from my spot on the east wall, back to looking at the sky again. Then I spoke the words, “to protect and defend absolute order and absolute peace on Earth, so help me Sakka.”

My next thought was that I lied out loud because I don’t believe in absolute order nor absolute peace on earth. But I said it anyway because of the bi-location, because I am 5D, because brevity of speech was preferable since I didn’t have any time as the Becoming-President was still in the process of repeating the words after the Justice. Also, to those present, and for posterity, it was better for them to have a flow that was smooth.

My next feeling was like being at a job and just doing a job. The “shock and awe” and wonder of the channel then faded off and I got concerned with more mundane matters. I finished my vow and watched the newly sworn in President Trump shake hands and eventually sit down so that I could sit down too. I saw that he looked a little shaky. I didn’t like that. Other people around the President stood still with their eyes still. Other people around the President sat still with their eyes still. He was slightly swaying to the music of the band and his facial expressions were moving and looked less than certain and powerful. Hey man! I’ve got him in this job. I want him to look his part! I felt better later when he was signing his first executive orders with the little kids near him and his buddies surrounding him. That made me warm and cozy inside. He’s gunna be goooood…..

I have to go to the TD Bank now to get quarters for the laundry so I want to wind down this post. The time is now 12:34 pm, Jan. 20th. Coalescing on my consciousness is ideas about extending and projecting my absolute power into a dozen people as my administration. Also, more articulation about the idea posted previously in this blog about me projecting the Brian Ruheness quality as a grand and powerful vision in the world, on my website.

I will stop this post at this point.

ki ki so so ashe

Jan. 20. 1:16 pm

I went to the TD Bank with my overcoat which had the three inch crest, “White Pride – World Wide” and got my quarters and more from Shegee, the teller who look mixed Asian. I stared at the clear, clean TD symbol behind her, lite up green and white. A good object of meditation. She gave me a cupcake with a big warm smile and I asked, “Is this is for Donald Trump’s inauguration?” She rolled her eyes, still pleasantly smiling and two guys on her left who were tellers chuckled in sympathy with her. Shegee said, “No… This is for fun Fridays!” I thanked her for the cupcake and told her I was writing about the inauguration on three pages of my blog and I gave her my card and asked for her name, “You’re a part of history,” I joked.

As I was walking to the bank I recalled an important part of the oath period that I hadn’t written about so I will do so now. It was in the middle of the four points, which I wrote about weeks ago as well: absolute power = absolute responsibility = absolute order = absolute peace on Earth. After I had spoken the first two parts of my vow, I first received the idea that I was bound to President Trump in a parallel existence. Meaning, I have absolute power on Earth and more, and he’s just the President of the United States. I already had months to practice the law of reversibility taught by Brian Tracy. If you can get the feeling of what it’s like to be a success, you’re more likely to draw the circumstances into your life that will bring it about since you already think of yourself that way. I was already used to the role of absolute power but I wasn’t used to the feeling of being bound to President Trump on a working basis, Monday to Friday. It was around the time of the descent from the channel, when I was feeling like I needed to get on with my job, that a grumpy reaction came from me. I thought, “Does this mean I’m getting committed to something? Did I just agree to live a life where I have to watch Trump online and shadow him and take care of him? How much time is this going to take each day or each week? Do I have to do this? I felt a bit like that Bee Gees song, “I Started a Joke”. Was the joke on me? Am I going to be a red faced fool someday because of this?

That was still on my mind after I got home from the bank and was writing this blog which I am doing now, in the present moment. My deeper thoughts about that is two things.

1) This is about my relationship with lord Jacob, as I have written about before on this blog. This is not so much about my direct caring for the President because he’s simply not as powerful as lord Jacob. My primary concern is what does lord Jacob feel about Trump? How mush flexibility will he allow Trump?

2) Fame. My blogging on my website and my YouTube videos is my main job and they are intended to produce fame. It wasn’t until the day before Trump’s election that I began to relish any remaining years before I become famous. I assumed it would be after 2020. I know of accounts by famous people about how carefree and happy they were before they were famous. John Lennon said that when the Beatles were in Hamburg in 1960, “That’s when we really made music!” George Harrison went off to India in 1966 and he said, “I didn’t want to be Fab anymore.”

After I left the TD Canada Trust Bank an old problem unravelled into a solution as I was on 4th Ave. As I walked up Cypress St. I felt greater confidence that I could succeed without fame or lots more money or staff people. The reason is that the channel was clearer to me that the devas could do what I thought I needed humans to do, in cooperation with what I wanted them to do. That is so worldly and I am not competent at that. I am encouraged that the Buddha taught that devas have relationships with people and people should be mindful of devas. People have relationships with devas. I could just keep working with the devas to keep Trump on his promises. Human realm power, fame and money would help too but I am even more inspired than before. As my personal spiritual development improves my power to work behind the scenes gets better, thus less need for fame and influence. I’m so happy, I’m going to make lunch now….

Jan. 20. 11:00 am approx.

I released a new video, “Death of the West” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t59AoR1Hwao

In the comments section there were these comments with my replies:

Daves ArtRoom3 hours ago

Evil and good are human connotations and organizations. Just because there are systems and designs, does not prove there was a creator. There is no way for you or I to conclusively prove this. You are only professing and claiming this correlation; again, with no proof.


Brian Ruhe:

I think the truth is in the middle here, Daves ArtRoom.

Daves ArtRoom 3 hours ago

I agree with many things in your videos, but your guest has faulty arguments regarding that there has to be a God or supreme being. Who then created God? Who created Gods creator? Do you believe in an infinite amount of creators? Or was God always there? You don’t know. The Bible was written by men, and is not always truth. Where is your proof? Cite a source other than the Bible.

Brian Ruhe 12 minutes ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing that Dave. I’m a Buddhist and we believe that there is no god. The Buddha never taught that there is a god and his teachings refute the possibility of a personal creator. I have over a hundred videos on Buddhism and two books, for you. The master law of the universe is the law of cause and effect. But Buddhists believe that Mara is a personal being who is evil. Christians believe that the devil is a personal being who is evil. Russell and I have a lot in common with our respective cosmologies. I live and breath Buddhist cosmology and I think that the devas of Sakka’s lower retinue are protecting me from the Jews. Some of my biggest enemies are Buddhists who are Jews and we are currently battling it out in the higher realms. I stand up in the dark at night and face them proudly. Bhikkhiu Bodhi’s headaches are still a problem for him and I never, ever get headaches.

See my video series, “Jewish Control Over Buddhism” Parts 5 and 6, of 9.

See: thulesociety.com and go to “Using Higher Realm Powers”.

It is now 2.5 hours before President Trump gets inaugurated! I am up at 6:00 am, excited with chi energy and channeling or ‘activating my DNA’, as it were. Now I will reveal that I am above the law. I have been above the law for years but I never stated this publicly. I have waited until President Trump assumed the reigns of power before taking this one more step in openning up my true nature, to the world. I am above the law in the sense that I don’t break the laws so legally, I am untouchable. I have acted to intervene in world affairs and I will continue to do so. In April 2016, I wrote to the Trump campaigne and I requested one billion dollars to keep him alive, with the higher realms. I didn’t get it and I can’t take credit for accomplishing this as voluneteer work anyway.

In my videos, my guests are so suspicious of Donald Trump and the Jews he surrounds himself with. I don’t know. But as I state on thulesociety.com at the section, “Using Higher Realm Powers”, I have had my eye on the pineal glands of some of the Rothschilds, for some time. I have contacted lord Jacob. I haven’t even related to the Trump people since May 2016. I go above the President’s head. I haven’t changed much and my policies regarding the President remain the same. As President Kennedy said, “I look forward to the future with ever increasing optimism.”

In April 2016 I felt that May 5, 2016 was the date that Trump would be assassinated unless we could get a powerful group of psychics together to invoke the higher realms to warn and protect him for that particular day. Being poisoned by food was a bigger worry for me than him getting shot. I’ve been down this road before. When Reagon got shot I wrote to him and the Secrect Service got the RCMP to come to my house. This time, I knew that it wouldn’t serve me to get frustrated and upset so I was cool but I wrote to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, before May 5th. I got the answer that I expected.

When I got up on the morning of May 5th I had already gone through the stages of acceptance. I walked down the street, across Delmont Park to Arbutus Coffee and I saw the nice crowd hanging out there. I just walked by, waiting for the news that Trump was assassinated. I just got on with the rest of my life, being upbeat and making the best out of things with another fucked up US election. By the end of May 5th I was just doing my routine work and then I went to bed. I woke up on the 6th and Trump was still alive. I thought, “Oops! Did I screw up?! Did I get the day wrong?” I developed this cautious optimism throughout the 6th. By May 8th, my problems were over! It has been smooth sailing ever since. Just look at all the hits I’ve got on YouTube since then! I received the conviction that since Trump lived past May 5th, he would succeed. That was the window in time when he was most vulnerable to assassination.

I don’t remember what day it was after May 8th. I didn’t put it in my diary and I’m not expected to remember stuff like that because I am a channeler. I consulted with the devas in the lower retinue. For the readers who are unfamiliar with my YouTube playlist of videos on deva invocation, my focus is the devas in the second heaven, Tavatimsa, ruled by Sakka with 33 ministers. I work with the female minister’s devas’ lower retinue. I asked them, “Was it me?! Did I save Trump?! Was it you? Were you listening to me? Was it your idea? Was it mine? Who did it?!” I never got any answers. Just feelings that were confusing. But I am a happy camper!

There’s a lot I’m not declassifying here, now but I’m confident that President Trump will make out his first term. I want him for two terms and I believe that he can do both. So, that’s all I’m prepared to give away today. An awakened man’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

Soft human copper gold

Soft human copper gold

All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer

All that Ido, I do for you my fuehrer

All that I do…

I do for you.

On Christmas day I made this video, “It’s Hard to Make Friends in Vancouver, BC, Canada” at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH9ry35iD48

These were some comments:

Ed Kahler

Are you feeling alone brian? Black pilling?

Brian Ruhe 5 days ago

No, but I have lost most of my Buddhist friends. I have many of you YouTube cyber friends but less in person, here in Vancouver. This is largely by choice as I need to focus on the work of The Brian Ruhe Show. I spend my time on this because I want to and it is more meaningful than spending time with friends.

Ed Kahler 5 days ago

+Brian Ruhe It’s important work you do Brian. Shame on your friends who have disavowed you, they don’t deserve your friendship. However they neither deserve what the jews have in store for them in the coming years (there are few who do). It’s a lonely place at times being awake, but upon our final victory, people will speak of Brian Ruhe as if he were a god.

Brian Ruhe 3 days ago

Gee, Ed, I copied and pasted and saved your deep compliment above. I am touched as you touch upon my closest relationships which are with devas. My inner world is pregnant with meaning and devotion and when you write of “a god” I think of the former man Adolf Hitler and his demi godlike stature in my life, since my childhood. I can accept your kind words because of my devotion towards those who have proven their greatness.

Brian Ruhe 3 days ago

I Tweeted your profund compliment Ed!

Upon our final victory, people will speak of Brian Ruhe as if he were a god.


Jan. 19

Lately I have been averaging 3000 hits a day on my YouTube channel. In the past eight days the average has been just over 10,000 a day. This goes along with the premonition of success that I have been having in my dreams recently.

Log of my Dreams at Night

Jan. 1, 2017

I woke up from sleeping in the big mind. I would realize that I was dreaming about the vast mind, something positive, uplifting and big. This has been going on since my blog of Dec. 19. I think it’s related to the blog. Maybe because devas and people are reading it and reacting to or confirming that larger vision; it comes to me in my dreams at night.

