Course Descriptions

Retreats and Workshops

Brian Ruhe is available for consultation on any matter for $50/ hour, in person, by Skype or phone. This includes counselling, meditation instruction, or information on truth search themes, revisionist history and activism. Skype address: brianaruhe . Tel. 604-738-8475.

Brian offers classes, workshops and retreats around the lower mainland on many aspects of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, mindfulness and other topics. The instructor, Brian Ruhe, trained as a monk in Thailand and has taught for 15 years. Brian’s most recent book, A Short Walk On An Ancient Path, is available for $14.95 (includes meditation CDs).

In addition to the courses listed below, Brian offers a series of specialty courses.

Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction

Are you burned-out, agitated, unable to concentrate or sleep? Learn effective mindfulness practices in a step-by-step way, which you can bring to daily life and reduce stress. Practice breath, walking meditation and loving-kindness contemplation to protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress, such as anxiety and depression. Tips will be given to overcome the hindrances to mindfulness. Results experienced by many include: renewed ability to relax, decreases in insomnia and greater energy and enthusiasm for life. In addition to talks, participants will practice mindfulness techniques in a relaxed environment, followed by group discussion on their meditation experience.

Buddhist Philosophy and Vipassana Meditation

Do you need to tame your monkey mind? Learn the mindfulness practice of Vipassana breath, walking and loving-kindness (metta) meditations. This interactive course will be divided among lectures, meditations, and group discussions. Meditation can be used to enhance health, well-being and insight and will be taught in a step-by-step way. This course aims to elucidate some of the main doctrines of Buddhism, such as mindfulness, the big picture of karma and the round of rebirth, ethics, the Buddha’s life, reducing anger and stress, creating happiness, nirvana, different forms of Buddhism, as well as examine Buddhist social teaching. Expect some fun too!

Meditation to Reduce Physical Pain

Painkillers can’t always do the job. For chronic pain or pain that persists, meditation has been successful in reducing this menace. Using induction and suggestion with loving-kindness meditation, the mind can shift out of pain, when this is focused and prolonged. This course also provides guided meditations with progressive relaxation, the breath, and movement exercises.

Buddhism-in-Action and You

We need to awaken from the manipulative hypnosis and deceptive, delusive sleep that corporations and governments lull us into. The new techno consumerism and comodification of our culture is sexy and hard to resist. It is not enough to see through our own individual delusions; we need to learn to see through the delusions being fed to us by corporate-owned media and government institutions controlled by international bankers. Thus, experience our Social Awakening!

The Buddhist Eightfold Path is an extraordinary, eye-opening lens to see through deception and delusion such as New World Order agendas! Learn the hidden history of the past century and the evidence about the influence of secret societies such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Watch short videos and get a list of readings and YouTube viewings. This course will give you a wonderful refreshing perspective on how to regain your own powers of critical thinking and a renewed, empowered perception of our society.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana (insight) meditation can reduce stress and enhance well-being. The instructor will guide students to develop mindfulness using a clear, step-by-step practice. This life-affirming course in conscious living teaches essential Buddhist meditation techniques in sitting and walking postures as well as an antidote to anger with the contemplation on loving-kindness. Compliments Buddhist course.

Living Fully: Preparing for Death and Beyond

Learn a Buddhist view of the mystery of death and dying, preparing your mind, helping the dying, the death experience, meditations to help the departed, what happens after death, karma and the process of rebirth, and learning to live life fully. Attendees enjoy the discussions and have said that it’s hard to find these vital teachings, which include the best scientific evidence for previous lives.

Journey to Enlightenment

Did Buddha Have a Road Map? Prevalent Contemporary Views in Buddha’s Time. Any different from today’s? What’s Karma and Rebirth From the Perspective of Early Buddhism? Making oneself Nirvana-ready. Is meditation practice truly the beginning of the Journey’s End? Learn breath, walking and loving-kindness meditation. The instructor trained as a monk in Thailand and is a leading teacher of the Theravada tradition in Vancouver. His two books and CDs will be available.