Links – Brian Ruhe’s YouTube channel – Brian Ruhe’s Twitter account – Brian Ruhe is President of the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler – The Truth and Justice for Germans Society – Since 2007 Brian Ruhe has been the Organizer of the largest meditation Meetup group in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery – A Buddhist community in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho and Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.

Access to Insight – Readings in Theravada Buddhism including the Pali Canon (Tipitaka), and a selection of modern translations of over 700 important suttas, all indexed by sutta name, subject, proper names, and similes.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery – A large temple and retreat centre and the “head office” for the Theravadin Forest Monasteries in the West.

Arrow River Forest Hermitage – A Theravadin Buddhist monastery and meditation center located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

BC Insight Meditation Society

Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery – A Theravadin Buddhist monastery in the Forest Tradition. Located near Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Bhavana Society – Established in 1982, the Bhavana Society is dedicated to the practice of Theravadan Buddhist meditation. Located near High View, West Virginia (approximately 100 miles west of Washington, DC).

Buddhist Publication Society (BPS)  – Includes online library.

Buddhist Society of Western Australia – Download talks by our most famous monk Ajahn Brahm from Dhammaloka near Perth, Australia. – Dhamma talks and meditations (audio and video) by Ajahn Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Forest Sangha – International monasteries in the Buddhist tradition of Ajahn Chah.

Forest Sangha Publications – Dedicated to the free distribution of teachings in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Metta Forest Monastery – with Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff DeGraff) near San Diego, California.

Sati Saraniya Hermitage – Theravada Buddhist monastery for bhikkhunis (Buddhist nuns), the first of its kind in Canada. Located in Perth, Ontario.

Satipatthana Meditation Society of Canada – A Buddhist society in Vancouver with sitting meditation, weekend retreats and longer residential retreats, based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness taught by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw of Myanmar.

Tisarana Buddhist Monastery – with Ajahn Viradhammo in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, and Amravati Monastery. Located in Perth, Ontario.

Westcoast Dharma Society – Retreats by visiting lay Vipassana teachers in Vancouver, B.C.

Wings to Awakening: An Anthology from the Pali Canon

Vipassana in Canada – Theravada temples and groups across Canada.