I remember the same thing at the end of the summer of 1979 or 1977. I can’t remember which one or if it was both, as my two month illuminated phase came to an end, each time. It would still be there in my sleep, in my dreams at night. Sometimes I went to bed just to try to get that state of mind back. This is a sign for me to guard the nimmita and to stay alone and quiet and meditate and generate this. Keep this going and get it back.

Keep thinking big on this blog and keep writing big. Later on, I can work out how to deal with my ego and how to deal with how people perceive my ego. For now, let a few people get offended by my blog and by “my delusions of grandeur”.

Jan. 5

In order to fight the enemy we must work together. A successful example of this is Adolf Hitler. They had a party and they worked hard and they succeeded at driving out the Jewish influence from within their country. It is not enough that people each do their own thing. I am getting organized. I am making videos with some guests who have never been on YouTube before. Therefore I am worthy of being supported and some people should work with me. Use this argument with people who are not outwardly doing anything.

Last night I had big dreams again, the big mind. I dreamed that I had to dot my i’s and cross my t’s and it was a dream about being very thorough. I can’t remember the dream but it was that same big mind power as before, since Dec. 19th.

At 1:00 pm I took a nap and dreamed that about the same thing, that we have to work together and people should be volunteering for me.

Jan. 6

Woke up with big dreams again. I dreamt that “for the big day” I would have everything white and German and beautiful and celebratory. I think the big day was my wedding day. My Chinese girlfriend too had no problem with everything being white, Caucasian.

Jan. 8

5:30 am dream… that I had successfully launched a satellite into orbit. It was a real success and I had reached the next level of success. I wrote 20 cards, 3’ x 6” along the ground lengthwise before the launch. This was like laying out my plans. After the successful launch of my satellite, I collected up my paper cards and stacked them neatly in a pile, from 1 to 20, top down. I was with a group of people and I wanted to go hiking with them but we were waiting for some reason, and I wanted to go out for a hike or something. This part is vague.

I woke up thinking that this is another big mind dream and that getting the satellite up into orbit is another sign of great success coming my way. I feel satisfied with this dream.



Brian Ruhe is controlled oppositon. The Jews are protecting Brian Ruhe. Harry Abrams at B’nai Brith in Victoria, BC, Canada contacted Brian Ruhe’s employers in September 2015 to get Brian fired from his teaching positons. They fired Brian. Today, the Jews in Vancouver think that Harry Abrams is doing his job so they lay off of Brian Ruhe. Brian Ruhe has had absolutley no problems whatsoever from anybody bugging him since September 2015. Therefore, by syllogistic logical dedcution, you may conclude that the Jews are protecting Brian Ruhe. Brian Ruhe is working for the Jews. Is Brian Ruhe a Rothschilds’ agent? Why is this last sentence a question and not a statement? It is because Brian has a morbid fascination with keeping people guessing.

Faking Out Critics on YouTube

Jan. 19th, 2017

Hey! I want your feedback on this idea below… Please drop me a line at brian@brianruhe.ca . My girlfreind tells me that her deva guide disapproves but I wonder if it’s just her and not her deva guide….? My idea is to respond to nasty insults that peopple hurl at me on YouTube. I get insulted every day and I get called a Jew hating Nazi, a racist, a bigot, etc. How about I respond with the first paragraph below, then follow up later with the second paragraph! I think this is hilarous!! But this satire also serves an educational purpose about the ridiculousness of our current laws against so called “hate crimes”.

Here you go…

Hi _____, I’m on my cell phone right now, late at night. I have a long walk over the Lion’s Gate Bridge from North Vancouver so I’m reading my YouTube comments for something to occupy my time. I feel a lump starting to grow in my throat now. You’re hurting my feelings. My eyes are starting to well up… a tear is forming now. I have this caved in feeling. I’m getting depressed. I’m bi-polar and I’m unusually susceptible to an overpowering depression just coming over me, without my control. Now a tear just fell onto my cell phone. You’ve hurt my feelings so much, now I’m starting to cry. I feel like turning to the bottle.

It’s me again _____, 15 minutes later… and a deep depression has gripped me because of your hurtful words posted here. I’ve just lost it! I’m going to impulsively jump off this bridge in the next few seconds and kill myself on this cold January night, tonight. I can see that the tide is moving in, not out, so my body won’t float out to sea. They should be able to recover my body somewhere in Burrard Straight by morning. Now, you are guilty of a hate crime because your hate caused my death. At least that gives my death some meaning. Good-bye you and other cruel YouTube trolls!!! My body will hit the ocean 200 feet below within the next minute. If the impact doesn’t kill me, I’ll die from the cold or from drowning within an hour.


Wednesday Dec. 21st

Today, just before noon I started feeling and visualizing that protective nagas are literally wrapped around my body. Protection. 5 species of nagas are good and protect me. One bad species probably wants to keep their distance from me but I am protected by the other five anyhow.

This represents a beachhead. More nagas join me as I am surfacing in their higher realm reality as an ally they can work with. I am affecting the balance of power. I have a human body and on Dec. 19, I went public on the website with beyond absolute power.

I get the persistent mental impression that the devic forces are building around me in relation to the Rothschilds. Their nagas are, or will be, feeling the build up of nagas and more devas, with me/ on our side. This results, in my persistent mental impression, in a negotiating force, a diplomatic presence. I don’t see beyond that right now at 4:45 pm PST, as I take these things day by day, moment by moment…

Today I printed out and posted sheets around my apartment with, “Nagas are my buddies     Nagas protect me”

Where my girlfriend and I sleep, I posted slightly above our bed, “nagas are our buddies    nagas protect us”

{Insert on Jan. 1st, 2017. I don’t literally believe that nagas are surrounding me. I think that the value of visualizing this is that it is a deva invocation visualization meditation technique to get the nagas more interested in you. In accordance with those kinds of Shambhala visualization meditation practices, it follows the logic of those practices to do this, to eventually perhaps develop that kind of a relationship with the naga devas. I am prompted to write this because two people who I know well read the above blog about me being god. They wrote to me that I was nuts and needed psychiatric counselling. My wise advisor, Mikhail Kunashko, made me chuckle when he wrote Absolute nuttiness = Brian Ruhe. }


Wednesday Dec. 21st

I am going to the Vancouver Shambhala Centre at 7:00 pm tonight. This is very short notice but you’re invited!


They also meet on the North Shore every Monday, listed on their website. These are the people who first told me some revisionist truth about Adolf Hitler, in 1994. I became a Buddhist there in 1991. If it wasn’t for their deep help to me, this website would not exist. I like to go a few times a year to channel inspiration and to pay my respects. I am a Theravada Buddhist student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche… still.
Ho ho ho!
Brian… (Aftermath) It is now 7:50 am, Dec. 22 and last night I did complete my mission in going to the Shambhala Centre with my girlfriend.

I walked in there wearing my “White – Pride – World – Wide” 2.5″ cloth crest, pinned to my grey overcoat. I just started wearing that publicly, as a ongoing policy, just days ago. Nobody seemed to notice it and it is irrelevant to this story. Funny, I feel more embarrassed and self conscious wearing it than I do my “Adolf Hitler – 1933″, 3/4” pin. Because I am proud of Hitler! I agree with white people feeling proud instead of white guilt but I don’t feel proud to be white. I feel proud to honour Hitler because the Buddha taught in the Mangala sutta that the third highest blessing in life is to give honour to those worthy of honour. Coincidentally, minutes before I went to the Shambhala Centre last night I received a phone call from a stranger, Vincent, head of the National Unity Party (in the US? I dunno.) He wanted to knock on my door today and meet me and he said that other National Socialists have told him about me. After exchanging pleasantries and courtesies, he politely said that he doesn’t know if I’m an agent working for the other side, or not. He then asked, “How did you get so far?!” I answered straight away, “I feel that I have been afforded deva protection.” Then, after some talk, I explained, “Well… on a more conventional level B’nai Brith is protecting me…” and I explained what is written above in the paragraph, “WHAT SIDE IS BRIAN RUHE ON?”.

Carrying on… I went into the shrine room at 7:00 pm where about 40 people we meditating in complete silence. I like that as a working environment with my own volunteers, in my home office. I saw, then sat close by, in front on the right, of my first Shambhala Buddhist meditation instructor from 26 years ago, Geoff Bannoff. People may be criticized more if Brian Ruhe likes them, rather than if Brian Ruhe appears to dislike them. I explained to Geoff that I wanted to talk  with the leadership of Shambhala International, which means the Sakyong and his secretary. I gradually expressed this during our 10 minutes together of mostly private conversation with a lady sitting to my left front, looking at us conversing. I said that he was my meditation instructor before and maybe I could talk to him again about my meditation practice. He replied, “I don’t think I’m the one you should talk to about your practice. I just talk about mindfulness meditation and now I’m reading Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein.”

The Buddha taught that speech should be timely, not untimely so at that point did not explain or ask him if he knew that both Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein are Jews and that they, with another Jew, Sharon Slazberg, started the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) which today is one of the largest organizations promoting a deliberately harmful international Jewish agenda into Buddhism in the West. They are quasi Theravada and Shambhala is Tibetan Mahayana – two opposites that don’t agree with each others religion but one reason they get along fine is, the Jews. The Jews also dominate Shambhala since the beginning in the early 1970’s when my first guru made it big in America. When the Dalai Lama come to the US for his first visit in 1979 he asked why are their so many Jews in American Buddhism. He had a wise concern! Joseph Goldstein’s IMS Centre in Barre, Massachusetts leads retreat where they venerate Jewish created heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela who have nothing to do with Buddhism but they do serve their Jewish agenda of using blacks as bullets to attack whites. The Jews have held a very deep hatred for whites, since ancient Rome. Buddhists like my former teacher above, need to wake up and see that they are sheep being led to slaughter by Jewish supremacists!

FIRST CONTACT: I get my best ideas in the shower and in bed when I’m relaxed. March 17, 2013 was

FIRST CONTACT when I made my first ever public talk and video that was Pro-Hitler, called “Adolf Hitler Truthers,” which you can now see on YouTube at: Adolf Hitler Truthers . Special thanks and a deep bow to my masters at YouTube who recently changed their mind and allowed me to monitize the above video so that it could help alliviate my proverty a little bit.


273 o C = Absolute zero

Absolute zero =  Brian Ruhe when my mind is really, really still.

How did the “god on earth”, Jesus Christ, behave? He behaved normally. The Buddha behaved normally. Many other Buddhist monks met the Buddha for the first time and they could not recognize who he was because he appeared completely normal. Brian Ruhe believes that Jesus Christ never, ever existed. Jesus is today is a fictitious character invented by the Roman empire in the first century AD for the purpose of putting down a Jewish messianic movement at that time. The emperors of Roman found that it was suitable for them to keep this lie going. Later, after the Jews took over control of Europe they took over control of the entire Christian/Roman Catholic religion/s. I dunno… I hear from conspiracy people that the Jews also invented Islam to serve the Jews but I don’t believe it. I think they took over much of it after the fact.

This is a sleeper post. A “sleeper” movie is a movie that is released but it doesn’t do well at the box office. Weeks later, months later or even years later, it is recognized as one of the greatest movies of all time.

Such a sleeper video is this one.

