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Brian Ruhe’s Goals and Vision

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The Brian Ruhe Show overall vision                                                              Nov. 16, 2017

Below is an initial rough draft and I will just keep writing ideas about my goals, like the idea generation method, because I get good ideas that way. Then later, edit it down to have better clarity about what my goals are. I want clarity that I can affirm each day.

The Brian Ruhe Show (TBRS) on YouTube is at: www.youtube.com/user/brianruhe . That, plus brianruhe.ca , thulesociety.com and my Twitter page twitter.com/BrianRuhe , is how I relate to the world. I want to post here the overall vision of all four of these and my whole life in general, working with others.

The purpose of TBRS is to raise awareness with education. Political action is not the purpose but that should be the later result of other people’s efforts. My job is just raising awareness.

Have a daily to weekly blog on brianruhe.ca and move it to the “News” tab. Amplify that as a counterpart to my YouTube channel and develop it more. Later, publish that blog as my third book, deleting transient sections not suitable for the book.

Find out what is the higher realm limitation and weakness of the Jews. Jews limited to nagas? Mara? No higher than the sensuous sphere? Bring on guests, in Buddhism and ufology who know more.

Explain UFOs from MY Buddhist perspective. Bring guests.

Liberating suppressed history and inventions, getting people to rise up.

Do my own study and bring on guests who know true ancient history, such as the Sumerians.

Promote the vision of the chakravartin, educate YouTubers about how Buddhism informs us about our true ancient history. Do readings and use others’ videos.

Find out if Buddha said ancient civilizations were technologically advanced. Hold out a positive vision for the future. Are flying saucers seen now, a sign that another advanced virtuous society may exist. Could even be from another chakravartin?

Take the Jewish question more into the higher realms with Mara and the reptilians, greys and aliens and UFOs. Be more spiritual and have that interpretation. This is a very important and a higher direction to take the JQ and I am suited to do it with my knowledge and interest in UFOs and the Buddhist higher realms. In fact, few others could or would do this besides me so it should be a priority. Other truthers can talk about more worldly issues like the white race and immigration. I will do that too, but this is a question of priorities here.

Another priority is raising awareness about our ancient history with pyramids all over the world and on the moon and Mars. This is being suppressed by NASA, meaning the int’l Jews. The benefit to emphasize is free energy. Use other examples of how free energy is being suppressed by the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists. This is a priority for me because if we have free energy it could help take care of other problems like protecting the white race, the migrant crisis in Europe, etc.

OK to keep referring to JQ. And continue the “Jewish Control Over Buddhism” video series.

Get high profile guests

Develop the Thule Society

Educate about a positive vision, of the kind of world that we want. Ideas such as…

Strong white families with more children, strong connected communities, rid of transgender and sexual degeneracy, less race tensions, less diversity and more homogeneity, no debt based currency, a National Socialist model for society, etc.

Write out a Plan. Prioritize video ideas.

Learn YouTube tutorials and Google how to promote YouTube videos—study this

Improve video quality of show. Instead of recording with my lap top computer, a proper single lens reflex video camera should be used to get the high resolution quality that we see with more famous YouTube talk show hosts. I don’t know how to do this with Skype.

I would like to have more volunteers or paid staff if I had the budget.

I currently get 3500 views a day. I want to increase this to reach more people.

Better marketing of the videos with social media and more, can promote them further.

The production quality of the videos should be improved with photos and video clips, narrations and better intros and text and notes in the videos and better research.

Ideally, I could have two or three shows a day with a guest in the morning and another in the afternoon or evening.

Get more famous guests as well as others with a relevant story. There are so many people who could be invited.

Do more short videos of 2 to 20 minutes, along with my longer interviews.

My personality – I can be the peaceful, equanimous Buddhist speaking from my unique spiritual perspective. I can use humour and lightness and be supportive and cheerful.

Satire can be used for some videos.

Have steady content everyday. Bring on guest hosts to have more content, like the Alex Jones Show. Model after what other successful people are doing.

My show can be the place where guests reveal their spiritual interpretation of what’s going on. A far out idea is that I can lead my guests in guided meditations to bring out their deeper thoughts and insights. I can help them channel deeper messages.

My show will position me in a unique place because I am the Buddhist truth seeker who takes a Buddhist perspective on the world. Show more leadership at encouraging others to be calm and develop a contemplative, spiritual life as they resist evil.

I could lead my guests in a spiritual direction or a philosophical direction and try to uplift them and our audience. I could ask them about their spiritual interpretation of life, the Thule Society and National Socialism. Ultimately I would like to be a father confessor in the truth movement.

I am affecting a lot of people as can be read from the tens of thousands of comments on my videos. Instead of viewers being lonely and working on their own, they would be more effective if they worked with me as I do have some vision and courage to step out into the world. I can organize them. Be more explicit with volunteers that I am the leader of TBRS and thet they can join my leadership and take a role within the organization so that they can be part of a group in the truth movement. Write this out and post it.

There’s a lot of potential to develop lots of good karma in this.

Modus Operandi

1) Publicly, I get along with everybody, even if privately I have a problem with my own guests. Publicly I do critizice all kinds of enemies but it is important not to be a part of infighting within the truth movement, such as Sinead McCarthy who publicly attacks me and 35 others. I do not give her public attention by criticizing her. Also, I want to continue to maintain a cordial relationship with her husband Kyle Hunt, who has been a popular guest on my show twice. He has brushed me off privately but I won’t publicly criticize him.

2) In dealing with people who don’t name the Jew, the modus operandi is to make a video with them taking them as far as they will go. Decide if they care but they are afraid to risk themselves, or if they are shills who are traitors to our people, or if I don’t know or somewhere in between. The videos can be used to out people in the future, therefore it is reasonable to make interviews with shills and Jews, such as one I made with a Jew. Maintain a friendly realtionship with people to take advantage of my reputation, in order to get better and better guests.

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Retreats and Workshops

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