These are prophetic channeled vidoes. My girlfriend stayed over last night of course and this morning at 10:30 am she listened to seven minutes of the above video and then she said, “You see? You would never say that.” That video, from September 30, 2015 is followed by, minutes later, with these two sleeper videos:

1 Oct. 2015

30 Sep 2015 

Jan. 1, 2017

I woke up in the big mind. I would realize that I was dreaming about the vast mind, something positive, uplifting and big. This has been going on since my blog of Dec. 19. I think it’s related to the blog. Maybe because devas and people are reading it and reacting to or confirming that larger vision; it comes to me in my dreams at night.

I remember the same thing at the end of the summer of 1979 or 1977 as my two month illuminated phase came to an end. It would still be there in my sleep, in my dreams at night. Sometimes I went to bed just to try to get that state of mind back. This is a sign for me to guard the nimmita and to stay alone and quiet and meditate and generate this. Keep this going and get it back.

Keep thinking big on this blog and keep writing big. Later on, I can work out how to deal with my ego and how to deal with how people perceive my ego. For now, let a few people get offended by my blog and my delusions of grandeur.


Beyond Absolute Power”

Soon you can pre-order this upcoming third book, by Brian Ruhe! Nibbana is beyond absolute power.

It will include a later version of this very blog, on my brianruhe.ca website.


You need guidance. You don’t know what is the very best for you. I do*.


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Channeled ideas… or not. Let your mind dream! and imagine!! No boundaries to thought !!!

I am projecting myself on YouTube as though I am a realized being. With your inspiration I can be more than a channeler! This channel shows my evolution from a mere human being in 2008 to who I was yesterday… an inspired spiritual channeler getting it right from this source: the second heaven in Theravada Buddhist cosmology, Tavatimsa heaven, from the lower retinue of one female minister among the 33 ministers to Sakka – King of the gods.

It’s a relationship like a choppy Skype connection.

Tweets every week. Twitter https://twitter.com/BrianRuhe

The whole unfolding story…


From the top down… Mornings are a good time to channel!

The world comes to me…

Firstly, I want to save the world. Secondly, my ultimate goal in life is to become an arahant. Not this decade.

*What this means is that when I write that. “you need guidance. You don’t know what is the very best for you. I do”, I  am referring to is what coalesced on my consciousness on Dec. 13th. It was a flickering impression and it had the following hallmarks of a channeled communication. I thought, “Naa… that’s not a good idea. That can’t work because it is one of my ideas. I’m just making this up, anyhow. Then, hmmmm… maybe…well, this really is just me thinking about this here. I dunno. But then… the idea grew. And it grew. Now it is two days later and you can read it below.

I believe that it is in fact, true. I originally wrote on my kitchen wall. “People need guidance. I know what is best for you. You don’t.” And I used big words with a black magic marker for “You don’t.” My Air BnB guest staying with me was offended at breakfast time when she read it and she told me, “That sounds arrogant.”

Then, I wrote, “You need guidance. You don’t know what is the very best for you. I do. A year later in November 2017 I realized that this meant the absolute goal for humanity, which I channled. The channel can see what I am doing in the future but I can’t see it.

At 12:00 noon, Dec. 16th, I posted here, “I have to go out to Jericho Beach now… to film a video about the Bhikkhi Bodhi problem I have, below.” At 4:42 pm, same Friday I  have returned from that successfully completed video task where I read the first 13 pages of what this blog was like before… in the freezing cold. My insight now is that I will not devote the necessary time and energy into preventing World War III until my Buddhist house is in order first.

     MAJOR POST   8:10PM,   DECEMBER 19TH, 2016   

Assassination Proof

Only a Buddha is assassination proof. All other human beings need protection or they live and die without protection. The SS was successful in protecting the Fuehrer. Karma protects people and devas go with protected people. The Buddha taught that the brahmas have the power to make worlds, planets. The brahmas have the power to destroy worlds too, like the play between Vishnu and Shiva. It is possible that a brahma could consciously gain control over a group of comets or asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The brahma could hit the northern hemisphere of our Earth and devastate our current civilization. I think this happened 12,900 years ago. What I value most on this earth is the Pali suttas. I see Mahayana Buddhism as an attack upon the Buddha and His teachings. Mara made Mahayana just as Mara made chose the Jews. I feel that this is about the same as believing that the Jews made Mahayana Buddhism for the purpose of destroying Buddhism. I feel that the destruction of Buddhism and the perversion of the purity of the Pali suttas happens continually throughout the entire sensuous sphere. If Mahayana Buddhism uses planet Earth as a base to further the destruction of Siddhartha Gatama’s teachings, then this is recognized as a degenerate situation. I don’t know what to do about it.

Dec. 16


On Dec.12th, 2016 my girlfriend informed me that I am not, in likelihood, channeling to Sakka’s devas. She told me it’s really my DNA. We were having pillow talk. I immediately listened to my girlfriend, which does not come easily for me, because she has a Ph.D. in Biology and in China 30 years ago when she was a 24 years old she lectured in lecture halls at her university in China. She intuitively understood the nature of the DNA 30 years ago.

My insight, which is sometimes a quantum jump over anything my girlfriend says to me, is that it doesn’t matter whether I’m channeling to devas or not. It doesn’t matter if I have ever once in my life, ever, channeled to devas. What matters is the ideas in my Brian brain. They may come from my parents’ DNA. I believe that our DNA is also physically altered by the entrance of our past life personality into our embryo as we develop as a fetus.

I may be able to remember some of this if you ask me about it but the most important parts of the 15 feet below are things that I barely have a flicker of memory about or I don’t remember writing it or I clearly remember what I was thinking at that time when I wrote it…

UFO Officer

I am opposed to unrestricted disclosure of the truth about UFOs. I think parliamentary democracy sucks. I think parliamentary democracy is a bad idea, with regard to telling everybody and anybody whatever the US Constitution says about American having right to know about what their government is up to. That is why I wrote a letter to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service months ago, requesting that they hire me to be a UFO Officer. UFOs are about consciouness. Ufologist  Grant Cameron was at a private talk about UFOs when I met him in Richmond, BC and he said that after 30 years he went from nuts and bolts to understanding UFOs through consciousness. I said, I wrote that in my book almost 20 years ago. The chapter, “Buddhism and UFOs” in Freeing the Buddha

I already know the numbing, spine chilling truth about aliens from my own meetings with abductees. I can handle the truth. Maybe you can’t handle the truth. The general public can’t handle the whole truth. 6,557255 people can’t handle the whole truth. But most UFO files should be released, I believe. I feel the public should be honestly told that the cosmologies of Buddhism, Hinduism and other philosophies explain that various good and bad higher realms beings that people have expereinced are the genuine UFOs. People can be told a lot, even that aliens wontonly abduct people who are karmicly susceptible to it. A UFO Officer can help determine what should not be revealed because people’s understanding of it would make them too fearful or too confused.

Nibbana is beyond absolute power.

The devas are descending all the time. You just need to turn on your inner satellite dish.

Crunch what do we god for lunch?

I think I wrote that down in my notebook in 1977 or was it 1979?

Was that from the brahma realm where the brahmas make worlds?.

I want to be the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau really wanted to be the UN Secretary General, you know…

That’s why he promoted the North-South dialogue (that’s the official story, likely some triple level lie.)

Fidel Castro is Now Roasting in Hell”

Explain the karmic resultant of him encouraging Nikita Kruschev in 1962 to not back down, and Castro did encourage a nuclear war for the purpose of killing 200,000,000 + white people, and for more reasons. Use visual aids relating to Buddhist monks in Thailand who give tourists tours of hell.

YouTube Sanskaras

Create a description of how YouTube affects the minds of people. Describe it as a figurative kind of time machine which acts upon the individual like a kind of personal memory of one’s own personal life and personal history. 

In order to succeed we must be at least two steps ahead of the Jew World Order. It is not enough to use their own tactics against them. We must invoke higher realm powers as I described at thulesociety.com at “Using Higher Realm Powers”. The singular thing that Jews fear the most is the spiritual power of white people. We are using their own tactics against them in this video by embracing the LGBQ but not the T. This is the old Jewish ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. We say, fine! Let’s organize a gay pride parade and Brian Ruhe will donate $20 towards it, as long as we don’t accept transgendered people. The politically correct lefty liberals will object so we have a staged conflict on our hands. Jesus said “I have come to pit brother against brother”. You people need to create publicity. Negative publicity is publicity. There is only publicity. While you’re out there in the world creating conflict, I’ll either be in bed with my girlfriend or making my next video, leading the charge.

Dec. 11, 2016

I work accessing things not available to the five senses.”

Dec. 6

It’s Lonely at the Top

My view is from above. I want to look at the world from the perspective of maras and devas and nagas and how they influence international Jewish power. Recently my frame of reference has changed and clarified after meeting Mr. Sebastien Martin who I interview in this video:

Interview with an Awakened Alien Hybrid – 1 of 2

I was having lunch with my girlfiend and she reached out to her tea cup which had a bit of hot lemon water left in it and she said, “So you are like down here in this cup and there is this whole big space above you and you get messages from there.” That was an excellent lesson for me as I grasped her point. I then said, “That right! I’m just this little guy at the bottom of this tea cup! I’m just a channeler. I’m… I’m not… really a realized being. I go in and out of that state.” Later we crossed the street and in front of Whole Foods on 4th Ave. I admitted to her, “When I channel that big mind, I’m a realized being at that time. I commingle consciousness with a higher being but I’m not really a realized being myself,” and I recalled my long history of failures since I was 17 years old. I’ve been up there before but it always fell apart or dissipated and I was always left as a normal human being. “Yeah, I’m not a realized being, actually. I’m not,” I admitted with a resigned look on my face. Then we walked into Whole Foods to get two coconut orbs for dessert. That was good to realize and admit because I have so much more inner work to do. I have to continually develop my meditation practice and my dhamma study. I truly am just a normal human being. I am self aware enough to know that I have turned a light on in the midst of a process so I know about devas and aliens and Buddhism, etc. and how it relates to reality and to my life. But there’s lots of normal people who are aware of these things as well.

Nov. 20

I was trying to write a tag for Sebastien’s video. I wanted to write Pleiadians so I needed to know how to spell it. I typed it into Google and learn how. Then I saw a link to this article:


which has this YouTube video in it:

The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light


This video is remarkable! I tend to believe it’s contents and it has a very positive effect upon me. I advocate this video and incorporated it into my videos on The Brian Ruhe Show.

Nov. 18, 8:00 am

I want to make better use of my time and the time of my friends. Today I plan to see Sebastien at 2:00 pm and I suspect that Nancy will come early as well.

I am just learning about the realized being, Sebastian. We met once for about 10 minutes on Nov. 1st. I spent three hours listening to one of his YouTube audio “videos” and we have shared about half a dozen emails. So I need to spend more time with him in person but for now my channel is open and focused right on Sebastien.

Here is what is coming up now.

1) Brian Ruhe’s talent WRT Sebastien is his ability to write out ideas and suggestions that the man in the street can immediately grasp. For example, his sleeper video, “President Donald Trump could be the MESSIAH, at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI6OKS5jWnU

CLASSIFIED has to wait for Brian to write something in order to proceed. I don’t know Sebastien well enough to know if he has written goals already with action plans for their attainment. This is Brian’s channeled job and I offer it to Sebastien.

Therefore, what Brian should be doing soon, is to take Sebastien from an obscure person on the internet and presenting him to the world in a clearer fashion. Now, Sebastien talks about many seeming unrelated experiences in his life that leave the man in the street amazed but unable to do hardly anything practical with his information.

Sebastian talks about impressing a girl in high school by seeing what they did in other classrooms he could psychically see, he talks about being in space above a mother ship miles across with planet earth below, and about feeling an earthquake on Vancouver Island that hasn’t happened yet.

Brian needs to use his channel in the future to devise a way to fulfill the Buddha’s purpose for the contemplation upon death. That means that each of us are surely going to die and leave this human realm and we don’t know when, most of the time. Before we die, how can we utilize Sebastien for a noble cause that will benefit seven billion people? This is our question. This is our only question.

2) Sebastien could mentally enter into the body, speech and mind of the assassin who killed the Lebanese Prime Minister. By 9:40 am, I spent about one hour engrossed, reading about this assassination case at the website: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/cbc-investigation-who-killed-lebanon-s-rafik-hariri-1.874820 .

I haven’t finished reading the above yet and I intend to. Something is pulling me away from the computer screen now. I had to check a possible appointment with Evalion and then Skype with Russell Walker in North Carolina about helping the Suidlanders in South Africa. I need to email this to Sebastien right now. These points here are still in progress…

10:45 am. I just met Russell Walker for the first time. We Skyped for 50 minutes and it was productive. He agreed to make a YouTube video with me. He will pick a time and get back to me. His website is valuable and it ishttp://www.christdescendedfromjoseph.com/ . He claims to be a southern redneck in North Carolina. He’s an articulate, retired chemical engineer.

But what I was getting at above is, since Sebastien can get into and identify assassin/s, he can do that again. Sebastien could add to our security by foreseeing dangers but maybe that won’t be necessary anyhow.


In April 2016, I foresaw that Donald Trump would be assassinated on May 5, 2016. I felt down but decided to do something to prevent it. I decided I needed to quickly assemble a group of well paid psychics to know the moment and how to protect Donald Trump. I sent an email to the Trump campaign. There was no response to I decided to invoke Sakka and do my best to keep him alive and then ask for my money after the fact.

lord Jacob meeting in my mind.

lord Jacob meeting in my mind. Like Luke Skywalker in the third Star Wars movie, he was defenceless yet he defeated and killed Jabba the Hut. But, I don’t want lord Jacob to die. We need him as close to the helm for as long as possible. He is the best of the nagas in the Rothschild family, maybe, possibly. I don’t know yet and I may never know. Hopefully someone more psychic than myself can help me with that.

Hey Sebastien,

I’m really with you now. I completely listened to the whole 2:55:22 and then I read your two last emails. In the last ten minutes of your talk, I was “hearing between the lines”. I get you. I get it. To paraphrase:

You stated that you don’t worry about the greys because you are protected. People come from different types of aliens and I can’t remember the name of one type that was somewhat draconian. (The Dracos.)

You talked about people needing to open up, they do it in different ways. You don’t have to sit down and practice meditation regularly. You’re already there, it just happens. People don’t have to be so afraid. Don’t give into negative thoughts.

Yes. Very good. My response is that I have told many people, including in my videos that I am being protected. I have a secret. I’m not afraid of the international Jewish supremacist powers hurting me. Other people who I know personally do get hurt and hassled but I don’t.

I sense that the tide of my personal power has been on the rise over the past two months. I have been getting 1000 people a day listening to me on YouTube in the summer. Now it is about 1800 a day. My relationship, after roughly four years steady with my girlfriend, is becoming more formal and quieter and more powerful and businesslike in just the past three weeks.

Like you, I feel powerful forces at work in other dimensions which spill over into this ordinary world. Words fail to convey the meaning but I am trying to find words for future videos. My role for the world now is as a talk show host, meaning I am a connector, such as with people in South Africa facing white genocide, or people who need to find each other, through my YouTube videos. I spread a message of freedom for humanity and bravery and a peaceful transition of power, especially with this time of President-Elect Donald Trump who is now near the centre of my video themes.

It will be refreshing to be alone with a man like you where we can drop crushingly superficial conversations, which is necessary with most ordinary people. I can probably just stare into your eyes and ask for maybe a few words from you so that your very presence will cast an imprint into my soul.

I am now channeling a book and in my writing/ channeling role or profession, countless times a new door will open with a bright new stream of thought, or a mental landscape of opportunity for me will open up within 10 to 20 seconds. I first had this in June 1977 at age 17 and it has happened every few years since, off and on. You described at age 16 in France what happened to you and it reminded me of my good old days.

Your experiences in your life have been exponentially amplified more than my own. I have lived a more ordinary life but with a rich inner world.

It is appropriate that you don’t read. You don’t need to know 6000 pages of the Buddha’s authentic words and I have read every page in the past 25 years. You and I compliment each other and you and I will always be very different people, speaking to our audiences with a different vocabulary as well, sometimes not. It all fits like a glove.

I use the technical language of the six heavens of the sensuous sphere of heaven that the Buddha described in literal detail. This as been my cosmological worldview since 1991. It is perplexing for people to understand your cosmology, but not mine. My cosmology is generally known to over 100 million Buddhists and you can go online or read a text which describes what I believe to be the real cosmology of the universe in Theravada Buddhism (there’s problems with Tibetan Mahayana cosmology). This is vitally useful for me to communicate YOUR experience to others. I have the technical training but not your realization. You, are what Buddhists call a realized being. 

I co-hosted Alfred Lambermont Weber about five years ago with our UFO Meetup. He had a fan who came who was an old friend and we reunited after 15 years and Michael is still close to me now and was at the talk at UBC and at the Paul Hellyer committee group last night with me and 14 other people. Now I feel apologetic and regret not inviting Alfred back because, at that time, I thought his presentation about life on Mars lacked credibility. Darn. You describe him as a great man and you probably sense the truth better than me! I want to email an invitation to Alfred, to be on my show!

More to feel out and communicate tomorrow!

Much metta, my friend,


The Veil

11:28 am

Timeline Change (TLC), is a terminology used in this book.

This book was written on the public side of the veil. Ideally, I will channel a future book written on the other side of the veil.

I would like to get my hands on the goodies. I want to be brought into the inner circle of people who have touched the flying saucers and studied the above top secret files on aliens and UFOs, etc.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. This book could be full of wild speculations, deluded assumptions and stupid ideas but that’s not my fault. It is the fault of Harry Truman. It is the fault of President Truman and his Jewish supervisors who hijacked the future of humanity. They are the ones who prevented Brian Ruhe and yourself from learning the facts of the matter.

Nov. 17 10:08 am

12,800 years ago, mankind was advanced but they didn’t prevent their destruction when comet fragments hit the northern hemisphere in one awful afternoon. Maybe they had the technology then to break it up and prevent their own demise but they failed to act skilfully. I don’t know. Graham Hancock theorized that maybe they had a more spiritual society but their culture became too arrogant and paid for it in this way

Very commonly I feel a bright haze come over me like a fog in the sky. I can see exactly what it is! It is the future extension of my present moment timeline. If I turn left at a street corner, the bright happy haze darkens. So I stop and go back the other way and it gets brighter. So I think, “OK, so I’ll go east, northeast, right?!” Look up. What do you see? A smiling Adolf Hitler in the clouds in the sky.

Now, around 3:30 pm my computer has a pop up that comes up often about sound, with a beep. In print it asks what music do you want to hear. So, for the first time ever, I spoke to it, “Please play my music.” I was then thinking of asking for the Beatles but it produced my sound file and at the top was an audio recording I made on Aug. 1, 2015 of me phoning to Ajahn Thanissaro. I think I asked, “Play recording” but I don’t remember clearly enough. But that recording started to play. I listened to the whole thing, about 10 minutes. After it was over I looked up and east at my desk at home and humbly thanked the devas, recognizing only then… that it was them blessing me, not my computer acting automatically.

Then I switched and faced east looking out my window into the dark cloudy sky facing north thinking of course, of Sakka and his celestial palace, reminding myself of my recent policy statement that I will be dominated by Sakka’s retinue of devas, not Adolf Hitler deva’s retinue. I felt some guilt, glancing east in acknowledgement of my undying love for Hitler. Then, at 3:55 I pull away from my desk to take a break, open the window for some fresh air and have some lemon water.

1) Write letter to the lord. Classify document as secret between Brian and CLASSIFIED only, for now.

Get CLASSIFIED to read it.

a) CLASSIFIED approves, we email to lord Jacob.

b) CLASSIFIED disapproves go to step 3.

2) lord Jacob responds to my email.

Go to step 4.

a) lord Jacob does not respond to my email. Wait until the right time and declassify document for the general public. Put that email into my book, “beyond absolute power” along will the associated writings before and after, which all go into the book as well. Of course, edit appropriately. 

3) Rewrite letter to the lord or delete project.

4) Step forward with our relationship with the Rothschilds. CLASSIFIED should be briefed beforehand about the physical nature of the Rothschild family. Inform CLASSIFIED of Al Matthews’ story and ask her to watch my video, A Buddhist View on People Who Shapeshift From Human to Reptilian (naga) .

5) Letter to the lords.

Book cover: Photo of planet earth surrounded by the blackness of space.





Middle: photo of Earth


Brian Ruhe

Alternate cover— delete from the title the word ‘Beyond’ but use it inside the book as the true, proper title and name of the book. Meaning: Nirvana is beyond absolute power.

Small letters seem better than Capitals at the beginning of each word. It’s softer, more modest and understated.

Subtitle: America’s plan to lead the world with President Donald Trump

Lord Jacob,

Insert letter to the lord here, which is already on this brianruhe.ca blog.

Dear lord Jacob Rothschild, take #2

I wrote my email to you but my girlfriend told me to tear it up because it was insincere. She said you people are very smart and they can see me. Both of those statements are true. This take #2 is a sincere email.

You and I are enemies. That’s sincerity.

We can now build upon that sincere beginning and see if we can mutually improve both sides/ all sides of our open conflict…


Hi Mr. Hellyer,

Thank you so much for replying to my email. I really didn’t know if you would. Last night I was at the committee planing meeting with 15 people that Karen McKenna organized. She did a good job of not letting people go off on tangents. I could have met even longer.

I fully understand your policy on not naming people or races and you have accomplished more than you would have, if you didn’t follow that policy. My case is the opposite. I decided in 2014 to make a career shift from being a run-of-the-mill Buddhist meditation teacher, to a truth activist. In order to assist this it has helped me to have B’nai Brith admit in print, twice on a website that they publicly claim credit for getting me fired from six institutions. I could not foresee in advance all that has happened but since I knew the controversial nature of my actions; what actually transpired has been an unexpected success.

At your UBC talk you saw me and my girlfriend siting beside me. We are both channelers in the spiritual sense and we do a higher realm practice within the worldview of Theravada Buddhist cosmology. I do not ask you to take your time now, but I do have several YouTube videos going back to 2012, plus I have my book published in 1999. All of these sources explain an orthodox Theravadin understanding of some types of UFOs based upon what you know as, the views within ufology that some UFOs are higher realm beings and some UFOs are actual physical spacecraft from other planets.

From a Buddhist perspective, if people develop their spiritual capacities enough they can actually establish direct interactive communication with nagas which is what you describe, in several of your videos and books, as reptilians. My ideal in my life is to get a job as a UFO officer. I have read that such openings do exist. Can I gain your confidence enough so that you will talk or write to me about this?

I do have a positive vision for the future of humanity and what I have the potential to do or get organized but I cannot do it alone. You are the one Canadian that I want to talk to more than any other in this regard. I hope we can correspond more because there is more information we can share.

Thank you kindly,

Brian Ruhe

email … Paul Hellyer 7:03 pm / 5:20 am Nov. 12, 2016

Dear Brian Ruhe,

Thank you very much for your note of November 2nd. I note your interest in doing a film but there was no time for that even if it had been otherwise advisable. I had to start packing as soon as I got back to the hotel so that we could leave for Calgary early Wednesday morning.

I never mention either names or races with the single exception of David Rockefeller, who has admitted in his memoirs that he is working toward a world government and proud of it. It is the policy that I want to change and not be verbal or squeamish that is self-defeating, especially when the B’nai Brith is involved. You are a living example of the risks involved.

At the same time we can tell the truth about the policies and the fact that they are in many cases fraud, which has to be exposed and eliminated. That is a goal that over the years has been pursued.

With every best wish.

Paul Hellyer

My god,

I don’t even believe in god because I am a Buddhist teacher. I never believed in my heart of hearts that I would ever hear one word from you. I almost don’t know what to write here or how to respond. I am so impressed with you. As you may know if you have studied my work, and I assume you have many other things to do… I am a channeler. I do know a lot about some aliens and about UFOs. My channel at this time is causing me to write the rest of this email. As I wrote these words now, I did not know what I was going to write in the lines below.

Richard Dolan stayed overnight at my place and I have a YouTube video that I made of him then, when I hosted him. I strongly suspect he has the same policy on the Jews that you do. I never asked him. Of course, I understand. He’s too famous to answer my emails now.

Offer Paul more information about the nature of UFOs and their natural habitat and what their positive and negative qualities are like, from a Buddhist perspective I would also like to talk about my own personal sole UFO encounter.

I am a channeler, sorry to keep pointing that out but it is becoming a practical necessity in my relationship with anyone who gets close to my actual engagement with my life’s mission/s. No one alive understands me. My girlfriend is the best at that and we work more and more smoothly together. Yesterday I decided to make her the executor of my last Will. My mother and I were psychically close and she was what medical science called a schizophrenic. She understood me the best. I’m not complaining about this; life is perhaps better now than any other time since the summer of 1977 when I had my first virginal awakening. I have had several awakening phases, called manic depression, which have all failed in the past. In the sense, that they faded out and I was a normal human being again. Now I am back on. This could last for two months or it could dissolve today. It is impermanent, as the Buddha taught.

To Alfred Schaefer, in Germany and Monika in Jasper, Alberta
Based upon 39 years of experience with other people, I have been waiting for an email from you or Monika or anyone stating, “That’s it Brian. I think you’re crazy. Good bye. Please don’t call me back.” But I don’t think you two will do that now but I don’t know how you will react in the future. I’m relaxed about this. I’ve done and seen all of this before.

You don’t know what I’m ‘talking’ about yet and you don’t know me, really. In the past three days I have channeled maybe ten pages of writings. I have decided to write my third book. Some scribblings are about our shared mission, some about my relationship with my girlfriend and her family, some about people we jointly know. The central concern in all of my channeled writings since Dec. 6, 2015 is UFOs and that continues to be the central and final issue of my lifetime. That is what Brian Ruhe’s life is all about. So, I want to share that with both of you and I don’t mind who reads this email. I am keeping some secrets about the larger world with me, to the grave, but I am a very open person and I’ll share and talk about just about anything. My private life is not much different than my public life… both are intended to be quiet.

The American Buddhist monk, Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi, has had headaches all his adult life because of his karma as a lying Jew. He is a very high level right wing gatekeeper and I want to make an example of him.

Please enter silently” sign just inside the door of my place for volunteers to read. Just like entering into a some Buddhist monastery.

Already I am censoring parts from the finished published book. This idea first arose at 6:35 pm. Now, I think I have to open a parallel document. Like crooks who keep two sets of books at their business. One for the taxman and the real one for themselves so they can remember what they are doing with their money. Lol!


6:08 pm “Book self-awareness” for the first time. At this time I realized that the finished printed book and e-book and audio-book would have these same writings as they happened in chronological order. Meaning, this is when I first channeled the idea that the book would not entirely be some nice finished production without these somewhat disjointed notes. I felt that my decision was and would probably remain to print it in this “live as it happens” way. I feel that the purpose of this is partially for posterity and partially for accuracy and partially for teaching others how many channelers write. Also, how many “writers” write, how many novelists live with their heads in the clouds absorbed into the characters they are writing about, such as the legendary Gene Coon from the original Star Trek.

6:00 pm

Back to the Lord Roths…

I want to see gradual, incremental improvements so as to not upset seven billion people. The key word is ‘improvements’ to the standard of living for the world, not the gradual incremental taking of money and spirit from the people.

5:57 pm Nov. 11

The Dorje Dradul of Mukpo, Chogyam Trungpa was, in fact, the 25th Rigden King. The Shambhala cosmology is fine and true and correct. Different groups of people have different ways of perceiving the higher realm devas. What the Shambhalians call the Rigden Kings are what the Theravada Buddhists call the four great kings in the first heaven of the Buddha’s cosmology. Sakka, king of the gods is the ruler of the second heaven, Tavatimsa heaven.

5:20 pm Nov. 11

Rewrite my WILL and name my girlfriend as my Executor.

Last Will:

I appoint _____________ as the executor of my estate. Second executor is my brother Robert Ruhe. After paying off my just debts, it is my will that they divide my assests as below, which are listed in their order of importance…

1) My YouTube videos. As of the date of this WILL I had approximately 1300 videos. I regard this as by far my greatest legacy and I want my personal legacy to continue. I request that the content of my videos be respected. This does not mean that they cannot be changed at all, in any way, whatsoever. Technology will likely grow and develop so there may be unforeseen opportunities to better propagate my legacy with these videos after my death. 

I can relax around evil and around good. The paradox of consciousness is beyond words, literally. Any words in any email or book can not, in my understanding explain how I can understand the Jewish supremacist worldview and easily accommodate it. What part of “beyond words’ don’t people understand? I understand. I know what I’m not talking about.

Well, how far are you going to go with this?” – “Just watch me.”

Part of how far, is UFOs. After I emailed the secret message to the four monks, my power started to grow at about 1:30 pm Nov. 11th when I conceived the above lines, vizualizing Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau at the parliament buildings in Ottawa, saying his most famous line in his life, “Just watch me.”

You know, I completely forgot my published statements on Facebook which might be stored in my computer but I remembered them just now, at 1:35 pm. Absolute power = absolute responsibility = [less than] absolute order = [less than] absolute peace on Earth. Peace on earth.

I need to persist! If the channel fades out just persist with my work and have faith that it will come back.

Finish writing to Lords, UFO plan and this all needs to be public videos after I write first…

BOOK: A book is very important. Compare with Hitler. Mein Kamph came out of nine months in jail and some time writing out of jail. He gave countless speeches as a more mature leader but those speeches were never given the importance deserved simply because they weren’t in Mein Kamph. His 1923 – 1925 period of writings in his book, as a politician, are more important to people than his negotiations in August 1939, trying too ward off Poland and WW II. Therefore, now is in fact a very good time to sit down, quietly gather my channel and get away from courser groups of people who mean well but drain my energy and inspiration. I need to focus, focus, focus on one project at a time, or a few projects. The book is the project that my guides are telling me to work on and complete now. {Dec. 19, 2016 afterthought: This brianruhe.ca blog IS THE BOOK.}

Chapters coming into my mind now, include current project ideas that I already had. Such as, Jewish Control Over Buddhism.

Much of the book will be autobiographical, like describing my recent banishment from the Sutta Central website, then my kind words exchanged with Ajahn Brahm, then my secret letter to him.

I will just write and write and write whatever inspiration flows through my mind, like coral flowers descend form Tavatimsa heaven. This reminds me to include ‘Nuremberg Visualization Practice’ from chapter 13 of the paperback original version of Freeing the Buddha c 1999. I was planning on putting it on the Thule Society website but now it could be part of the new book. Naaaa….. I don’t want to mix them in that way. Just put it on the Thule Society website.

I could have a chapter

Old Hitler

New Hitler

and reprint the same, the old chapter ‘Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism’, plus include a revised updated chapter so readers can see how my views on Hitler changed so much. We’ll see. I’m open to advice from editors and other interested people. I still take advice but the channel is above human beings. I could be dramatic and say

I am a follower type of person

I follow the devas.

I don’t follow any human beings in the entire world.

I am the fuehrer of my own ship.

How’s that for mellowdramatic?

SO MANY CHAPTERS CAN BE WRITTEN FROM WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SAID IN MANY VIDEOS. There is already the technology already built into YouTube to type out what I said! I already know some vital videos that I want to have transcribed, such as the Hallowed brahma channeled videos made during FIRST CONTACT April 9 – 12, before I was hospitalized. I doubt many people in the world have followed these 1,160 videos. I probably know best which ones to use but that takes a tedious lot of work to sort out… I imagine.

The biggest Jewish truth of all time is Mara Made Mahayana – Mahayana Buddhism.”

-Brian Ruhe

I can tell you in three words what World War II was all about: Debt Free Currency

From the view of Sakka’s palace this is a period of calm. This is a time of the transition of power to President-Elect Trump. The nagas and the greys are calm. They are backing off, watching, relaxing, letting things fall into place in accordance with the ultimate law of karma. A leader exudes cheerfulness, wholesomeness, calm, confidence, strength, certainty and the belief that there can and should be peaceful resolutions. I exude these same qualities within myself and encourage others to do so.

For the public:

The maras sharing power are the Jews. The nagas sharing power are the reptilians. They have uneasy alliances with each other, in groups. Chairman Mao was a naga who took some power away from the Jews who were maras. They have been going back and forth with shifting alliances since 1949. Zibignew Brezinski was in China working with them because now the sift of power is in the hands of the nagas of China. Mao wrested that power away from the Jewish maras to the nagas of China. Good boy. Z Big admits the defeat of the Jewish maras of the “Altantic world” as he calls it. Z Big said that “today there is a massive global political awakening” so he has conceded that what would be best in his own personal interests for his career is to bow to the nagas.

From Sakka’s perspective, this is a period of calm.

Today’s plan:

-Make UFO officer public video. Reveal my whole plan, as far as the public can be told at this time.

Write out the points, then make the video. Reading a thorough written statement is better. Get the wording correct and precise. Better than not reading it and speaking naturally because I need to say it all and say it correctly. I can also speak beyond those notes.

release Suidlnders and other videos.

Generally when the channeled messages come they should be acted upon immediately. The power of YouTube multiplies this power thousands and millions of times. Some such channeled videos should me made and released right away. Other messages are to be dealt with privately, as emails to people. Some are to be held, then released to the public later depending on the play of coincidence.

My primary work is UFOs. There is so much PR and other work to be done around the UFO field. We’re going to need to hire a lot of people or move them from other government departments into this more fruitful, practical area, giving Earth free energy. This is just like what Brother Stephen at the Vancouver Ascension Meetup group told me about Earth being the last planet in this area of the galaxy still under the usury control of debt based currency. 

No need to call out the Jews. This is a time of an orderly transfer of power.

This means that I should one day be working directly with Harold Abrams in Victoria who is with B’nai Brith. Nothing sensational, just a few meetings.

How to Save the Rothschild Family

Make a private email to Lord Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and cc to Lord Jacob and his son Nathaniel.

Copy peace proposal printed on Thule Society website at: Using Higher Realm Powers, with link to videos, “Brian Ruhe is King of the Jews” and next two videos from that day, Sept. 30, 2015. At first, keep it all very brief.

Talk from the top down, like my emails and videos are coming from Sakka’s throne. Use that terminology for the world, not Valhalla or Nuremberg Heaven. “Hi, welcome to the Brian Ruhe show which comes to you from Sakka’s throne.” I practice bi-location where I am simultaneously here and also sitting on Sakka’s celestial throne, in Sakka’s devic body.

In the new government of the United States, I think that (“I think that” is a potent term to use, rather than “I believe” which sounds too much like a religious guy trying to make prophecies. “I think” is a suggestion, understated. Understatement is very effective,) President Trump should be responded to as ‘The Tao of Leadership’ by John Heider, recommends. Regardless of whether he was/is sincere or not, just relate to him in an open and honest way as honesty is simply the most potent way of dealing with people. Act as though Donald Trump is sincere and good and virtuous and just keep moving forward. If Trump is insincere then he will have to crush his own words and destroy is own promises himself…. we don’t need to do it.

Brahm follow up— really get into deep cosmology— ask the big mara questions. Show that I am the administrator, the lay leader behind the scenes; be indirect about it.

Apply for UFO officer, now that Trump won… both countries

Nov. 10, 2106… 30 years ago today I started my job at Eaton Financial Services…

Oct.13, 2016

This song is about a young man who failed the requirements to join the SS during German’s heyday in the 1930s. Sung to the tune of Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride

The Beatles

lyrics by Lennon/McCartney/Ruhe

-See the Thule Society.com website under Spiritual Practices.

Sept. 14, 2016 7:37 am

My closest associates are devas. I listen to what the deeper mind is telling me when a song goes through my head for a few days. Lately the song has been Unchained Melody with the words… time… passes slowly… and time can change so much… tell me dear, are you mine?!……

Use the Opening to Channel book to develop my ability to speak the devas’ words, as Hitler did, as Deitrick Eckart taught him to do.

I just emailed the Delta School District Sept 12, throwing down the gauntlet. 

Use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets.

Study the religion of the National Alliance with William Pierce. Continue his lineage from him. Adopt and deepen and progress in his tradition.

11:41 am

Good talk with Andrew from South Africa. Loaded items onto In The News. Walked outside along 7th Ave. To Yew St. And channel came on strong… start from the top down…

Recollect absolute power = absolute responsibility.

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… I stopped to relax beside my future statue in Delamont Park. Be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

This is not about the Delta School Board now. This is to be posted on the Thule Society at Higher realm Powers.

Our non use of unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written in this book. We invoke the powers of the devas.

Nibbana steps down to the brahmas

Nibbana steps down to absolute power

Absolute power = absolute responsibility = absolute order

Heaven’s first law is order

Earth’s first law is order as well

The devas will never achieve absolute order

The human realm will never achieve absolute order

Less than absolute order = less than peace on Earth

Work towards our best

May 11, 2016…

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Agency – FUTURE MAN – Brian Ruhe

#104 – 1960 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1 Canada Tel. 604-738-8475

brianruhe.ca email: brian@brianruhe.ca youtube.com/user/BrianRuhe Skype: brianaruhe

facebook.com/BrianRuhe meetup.com/UFO-Conspiracy-Meetup-Groupthulesociety.com

Gary P. Saltzman – President May 11, 2106

Daniel S. Mariaschin, Executive Vice President

Mark D. Olshan, Ph.D., Associate Executive Vice President

Rhonda Love, Vice President, Programming

B’nai Brith International

1120 – 20th St NW

Suite 300 N

Washington, DC 20036



Dear Gary and Daniel,

You’re not on a first name basis with me and I believe you don’t want me on a first name basis with you, but here is my email! This is my third or fourth email to you, Gary. If I don’t get any response from you, nor B’nai Brith, I think I will email directly to the Lord Rothschild’s instead of you two. Since I have not received channeled guidance on who are our worldly masters, logic dictates that it is not for me to know, at least not yet. For all I know the boss could be one obscure person behind the scenes or a committee of 20 with no leader at all. You know that stuff better than I.

My concerns are:

#1 top priority: UFOs and the future of humanity with 1400 earth-like planets.

#2 secondary priority: world peace with the Jews. I have channeled a plan to deliver to the chosen people world dominance where the Jews will continue, and expand their power, over the entire world but “the king of the Jews project” is tough love for all sides. The Jews must care for the Aryan race and all races, plus work for the welfare of all human beings, while their commission is, in fact, the fulfilment of the prophecy that the Jews will rule the world.

Very good. If you would like details please contact me at your convenience and I will certainly furnish you with this.

Yours cordially,

Brian Ruhe

May 4, 2016 – Pro forma

Thule Society and Shambhala International and Forest Sangha

I recommend Shambhala training for the purpose of energizing the Thule Society with the full and complete Shambhala Training program. Our approach is that we offer something distinct from only training offered by Shambhala International.

Members of the Thule Society anywhere in the world are recommended to begin their Thule Society training at any of the 230 Shambhala Centres worldwide at http://shambhala.org/ and at any of the monasteries and lay centres worldwide, in the Ajahn Chah teachings of Theravada Buddhism from Thailand, at forestsangha.org .

-LK Guided Meditations for white people…

erase white guilt…

China and Hong Kong

One country. Two systems.

The Kingdom of Shambhala and Forest Sangha

Two separate traditions. One special relationship.

Shambhala members should teach Theravadin Buddhist channeling practice. Theravadins should give Shambhalians the correct cosmology of the six heavens in the sensuous sphere. Fair trade. The result will be a lot of discussion about the two cosmologies which in the end will make the Shambhalians feel like they have a fake cosmology. Maybe it was invented by Jews, or non Jews directly influenced by Mara, which is just as bad.

Explain how Chogyam Trungpa’s higher realm practices were the same as Nazi Germany’s higher realm practices. In 1984 a student asked the Dorje Loppon or the Vajra Regent, “How do we tell the difference between what we are doing and what the Nazis were doing.”

4:40 am April 9th, 2016

Jan. 1993 I was finishing a one month retreat at Wat Ram Poeng when I had a deva invocation practice arise somehow in that Vipassana retreat. And this was BEFORE FIRST CONTACT with the “Rose with Thorns” audiotapes. I was imagining a National Socialist heaven during a time when I was educated enough as a Buddhist to know about Tavatimsa heaven. What I clearly recall now, is that I saw the Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin in this heavenly realm as a two dimensional projection like a movie film on a screen. He was about 100 feet high. This was on two sides of a square. In the centre at the bottom were being or devas who adored him just the way Germans adored Hitler at Nuremberg Rallies. There were even Sieg Hiel’s for him.

Between 1968 to 1978 I went to the Unitarian Church in St. Catharines, Ontario with my mother, Mary Klazina Ruhe. Her first two initials were MK, like MK Ultra. oooooOOOOOooooooo, with typical Brian Ruhe houmor. We were watching a black and white film that was not in English, I believe, and set and filmed in some Eastern European country. My memory is like delicate cobwebs on this scene. The film was about a mentally ill woman having delusions and visions, just as my mother did in her real life. I was sitting on my mother’s right. She exclaimed quietly, “I have that! Yeah! I have that, yeah!” I realized that her experience was validated by society so I believed in her more since then and I believed in myself more too about three years later (?) when it started happening to me in 1977.

JFK CFR working up the power chain to the Alien Singularity. Yes. It might actually be true.

Channel meaning of YouTube itself with the time machine quality. Perhaps future technology will be invented to measure, relate with, or interact with the time in the past, present or future wrt to the YouTube video itself. YouTube itself could be a part, or one piece, like a electrical wire in a building, or a piping system in an building. This is analogous to having a future time machine and will enable viewers, or travellers, to go back into that YouTube video and experience, or travel to that past time and, in a sense, be there. So, what I am channeling now is the concept that in the future they could invent a time machine, which will use the YouTube videos which exist today, as part of their settings, or data or locus of focus so as to take people back to the time and place where that YouTube video was filmed. The way in which those people of the future will experience their trip, or their session, is that they will be there and see it just as ghosts today are around us and see us and feel with us. The ghost around us right now, could in fact be those future time travellers using those YouTube videos “right now” and coming back here now to visit us. An allusion to this is in the 1964 Star Trek pilot episode where the Talosians feel along with Captain Christopher Pike and put him illusions stored in their civilizations memory banks. The Jews who calculated the creation of Star Trek for goy social engineering purposes knew what the hell they were doing. I’ve learned to respect evil. You gotta have some respect for Jews.

Now… it is our experience that nothing is happening. Now, we agree, that we don’t see ghosts around us. Yes? We don’t see future time travellers from America visiting our present day America. Correct. Our perception is just normal everyday day perception. But my channel is telling me that such a thing is, or may be possible.

I did a video with Mr. 31 on April 8th, about videos which can recreate the sound, just from the video image. This was amazing, even unthinkable technology to me earlier that same day.

Treasure Hidden in Nazi Germany

As a boy I used to have a treasure map made of crumpled paper. It was probably made by an older brother or sister of mine. I may have been nine years old or seven? I think the map may have indicated that there was a treasure in the hedge in front of our house at 1310 Pelham St., Fonthill, Ontario. 

I would step over the edge of the steps by the front of our house and look in there for the treasure. At that time, during that time as a little kid, I thought that there was a treasure hidden in Nazi Germany and that the American government was keeping it from us. They were hiding something really special and good which could really help us or excite us somehow! I remember thinking that as a little kid! As a real little kid.

I’m going to play a little game with my reading audience. I’m going to pretend that all of these brilliant ideas I write are my ideas and I’m going to go around and take credit for them.

Seems like you didn’t get much from the Dec. 6th first contact. Tell people the truth that a lot about what you know about the alien singularity comes from that mysterious channel opening which I just can’t remember anymore.

What is the most precious information on the face of this Earth? Is it Wall St? Is it the Buddha’s wisdom in the suttas? No. You guess it. It’s obvious. It’s UFOs.

After first contact I immediately wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau. My thinking until April 9th, 2016 was that this is very much something of a fantasy. Now, I got a jolt at about 9:41 am that this is a real possibility. A possibility that Prime Minister Trudeau will become aware of the existence of Brian Ruhe and that he will approve of the idea of giving me access to Canadian UFO information. Now, as nice guy/ bad guy, what would the Buddha do? Yeah… he would be the nice guy. 

People don’t know what they want.” – Steve Jobs

The more you suck up to others, the weaker you look. Be your own person. Carve out your vision. Build your vision. Don’t bother with people who hurt your feelings, or what people think who currently criticize you. Just smile and move on. Keep calm and carry on. Breath in some fresh air and dissolve any slight irritations. Happiness unfolds…

9:08 pm April 10th, 2016. I just for the first time ever thought about absolute power on planet earth.

Absolute power is absolute responsibility.”

Logarithmic Consciousness

 The graph above, of Brian Ruhe’s logarithmic consciouness, to base 2 crosses the x axis (horizontal axis) at 1 and passes through the points with coordinates (2, 1), (4, 2), and (8, 3). For example, in ten years Brian Ruhe will have as much in common with 8 billion people as most people today would have, with planet Earth inhabited by 7 billion white mice. log2(8) = 3, because 23 = 8. The graph gets arbitrarily close to the y axis, but does not meet or intersect it. Unlike the Buddha, I still have to work on myself. But like the Buddha, my purpose here is to expand out my equnimity without needing people’s validation. I can work quietly and send out my service to others needing comparatively little in return.

In mathematics, the logarithm is the inverse operation to exponentiation. That means the logarithm of a number is the exponent to which another fixed number, the base, must be raised to produce that number. In simple cases the logarithm counts factors in multiplication. For example, the base 10logarithm of 1000 is 3, as 10 to the power 3 is 1000 (1000 = 10 × 10 × 10 = 103); 10 is used as a factor three times. More generally, exponentiation allows any positive real number to be raised to any real power, always producing a positive result, so the logarithm can be calculated for any two positive real numbers b and x where b is not equal to 1. The logarithm of x to base b, denoted logb(x), is the unique real number y such that

by = x.

For example, as 64 = 26, then:

log2(64) = 6


Dec. 14th, 2016 4:00 am

I just released this video below, hours ago. The video is “John Lennon offed by International Jews” and the link to it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn7eKc3k2wI . One of the first comments is below with my reply…

Frank Drebin3 hours ago

Lennon was a communist P.O.S., why would they want to kill one of their own? I don’t find your theory to be very interesting. Too much speculation and not any meat on the bones. They paid girls to scream and pretend to like the Beatles? Come on, girls do that on their own. The Beatles were stars! You don’t need to pay people to like them, they had real fans!! When you put as much emphasis on this ridiculous theory as you do for legitimate lies (such as the shoah), it discredits the work done on shoah-revisionism and that’s a real shame. You say to be “rational and logical” but then say things with no proof such as “the doorman was CIA”, “girls were paid to scream and pretend to like the Beatles”, “MKUltra” is somehow related… this is a huge mess.

Brian Ruhe1 second ago

You make me laugh now, at 3:39 am Dec. 14, 2016, Frank! “One of their own”! Stop making me chuckle!! I’ll spill my coffee, you jerk. I gotta manage my time and start mapping out the future but I hope to meet you in person one day, Frank.

Dec. 13th, 2016


Sent Dec. 8, to info@rothschildfoundation.org.uk

Brian Ruhe #104 – 1960 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1T1 Tel. 604-738-8475 youtube.com/user/BrianRuhe brianruhe.ca email: brian@brianruhe.ca Skype: brianaruhe meetup.com/vancouvermeditation meetup.com/UFO-Conspiracy-Meetup-Group

tjgs.ca thulesociety.com

Lord Jacob Rothschild

The Rothschild Foundation
The Dairy
Queen Street
HP18 0JW

December 8, 2016

Dear lord Jacob Rothschild OM GBE,

I am Brian Ruhe, a Buddhist teacher in Vancouver, Canada. In reality, I have no solid identity. In my Theravada Buddhist religion we reserve the title Lord, for the Buddha just as Christians think of their Lord Jesus. That is why I ask to address you with a small “l” if that’s acceptable.

I am a channeler and for many years, involved in trying to understand the truth about the world, the higher realms, the right spiritual path, geo-politics, how to best help the world and what to do about injustice. All of this has led me to where I was yesterday as the host of the YouTube talk show, “The Brian Ruhe Show.” In recent months I have become a realized being and my channeling practice has expanded to include other people. I prefer to be around other realized beings so I’m hoping you can introduce me to some. I have achieved a quantum jump in my mission in life so who I am now, is no longer limited to the person who was previously filmed on YouTube.

I know what is going on, what I need to do and what needs to be done in the larger world. I offer myself to you as a diplomat. I ask for the role of a diplomat not taking any sides, in the relationship between the aliens, with the Dracos and the Alliance. My past actions and my inclination is to take the side of the Alliance but if you support me in this role I will remain in the middle. In that sense, I will be protecting you and the nagas. We can map out what that role can be.

Now… I can be the Jewish suitcase under the bed, in case you need me. I’m just here to broker a peace deal, and then I will move on. I would like to come and meet you personally. Perhaps I could study at Waddesdon Hill as a base of operations. I have a Jewish girlfriend in Bushey where I could live nearby, about a 45 minute drive away.

I aspire to lead a group of people and other beings to act in a legal capacity as a legal entity. Our identity and our purpose are as follows. Our purpose is to bring about a peaceful transition of power with regard to President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration. Through meditation or through seeming ordinary waking state conscious engagement, we want to establish two way contact with maras, nagas and other devas, even brahmas. I intend to be the manger/ leader of this group and I want us to write down a plan for some kind of world order. I’m asking for a job in one of your think tanks. Our identity is that I am the manager. I pick the part time or full time staff we need to hire and everyone involved will be properly screened to suit you and abide by your own personal rules.

The reason why I am contacting you in particular is because I have seen you in the YouTube video with your daughter about your life in the palace and your relationship with the Royal family, etc. I like you more than your older brother Sir Eveyln de Rothschild and I don’t know your son Nathaniel yet. I haven’t seen a video of him yet and I don’t clearly remember what photos I’ve seen of Nathaniel. I like you. I want to deal with you. I can try to help protect you personally from the higher realms.

People think that I am the enemy of the Jews and I am generally opposed to Jews. Reality is more nuanced. I’m a diplomat. The Buddha interacted with Mara himself, as well as maras and nagas and Tavatimsa devas and devas of the four great kings. I propose that my group will do the same thing. My policy is to have the same kind of relationship with you and the Jews as the Buddha did with various kings, devas and all beings.

There is much more to this. I like to keep my initial letters to individuals down to about one page. I can send you more at any time. I do hope that you will respond to me at your convenience, lord.

Thank you kindly lord Jacob,

Brian Ruhe


Dec. 12, 2016…

Donald Trump

I am not in favour of asking the American people for their vision of where they would like to see the American people four years from now. I feel that this is something that Brian Ruhe alone should decide for himself what he thinks is right. Brian Ruhe has the right to decide what he thinks is right and he has the right of freedom of speech to write, speak or publish his vision for how to make America great again.

When Steve Jobs led the invention of the iPad1 he said, “People don’t know what they want.” He decided for himself what the people would want and he was very successful in his creation of the iPad, which transformed Brian Ruhe’s life.


Supreme Justiciar

As I was taking out my recycled paper at 11:10 pm I was thinking about the time I read Hitler’s explanation in R.S. Stolfi’s book, “Hitler…”. It read that after Hitler ordered the execution of SA leader Ernst Julius Günther Röhm, he wrote, or said that at that time he was the supreme justiciar of the German people (nation?). He made the decision to execute Rohm and he explained that he did in fact, make a wise decision.

Now, I don’t want to get into this syndrome I have had since age 17 where I start putting myself so much into the channel. I’m just writing down ideas here. The idea of having one person, myself, as supreme justiciar has some appeal to me. Here is the equation which I have repeated as a mantra since my personal FIRST CONTACT with the brahma realm around April 9 – 12, 2016.

Absolute power = absolute responsibility = absolute order = absolute peace on earth.

There’s more to it than that. I have some problems with the idear of absolute power. And absolute order is impossible, on Earth. Absolute peace on Earth is also something that the Buddha denied.

One sentence is enough proof to me, that UFOs exist. The US Vice President replied to ufologist Grant Cameron, “If your question is about UFOs, that is classified so I can’t discuss that.” (It was Dick Cheney at the time.)


Redistribution of planet Earth’s wealth

There are 62 families who own half of the world’s wealth. Give each family, regardless of the number of people, one billion dollars each. They are free people. Take the remaining money and redistribute it evenly to all 7,000,000,000 people. Someone in Romania or Zimbabwe will get far more money, relative to their standard of living, than someone in New York City. This is the wisdom of the channel. If people abuse their power with money by indulging in sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, then that is a lesson to be learned. You know, this may be one of Brian Ruhe’s shitty ideas! But, the illusion of scarcity is an illusion. That is fasle. There is not that much scarcity.


Change around my prominent photos of “A”dolf.


Explain why Hitler spent his last days, even his last hours, gloating and glowing over vast architectural models. The reasons may be, because these were designed for him for his next lifetime in Valhalla. Rewrite the history of Hitler’s last ten days. The official story is a lie. He was not shouting and screaming at everybody. There is no need to tell the truth since the Buddha taught that the past is unknowable. We should create the past, on video, plus also in 3-D, and in the future 4-D, in a way that is suitable to uplifting National Socialists. Create our own reality.


Establish a relationship with Putin asap. Instead of writing to the local Russian embassy. Consulate, write to Putin directly. Or, call the local one and go from there. Feel it out. Purpose: rid Russia of Jewish power and keep it White and Christian.

Dear President Vladimir Putin,

I am writing to you because I don’t trust you yet, since I haven’t met you yet. I want to meet you by Skype to see if I feel that we should work together. My purpose may be the same as yours if the public comments you have made are sincere. I have listened to countless speeches of yours where you come across like you care about the white people of Russia because you are the Russian president.

My mutual interest is that I don’t trust the Jewish controlled government of my country, Canada. I think your country is also subject to an unacceptable amount of international Jewish control. I would like to help you reduce the amount of your Jewish problem. Russia is also the largest white Christian nation left in the world and I want to help ensure that it remains white Christian, and under Russian control. Anything more than these two concerns, are details which are not something I want to spend too much of my time on.

If you feel inclined, please do respond to my email and let please do let me know if you will communicate with me in any way, shape or form. I will be sending my communications to you, telepathicly somehow, regardless.

Thank you kindly,

Brian Ruhe


Fidel Castro is Now Roasting in Hell”

Explain the karmic resultant of him encouraging Nikita Kruschev in 1962 to not back down, and Castro did encourage a nuclear war for the purpose of killing 200,000,000 + white people, and for more reasons. Use visual aids relating to Buddhist monks in Thailand who give tourists tours of hell.


YouTube Sanskaras

Create a description of how YouTube affects the minds of people. Describe it as a figurative kind of time machine which acts upon the individual like a kind of personal memory of one’s own personal life and personal history. 


Comment I printed on the video: Jewish Control Over Buddhism – 1 of 9 at:


14 Heart of the Order 882 days ago



lrattie2 days ago

GOOK?….lol…you watching Oliver stone Vietnam Movies? the Japs fought with Hitler…lol.


14 Heart of the Order 882 days ago

lrattie, Brian Ruhe has an Asian girlfriend, defend that !!!


Brian Ruhe2 days ago

Oh my, 14 Heart. You’re hurting my feelings…

I understand how you feel, 14. Others have felt the same way. I have known George Lincoln Rockwell. We have found that in order to succeed we must be at least two steps ahead of the Jew World Order. It is not enough to use their own tactics against them. We must invoke higher realm powers as I described at thulesociety.com at “Using Higher Realm Powers”. The singular thing that Jews fear the most is the spiritual power of white people. We are using their own tactics against them in this video by embracing the LGBQ but not the T. This is the old Jewish ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. We say, fine! Let’s organize a gay pride parade and we will donate $20 towards it, as long as we don’t accept transgendered people. The politically correct lefty liberals will object so we have a staged conflict on our hands. Jesus said “I have come to pit brother against brother”. You people need to create publicity. Negative publicity is publicity. There is only publicity. While you’re out there in the world creating conflict, I’ll either be in bed with my girlfriend or making my next video, leading the charge.


Dec. 11, 2016

A Peaceful Transition to Trump Power in 2017 – 2018

This idea doesn’t seem practical to me:

How to run a government….. Visualize a minister at any level of government, high or low, wearing white in the centre of a round white table. There are eight people sitting in a circle and 33 beyond that in another circle. He sits in meditation. He asks questions and gets advice. If someone has something to say they press a button and a silent light, lights up on a panel administered by someone else. Then a psychic decides who gets to talk. The area is under silence unless it is necessary for someone to speak.


I work accessing things not available to the five senses.”


Older POSTS:

The Vancouver Sun  |  December 22, 2012

As Buddhism grows, two ‘solitudes’ emerge
By Douglas Todd

Blog post with linked video 

Northwest Dharma News (Seattle, Washington)  |  January 2002 Edition  |  Volume 14 * Issue 6  |  www.nwdharma.org

Vancouver teacher shares dharma through school system

Brian Ruhe has taken an unusual approach to making the Dharma available to people: he teaches it through the Vancouver, B.C. educational system.

Ruhe, who was a monk in Thailand for seven months, has spent the last four years teaching Buddhist principles in a series of adult education classes in Vancouver. He offers these through four public school boards, the University College of the Fraser Valley and five local community centres.

According to Ruhe, this approach allows him to make the Dharma available to people without the complications of operating a centre. “I move to where the people are,” Ruhe said. “It works well for reaching people.”

He’s also modest about his goals as a teacher, saying that he’s interested in introducing people to the Dharma so they can seek deeper teachings and guidance from more accomplished teachers.

His own teacher is Ajahn Sona, abbot of Birken Forest Monastery of British Columbia. While Ruhe principally teaches in the Theravadin tradition, his initial training was through Shambhala in Vancouver. Ruhe also bases his classes on his self-published book, Freeing the Buddha, soon to be re-issued by a publisher in India.

Several Vancouver educators have found the program beneficial for students. Audrey Nawrocky, program coordinator for continuing education for the Vancouver School Board, said Ruhe’s courses have proven very popular. She sees no issues of separation of church and state, pointing out that her program also offers classes in Christianity and Islam.

“As we see it, our role is to provide opportunities for the general public to explore options they may not have had when they were going to University,” she said. “I think what he does most is to promote thinking.

The Vancouver Courier  |  October 20, 2000

God.com: Internet chatrooms are helping the spiritually disenchanted reestablish connections with their faith
By Peter Chattaway, Contributing Writer

As one of the more popular cliches in religious circles puts it, churches are communities of people, not buildings. But the Information Age is changing the way we think about community, and with it, the way some people think about religion. For many, chat rooms, newsgroups and e-mail discussion lists have become a significant part of their spiritual lives…

“Anonymity encourages debate”

“I regard the Internet as a supplement, a tool, to help the main thing. The main thing is still people helping each other and relating to each other. -Brian Ruhe, Buddhist teacher

…Gerry Bowler, a culture critic who works out of Winnipeg, says Christians in particular have been quick to capitalize on the Internet. “Just in terms of numbers of sites and newsgroups,” he says, “if we took sex out of the equation, I’m sure Christians would outnumber commercial interests…”

How big a part of modern Jewish life is the Internet? Local Orthodox Rabbi Tzvi Freeman said, “Let me put it this way; if the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, the international Jewish community, especially the Orthodox, would be thrown into chaos. Maybe that’s too extreme. We would sit there stunned.”

Brian Ruhe, a former Buddhist monk who now teaches courses on Theravadin Buddhism in Vancouver, says the Internet has become essential in his work, too. Ruhe keeps in touch with his students through e-mail and engages in debates with fellow Buddhists online. He has even led teleconferences in which he taught meditation to busy corporate executives.

Ruhe says the Internet is especially valuable for Buddhists because there are so few in Canada. “Only one or two percent of the country is Buddhist,” he says. “So if you live in a small town, there might be nobody around you who is a Buddhist. So at least you’re connected by the Internet to these people far away in the big city. It’s very meaningful to them.”

Bringing like-minded people together is one thing. But one of the Internet’s greatest assets is its ability to engage people with different beliefs in ongoing dialogue. Sometimes, discussions degenerate into virtual grudge matches. But it’s still possible to arrive at a deeper mutual understanding…

Brian Ruhe says the Internet creates a level playing field, giving people outside official authority structures an opportunity to share their insights with others. In one Buddhist discussion group, Ruhe presented historical evidence that, he said, showed Tibetan Buddhism was a combination of elements from various religions, and may not be the purest form of Buddhism.

His arguments angered some Tibetan Buddhists on the list. But the discussion continued.

“In a lot of religions, there’s this tendency to defer to the guru and the tradition and the elders, so there are some things that are kind of suppressed.” he says. “But when you have the power of the Internet, someone on the outside like myself can really stir up some dust. I don’t have too much to lose. They can’t kick me out, because I’m already an outsider. But they’ll let me be part of the e-mail discussion group.”

The Internet gives a whole new twist to the ancient question of how individuals and communities ought to relate to one another, especially within a religious tradition. Faith is an intensely personal matter, but it requires interaction with fellow humans…

Brian Ruhe says it’s easy to stay isolated behind the computer screen, which can have the adverse effect of reinforcing one’s ego, instead of overcoming it. “One of the advantages of a community is that you can’t do whatever you feel like. There are people there who say No,” he says.

Ruhe says he prefers to look at the Internet as a way of reaching out to people caught in a “transitory” society, and helping them re-establish their spiritual connections.

“You can’t replace people actually getting together in a group, like a meditation group or a temple, because people still want to get together,” he says. “I regard the Internet as a supplement, a tool, to help the main thing. The main thing is still people helping each other and relating to each other.”

The Vancouver Sun | September 11, 2000

Vatican statement seen as a challenge: Religious leaders say the statement of superiority is disappointing, but need not curtail interfaith dialogue.
By Douglas Todd

Greater Vancouver Anglican, Buddhists and Muslims have been taken aback by a blunt statement from the Vatican that trumpets Roman Catholic authority and strongly rejects the idea other religions are equal.

But the non-Catholic leaders said it’s not necessarily a disaster — or an end to expanding religious dialogue — that the Vatican this week reaffirmed its doctrine that non-Catholic churches “suffer from defects” and that major world religions are “gravely deficient.”

A spokesman for the Anglican diocese in Vancouver, Very Reverend Peter Elliot, said Thursday he was “disappointed” by the Catholic statement, which aims to combat the “so-called theology of religious pluralism,” which suggests Catholics are on a par with Protestants, as well as Muslims and Buddhists.

Echoing the dismay of Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, spiritual leader of Anglicans, Elliot said the tone of the declaration does not help to build common ground between Catholics and Anglicans.

At the same time, Elliot added, the statement doesn’t say anything startlingly new.

Vancouver Buddhist teacher Bryan Ruhe said he doesn’t agree with the 36-page statement unveiled Tuesday by Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was approved by the Pope.

But the Theravadan Buddhist said he admires the Catholic church’s spunk for being so forthright.

“My feeling is many religious people have lost the courage to be elitist, to say, in a sense, ‘This is what I believe. I’m going to take a stand.'”

As a Buddhist, Ruhe said he is also convinced his religion is better than Catholicism.

“True tolerance,” Ruhe said,”doesn’t mean emphasizing similarities, it means respecting people with whom you disagree.”

Aziz Khaki, a liberal Muslim who heads Vancouver’s Pacific Interfaith Association, was surprised by the document, which flies in the face of decades of growing dialogue among diverse religions, including Catholicism…

The Vancouver Sun | May 29, 1999

Liberating souls by liberating animals
By Douglas Todd

Gautama’s birthday is coming up and many of Greater Vancouver’s 100,000 Buddhists will be celebrating.

…Douglas College Buddhism teacher Brian Ruhe, author of “Freeing the Buddha” (Buddhist Spectrum), and his Thai wife, Pia, will be among those who buy a live crab, lobster or salmon from local supermarkets to release them at Kitsilano beach and elsewhere this weekend.

However, this holy event – marking not only the birth, but the death and enlightenment of Gautama, the Buddha (the “awakened one”), in the 6th century B.C. – is one of the rare things that links Greater Vancouver’s unusually large pocket of more than 100,000 Buddhists…

Some Buddhists think enlightenment can only be attained through strict self-control and meditation; others are convinced there’s a devotional short-cut…

It’s called Pure Land…

Devotees of Pure Land come to the Richmond temple to chant the name of Amitabha in hopes of being transported to Buddha paradise when they die. They are like evangelical Christians, Ruhe found, putting faith in an external power to elevate them to heaven…

When Ruhe arrived at the Buddhist International Society temple, he was surprised there was no place to meditate. “Pure Land Buddhists promote an appealing idea; that a higher power will save you. But the Buddha didn’t teach that,” says Ruhe, who, not surprisingly, no longer works at the temple.

For his part, Buddhist International Society official Tom Tong did not want to discuss the ideological conflict, saying only that Buddhists should not criticize other Buddhists.

Ruhe, however, believes he must be honest. And needless to say, he believes the true route to enlightenment is the “hard way.”

Ruhe typifies the second major Buddhist cluster in North America, the typically Caucasian Buddhists who are in tune with abstract Zen thought and the philosophically sophisticated Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama…

Church member and a devotion-charged Pentecostal drive each other to distraction…

Similarly, on Gautama Buddha’s birthday, both kinds of Greater Vancouver Buddhists emphasize compassion, even toward each other — realizing, at the least, they are linked by a potent tradition and a sacred hero.

The Vancouver Courier | January 7, 1998

School board offers adults spiritual path: The school board offers non-theologically threatening courses to widen people’s spiritual path
By Ann Sullivan, Contributing Writer

The Vancouver School Board might not be the first place to turn for spiritual enlightenment, but these days it’s a good place to start.

The VSB is offering courses introducing people to new spiritual paths.

Connie Gibbs, program coordinator with continuing education, said the idea of offering more spiritual courses came to her after she read a book by Douglas Todd on religion and well-known Canadians. The book suggested that most people aren’t affiliated with any religion.

“I thought, ‘How do these people connect with one another and how do they discuss those [spirituality] issues?'” Gibbs said. “It seemed to me there was a big void out there.”

Gibbs attempted to fill the void with courses like “Buddhism” and “Discovering and Developing your Spirituality”, which were offered for the first time last fall…

“Because people can get (Christian spirituality) through the churches, that need is being met,” she said.

Brian Ruhe, who offers a course in Buddhism, agreed people are looking for spiritual paths they may not find in their own churches.

“Since society is more secular as a society, maybe people are more accepting of religion in a secular setting,” he said…

The Province | July 13 1997

Buddhists liberate the living
By Lora Grindlay, Staff Reporter

(This article is about releasing live crabs into the ocean on Visaka Day to gain merit. This is the day to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death — parinirvana.)

…Brian Ruhe, a teacher with the International Buddhist Society in Richmond, called the ceremony “very Asian.” He said it’s commonly held at Buddhist temples in the Lower Mainland.

There are six realms in Buddhist cosmology. The lowest positions are the animal realm, the ghost realm and the hell realm.

One wins a human birth, said Ruhe, because of efforts made in a past life to preserve life.

To liberate the living, Ruhe said, is to earn merit.

“The idea is to extend your compassion to the lower realms instead of just to human beings,” he said.

“It’s about compassion. The Buddhists are looking for any creative way to manifest compassion.”

In 1991 Ruhe, who spent four years in Thailand, bought a crab and released it at a beach. “You are liberating them from death. I let this crab go and I watched him walk away….”

The Vancouver Sun | May 17, 1997

Looking for the centre of God
By Douglas Todd

The uncommon forms of meditative prayer that Rev. Rohana Laing teaches at Capilano United Church are still a source of befuddlement to a few people in her congregation.

…Laing’s Buddhist friend, Vancouver meditation teacher Brian Ruhe, is excited that meditative prayer techniques once limited to medieval monks are becoming available to Western lay people.

Prayer, in various forms, is very much alive today….